Monday, February 06, 2012

The corrupt rip-off that is wind power generation

The blog Autonomous Mind has been posting on the sordid story of electricity not being provided by the huge wind turbines, now to be found throughout the EU, for some time now.

Yesterday around mid-afternoon he posted the following paragraph in a longer item:

As of 3.30pm this afternoon, with the temperature around the country varying between 2 degrees and 6 degrees celsius and most people at home using power to stay warm, those wind turbines were delivering less than 11% of of their stated capacity, contributing a mere 1.3% of the UK's energy supply.

This afternoon the situation has worsened as you may read here, the huge investment spent on wind power, as this blog has always maintained is producing virtually nothing and British consumers must rely on seconadary generation capacity which wind power will always require. The chart showing this disgrace, taken from the linked blog is here:

Our money blown in the wind.  I trust Sir John Chilcot is presently comfortable in his retirement, but for how much longer should he be?

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