Monday, April 18, 2011

Final Result in Finland

It is too close to call on the policies of the resultant Government, read here, with the True Finns slipping back into third place, since my last post yesterday evening, but only by the slimmest margin as may be seen in this chart:

Final Results:

National Coalition Party: 20.4%
Social Democratic Party: 19.1%
True Finns: 19.0%
Centre Party: 15.8%
Left Alliance: 8.1%
Green League: 7.2%
Swedish People’s Party: 4.3%
Christian Democrats: 4.0%
Pirate Party: 0.4%
Others: 1.6%

The Portugal Bail Out (Normal EU skullduggery aside) must surely be sunk, with the Social Democrats and True Finns opposing any cash or debt transfers holding a combined 38.1% and huge support in the country, with the first and fourth bigger parties having 36.2%.

Any smaller party  supporting more Bail Outs and making them possible will surely be committing eventual electoral suicide, whatever incentives may be offered from Brussels!

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