Tuesday, August 09, 2011

All eyes on helicopter Bernanke

Only during April of this year did I bog that Bernanke's armoury was bare, "Bernanke's Black Holes' Bombshells," read here.

Two years before that I had suggested Bernanke be dropped from a helicopter, as that was how he proposed to solve the economic crisis by doing exactly that with untold zillions of dollar bills. Well now all can see where that has taken us, just as predicted and should have been so immediately obvious.

Below is an extract from the newer of the two postings linked above. Bernanke has failed in everything he has sought to accomplish, yet today across the world, the wild descent has temporarily halted, for what, to hear what this no hoper still has to say from the FOMC routine meeting.

I watched almost open-mouthed, certainly with growing astonishment, as the Chairman of the US Federal Reserve, ever so cautiously and gradually raised the curtain on the mysterious workings of the organisation at the centre of the free world's reserve currency and largest economy, the US Federal Reserve and within lay nothing but a gaping black hole.  As the increasingly incredulous questioning continued it became ever more obvious that this black hole did not merely exist at the centre of the obviously non-working nucleus of the Federal Reserve's disorganisation, it even extended in to the depths of the mind and thought processes of this one man, Ben Bernanke himself, the individual titularly and supposedly in charge.

No doubt, as today progresses, we will be treated to many TV repeats of the Fed Chairman's apparent ignorance of where inflation, interest rates, money supply, gas prices, middle-east instability etc., etc., etc., are all headed. BUT the truth can no longer be hidden, Bernanke, closely aided by Geitner and Obama have us all headed towards economic disaster.



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