Monday, January 30, 2012

General Strike in Belgium greets Bemused and Befuddled EU Leaders

A country in shut down is perhaps the most appeopriate place for a meeting of the muddled morons who guide the EU.

Der Spiegel contemplating their next steps describes them as losing touch with reality, a charitable suggestion given their performance over the past couple of years, where what is happening today was always predicted and solely due to their own actions and decisions against a cacophony of contrary but sane advice, such as that from this blog.

In the UK the man who should still be leading the Conservative Party has been put down on live television by the Prime Minister, in a rebuke delivered by a Liberal Democrat peer on a live poltical broadcast aired this lunchtime.

Will Conservative backbenchers allow such an affront and backtrack on blocking the Fiscal Comapct Treaty to occur on the same day. Douglas Carswell MP sat and watched as it took place, and he one of the supposed leaders of resistance to the takeover of the country by the EU?

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