Sunday, February 12, 2012

100,000 protest in Lisbon - EU is cracking at the seams!

The bemused if not brain dead idiots who have guided their "project" to this inevitable end clearly now have run out of ideas as to what to do next.

The report of the protests in Lisbon is here. This demonstration comes ahead of a review, in the coming days, of the EU imposed economic destruction undertaken by those who control the fate of this once independent nation. It will be recalled that the austerity programme was negotiated by the country's civil servants, of the same ilk as eurocrats, between the fall of one government and the election of another, all brought on by the flawed construction of the euro currency.

Portugal was once proud that as a country they considered themselves England's longest existing ally, something that apparently now counts for nought as Britain too exists only to fulfill the whims of whoever it is that controls the EU and thus directs their controlled robotic pygmies in Brussels!

All of Western Europe this Sunday lies frozen and helpless, dependent upon Russian Gas while littered with lifeless supposed electricity generating windmills and without one single elected national politician prepared to step out of line and proclaim the EU as dead, while taking actions for once in the interests of his or her own citizens!

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