Sunday, April 11, 2010

Now it is Civil Service Corruption exposed!

Sir John Chilcot has been profiteering from the installation of useless and foreign wind farms according to The Sunday Times, linked here. Normally such news might pass unnoticed with so many anonymous knights in the so-called civil service, but due to the televised Iraq war inquiry under the control of this piece of filth, who according to the linked article made no declaration of his interests, the true nature of this oleaginous, ineffective drip will be familiar to much of the nation. It would seem timely to remind my readers of what this blog had to say about dodgy knights several times in May last year, linked here, from which I quote:

Knighthoods become badges of shame in Brown's Britain

Twice this month I have found myself commenting on this blog how the title "Sir" before a name in a newspaper report nowadays increasingly foretells the reporting of some form of skulduggery in one form or another. Know a Knight - Watch your Wallet!


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