Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Jack Straw accepts responsibility for whiplash scams!

An interview, linked here, regarding car insurance costs and whiplash claims, includes a rare acceptance of culpability from one of the bunch of incompetent rogues, Jack Straw, who ran the country during the years of the recent Labour Party administrations under Blair and Brown. When will the remaining Labour brigands who wrecked the entire nation (as Moody's confirms this morning) be similalrly honest and accept culpability for what they have wrought.

The actual acceptance of culpability from Straw, ex-Justice Secretary and the first man to hold that treasonous office, was for high minimum legal fees payable through something he calls the electronic portal. A suitable name for a 21st century scam which apparently makes our ever wealthy legal profession even more obscenely rich while taking the nation ever further from a just society.

David Cameron, always up for a bit of free publicity, on topics of only minor import to our once proud nation, is holding a Downing Street conference today on this topic. Instead he should be regaining the given away authority from the obscene EU, one of whose Presidents, the grotesque Van Rompuy, is boasting on Twitter, of meeting the Chinese PM this morning:

Meeting with Chinese Prime Minister Wen Jiabao. Plenary session of the - EU Summit will start just afterwards 

Whiplash or meetings in China, who do you think is running Britain in Chinese eyes?

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