Sunday, February 05, 2012

204 Tory MPs support expensively useless wind turbines

Former senior civil servant Sir John Chilcot, GCB, PC, took employment from a foreign-owned supplier of wind turbines to Britain. Last week as the country froze, locked within the grip of a static winter high pressure area, they largely stood idle or used precious electricity to run turning gear designed to prevent them from freezing up.

Incredibly the Sunday Telegraph this morning informs us that only 101 out of a total of 305 Conservative MPs have signed a letter to their party leader David Cameron, demanding (more likely grovellingly pleading) that further public subsidies for the useless environment destroying monstrosities should be halted, read here.

When will the government follow the precedent established for Sir Fred Goodwin and remove the knighthood from Chilcot, as a fitting and cautionary example to the rest of the civil service, pending a possible trial,and halt further EU ordered development of costly wind electricity generation?

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