Friday, February 10, 2012

Elections question looms large for Greece

If the Greek Parliament accepts another €325 million of cuts over and above those already agreed by their existing Coalition Government, and passes a vote to that effect on Sunday, another much greater problem exists. I repeat the penultimate quote of remarks by Finance Minister Venizelos, from a report in ekathimerini, linked here, of this morning:

Finally, he said that all the members of the coalition government would have to give a clear commitment that they would stick to the agreement even after general elections. Venizelos indicated that these would have to be written commitments.

Will the Greek electors not seek any means available to vote for candidates who have not signed onto this death warrant for the independence and sovereignty of their nation? Knowing that, could the elections still be allowed to proceed and what precedent will that then set for elections for the future elsewhere in the EU?

Very dangerous times for Europe I fear!

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