Tuesday, August 31, 2010

EU Aircraft Carrier Battle Groups - to what strategic end?

The announcement that British and French ministers are to meet this week to discuss pooling future aircraft carrying warships, commented upon from a British viewpoint in my posting beneath this, begs the question as to what objectives can be presumed to be achievable from such a move. EU controlled Battle Groups can be the only aim of such a move! Why would the EU require carrier battle groups and against whom might they be deployed? President of the EU Commission is the Portuguese Jose Manuel Barroso , who is on record as stating that the EU is now evolving into an Empire. The new President of the EU under the provisions of the Lisbon Treaty is the previously unknown Belgian, Herman Van Rompuy. Reminders of the colonial record of both Belgium and Portugal are widely available on the web, examples are here and here. I quote from the introduction to the paper found from the latter link to a Unesco document: There have been times when the spokesmen of official Portugal, of a regime in power for nearly half a century, have seemed perfectly unaware of the contrary implications that others may or must logically draw from what they claim or aver. Or there have been times when such spokesmen or exegisists, including the most powerful men in the land, have appeared to be living in a world of fantasy that others cannot recognize as real. No doubt all countries have displayed examples of this kind. None seem so persistent or extraordinary as those provided by the rulers of the Portuguese. Given the history of what has become the EU, where the truth as to its direction has always been hidden from its own citizens (who have watched helplessly while their democrcies were destroyed) let alone to the rest of the world, where third world small independent nations across Africa, the Indian Ocean and the Pacific have had their national resources plundered under irksome and onerous trade (so-called) agreements with the EU AND the economic failure of the undemocratic EU structures which are on the point of complete collapse WE MUST DEMAND TO KNOW what can the citizens of the EU gain from such EU co-ordinated militarism? More significantly what fears could the smaller nations of the world now imagine from a pointless exercise in non-defensive powers from a non-democratic European Continent presently led by men from the two nations with the worst colonial records amongst all European nations? Britain's greatest treasures include the decolonisation policies declared in Macmillan's Wind of Change speech. Britain must not become part of new Empire Building whatever the economic imperatives! Sharing of our defensive capabilities should only be undertaken with those who share our monarchy, parliamentary history, language and fundamental principles of our shared human heritage best expressed in English! Read my letter to Dr Fox on 8th August 2010, from here.

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