Wednesday, February 08, 2012

"Raw, cynical blackmail against a whole people" - Yannis Panagopoulos.

"Why have Germany and France been risking a social explosion in Greece for a deal that isn't going to stick anyway?" asks Hamish McRae in his column in The Independent this morning.  His two answers to that question may be read from this link. The first centres around the traditional fears of contagion to the EU periphary, his second is about France.

Both assume that the EU has arrived at this point as if by some dreadful mischance and that none of what is now taking place could have been foreseen. I have been linking to articles written by Mr McRae for long enough to be fully aware that Mr McRae knows perfectly well that such is not the case. We are here because that is where the EU has been planned to deliver us!

The Euro was always doomed to arrive at this point, as an economic's journalist and writer of note, Hamish Mcrae must know that nothing could have prevented it, only the timing was uncertain. Therefore when he discusses the arrangements Merkozy now plan to consolidate their control over Europe he must do so in the knowledge that this was their chosen destination.

I wonder if Mr McRae's support for Merkozy's actions, clear from his column, would extend to a cancellation of the elections, first in Greece, thereafter in France?

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