Monday, February 06, 2012

Greece - "like wading through treacle".

Alistair Darling, when UK Chancellor of the Exchequer used the above description about a G7 meeting way back in April 2010, as quoted in his book; now laughingly titled "Back from the Brink," I quote from page 297:

"The purpose of the meeting was to try and persuade the eurozone members to put in place a rescue package for Greece. It was like wading through treacle. Everyone was agreed that something had to be done. But there was no agreement as to what. Christine Lagarde was especially insistent that the Germans had to act. Unfortunately Wolfgang Schäuble, the German finance minister could not be there for health reasons.His top civil servant was, but he could not agree to anything in the absence of his minister."

Almost two full years later and the situation today remains the same. The EU has put in place a system of non-democratic, non-accountable governance that is crippling the former sovereign countries of Europe and threatening the world economy, and nobody, anywhere, seems prepared to do anything about it. Like the reported slaughter this afternoon from Homs in Syria, the leadership of the West seems perfectly content to do nothing as long as they can endlessly attend one meeting after another, with no concern whatsoever for what is actually taking place in the world, or even worse - what occurs in their own former nation states!

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