Friday, September 10, 2010

Czechs describe Chancellor Osborne's complete Council capitulation over City regulation

The Prague Daily Monitor, linked here, describes in a report from the Czech Republic's Economy Minister how the Coalition Government of the UK completely folded and left the Czechs isolated and alone, just as Chamberlain had done at Munich in the run up to world war, I quote: The Czech Republic stayed practically alone with its objections when Great Britain withdrew its own objections. Czechs had no chance to alter the proposal in any way and gave in so as not to worsen its negotiating position in the future, Kalousek said.

"Gnashing our teeth at a moment when the Czech Republic stayed alone and the result was clear, we said we would not break the EU Council's unity because it is quite important for our negotiating position on other topics," Kalousek said.

"Great Britain shared our view until yesterday [Monday] and thus has offered an extraordinary show of pragmatism," he added.

Over on the blog "The Slog", linked here, John Ward is railing at the further loss of the sovereignty of parliament consequent on Osborne's concurrent crumbling on giving the right to the EU to vet and approve the UK budget. This point is worth raising I guess, although I have now ceased to be surprised as each new Westminster Parliament grows ever more supine in the face of the erosion of their rights by the EU. Truly our MPs at Westminster are the very lowest of the low in their pursuit of salaries, pensions and perks while handing all power, work and responsibilities to foreigners over whom they have zero control! How they can pretend to represent the interests of their constituents completely defeats me, hopefully like Blair who can now barely walk the streets of London, each MP and MEP will soon receive the same contempt on the streets of their constituencies as the years of misgovernance which they have allowed the EU will demonstrate its inevitable consequences on the lives, livlihoods, purses and pocket books of their deliberately ill-educated and so far unaware electorates! The Coalition Government of the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats are proceeding at a breathless pace in conceding new powers to the EU. At this rate we will be fully EU federalised even before the coalition ceases to be!

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