Monday, February 13, 2012

The Sun & the destruction of democracy in Britain

Trevor Kavanagh puts one side of the Murdoch media case regarding the present police investigation at The Sun, in his column this morning, linked here.

Another side is that the Murdoch empire has had far too much say in the running of Britain, a supposed democracy, for many years. During my brief venture into the foul murky mess that is the British party political and electoral system, when trying to launch an alternative party under the name of the latin for truth, namely Veritas, I was made all too fully aware of the almost absolute power that Kavanagh carried in his position at The Sun. Power he clearly relished, and the possible loss of which he is perhaps mourning in writing this blast against the police investigation.

Stridency seems to me to be the tone, which was even evident in Andrew Neil's presentation of the Sunday Politics show on BBC 1 TV yesterday lunchtime, Neil himself of course was once an editor on the Sunday Times and therefore another beneficiary of Murdoch's power plays!

Look at the Britain of today, much of it results from the media control that went on within the Murdoch empire, that very few politicians could afford to ignore - witness Coulson's early presence at the heart of the Coalition in Downing Street, against which this blog repeatedly warned.

Our country and democracy has been destroyed, mostly by the EU and the traitors who handed that institution our democratic protections. They were elected by the misuse of the power of the Murdoch Empire, to which they therefore became bound. Uncovering how exactly all this came about seems well worth the time and efforts of 171 policemean.

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