Saturday, January 28, 2012

Greece - Party Leaders meeting deferred from Saturday to Sunday

Ekathimerini has the report, linked here.

A meeting between Prime Minister Lucas Papademos and the leaders of the three parties that make up his coalition government has been moved from Saturday to Sunday, a few hours before the Greek premier is due to meet his European Union counterparts in Brussels.

Elsewhere several reports from the USA state that the EU has rejected the German proposal to take over the running of Greece, for example this report from the Atlanta Journal Constitution, linked here. However the source appears to be Olli Rehn the EU Commissioner for the economy and monetary affairs, who has proved consistently behind the curve and ill informed on developments in the EU's ever growing financial crisis.

If the proposal has been tabled by Germany, the harsh reality of the EU today is that it can only be amended or withdrawn by Germany!

Update 1650 GMT Talks on the Haircut and Bond Rollover broke up without agreement read here.

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