Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Chris Heaton-Harris MP - a Fierce Eurosceptic!

The description of Mr Heaton-Harris MP, former sidekick, when an MEP, to Roger Helmer MEP for the East Midlands, (ten years at the trough then,) and presently Conservative MP for Daventry, came from his own web-site, the exact quote:

"A fierce Eurosceptic, he hopes his experience in Brussels will be useful to any future Conservative government." (Editor's note, this phrase appears to have been removed while preparing this posting, but it was there as I began!)

What does that mean exactly, this fierce euroscepticism? One can read about his work for the institution which he claims to be fiercely doubtful about, how he worked to further its workings over ten years, while trousering all the proceeds from the useless talking shop that is the EU Parliament, which some UKIP MEPs have reckoned can be worth over £1 million per year, from here.

So much for that link, with all the false PR, what form does his fierce euroscepticism, presumably of the kind on which I blogged first thing this morning, really take?

Well back last May, Mr Heaton-Harris, tabled a wrecking motion in Parliament, designed to ensure that British taxpayers would receive no relief from the EU Bailouts! I presumed at the time it was at the behest of the Conservative Whips, Heaton-Harris having been one such in the EU monstrosity.

I blogged about it at the time, but could not bring myself to mention his name, thus providing more of the kind of notoriety he clearly craves. The post (the day after a report on the actual debate, which I titled "Our Parliament. Whipped into whingeing worthlessness!") is linked here, it contained this description of the then unnamed Chris Heaton-Harris as follows:

If you wish to see the individual who finally sunk Parliament's long historical ability to hold the executive to account for their expenditures, you can see him without dipping into and out of the debate, he is in the lower left hand corner of the screen as Mark Reckless MP, makes his opening remarks

To read the Hansard report on his performance, click here. Fierce eurosceptic, maybe, but surely, in all he has achieved, apparently solely working to promote the EU?

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