Thursday, April 29, 2010

German Extremism over Greece

At 0721 this morning on the Radio 4 Today Progamme, a Member of the European Parliament, from the same party as Germany's Chancellor Angela Merkel, by the name of Elmar Brok, (who, I seem to recall, has already been subject of previous comment from this blog) made a completely outrageous statement to the effect that the eurozone countries would not accept a declaration of war from the American credit rating agencies upon Europe. Listen here.

This remark must surely highlight the huge dangers the EU faces in urging a reluctant Germany to pay up and bail-out Greece, to be inevitably then followed by further subsidies for Portugal, Spain etc!

If the money of taxpaying Germans is to be used in such a manner, as is being urged from every side, it would be only right and proper that German voters, in whose sole hands now rests the future of the Continent (due to the destruction of democracy by the EU Treaties), in the future elected a party and leadership to power with the euthority to ensure that the German model be followed across the whole of Europe.

This is the essence of what this blog has been warning for many, many years. Democrats in Europe MUST wake-up to the disastrous consequences of the crisis in the Eurozone.

If the Euro currency is to be saved, it will be at the expense of all our freedoms both to choose an individual and independent way of carrying on our own national affairs and to live in freedom under our own laws.

Gordon Brown in his unguarded remarks about an ordinary pensioner being a bigot fully illustrated the mind-set of our EU ruling classes who are totally incapable of accepting an alternate view to their fascist tendencies.


Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The terrible truth behind Britain's election.

British politics has been corrupted and rotten for years. Nothing has changed with but one big exception, namely that the general public are finally glimpsing that basic truth. Nick Clegg, leader of the formerly minority Liberal Democrat Party has begun to summon the nerve and give a voice to the fact that the rock solid safe seats for either the Conservative or Labour Party has led to the corruption of our Parliament. A start but only a small one. These corrupt MPs with the aid of Clegg's LibDems have sold-out the powers of Parliament to the EU........ Why? The truth is , of course, that for a potential politician to join either the Tory or Labour Party lists as a potential constituency candidate they must first vow allegiance to that party and thereby set aside any moral judgement or scruple in therefater committing themselves to follow the party whips for the rest of their lives. They do this, presumably, as on the buggins turn result of our system they are eventually certain to gain power! Evidence of such total lack of decency or basic honesty abounds through their individual voting records, and their contributions to debates in Hansard. Payment for this lack of any principle is detailed in the expense account revelations from the Daily Telegraph which finally made public the financial costs to the taxpayers in the underwriting of such a dishonest arrangement. The resulting loss of our democracy, however, cannot be priced! In the nine days left before polling, consider the record of your Labour or Conservative candidate or query their true motives in entering/continuing in politics at this election, given the absence of detail in their parties' manifestos, their track records over recent years and our governance from abroad. How has any decent or upright man or woman the nerve to so degrade their own individual judgement? Their parties will not even go near offering an explanation of the huge debts, taxation and cuts the nation now faces! Labour and Conservative Candidates at this election have to be, deep within, absolutely rotten. No individual of character would seek to gain power in such a disgraced system, other than for motives of self-aggrandisement or self-enrichment. End of!


Saturday, April 24, 2010

The re-conquest of Greece!

Crocodile tears will flow in Germany over the next few days as its plans for the subjugation of the European Continent, now in process over many years, begin to bear fruit with the taking over of the nation that once gave Europe the democracy now being destroyed by the EU. Listen again here to a BBC report of this morning. Read a Q and A from Reuters on the pretend gnashing of teeth from Germany!


Treasures from the threads - Number forty-one

A comment to Matthew Parris in The Times today put it like this:
Neo Vita wrote:
I want nothing more from the coming election than the complete and utter destruction of the Labour Party. They have assailed centuries of legal tradition of the rule of law and liberties, have brought in the surveillance state, have created 3,000 new "crimes", have introduced countless new agencies representing beaurocratic fascism to oppress the citizen, have destroyed family life and the concept of Britishness, have squandered our gold reserves and made us a vassal province of the EU. They have robbed the taxpayer blind and blown the proceeds on creating a welfare client state, and finally, bankrupted the Nation, tripling the National Debt in 13 years. They deserve total oblivion and it is sure to come.
April 24, 2010 1:14 AM BST on
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Monday, April 19, 2010

LibDems promise an In/Out Referendum on the EU

The Liberal Democrat Foreign Affairs spokesman, Ed Davey, has just promised on a BBC 2 Foreign Affairs debate, with William Hague and David Miliband, that Britain will be given a full IN or OUT referendum on the EU before any more powers are ceded to the EU. Considering that last Friday the EU Commission started pushing for "Economic Governance" and that the LibDems now look poised to be the election winners this is indeed fantastic news.


Saturday, April 17, 2010

Germans, Napalm and the Euro Currency.

Sixty-five years ago this week 1200 Flying Fortress bombers of the US 8th Air Force dropped napalm bombs on the last pocket of German troop resistance along the Gironde Estuary and the French town of Royan. Napalm is a form of jellyfied gasoline which sticks to surfaces such as skin and burns! Howard Zinn was a bombardier in these raids and subsequently wrote extensively on this raid, much of which, with other source material, may now be read on the internet. I have been researching a book (finally due for publication next month) in this region of France for much of the past year and have been pondering the motives behind this dreadful bombing raid for many months. Within days of the raid Hitler committed suicide and the Russians were already on the brink of obtaining total and unconditional surrender. La Rochelle, just north of Royan, which hosted the U-Boat pens of Karl Dönitz, who succeeded Hitler after his suicide, escaped total destruction by surrendering after the war was over. I have been left with the only logical conclusion as to the motives that the raid was intended to send a message to the German Officer class, along the lines of "look at that of which we are capable, do not mess with us again". A tough message for free democracies to convey, but a necessary one considering that twice in the preceding thirty odd years the German officer class had unleashed bestiality and brutality across the Continent of Europe on a nowadays, thankfully, almost unimaginable scale.This terror raid was later to be followed with the atom bomb attacks on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan, where I believe the message was also roughly the same. (Napalm had been used with devastating effect on the suburbs of Tokyo the month before, so the effects were already known). Some may question my conclusion, Howard Zinn suggests it may perhaps have been considerations of promotion in senior Air Force ranks, I doubt that, for such a raid, at such a moment, a political message must have been intended and the raid was thus launched with political intent. I probably have less problems grasping the motivations as I was born in 1944, and the history is more immediate than it would be to those of a younger age. At sixteen I served in my first oil tanker, the Chief Officer then recounted to me how he had been rescued from the freezing North Atlantic on three separate occasions having been torpedoed by Dönitz's mass murderer U-Boat Commanders, once having been plucked from a sea of blazing gasoline within inches of his life. I suspect that in 1945 he may well have been in agreement with the message the napalm attack on the Royan Pocket conveyed to the Nazi leadership, whose jackboots had lain so long upon the throat of Europe. To the West of Royan at Berneuil, in the Charente Maritime is the German Cemetry in which lie the graves of 8,342 dead German servicemen. Not all died in the war or its final raids. Some died in mine clearance others untended in a Bordeaux suburb during a post-war cholera epidemic receiving back, no doubt sometimes undeservedly, some of the hatred their comrades in arms had sown. Further west still near Limoges, at Oradour-sur-Glane 642 inhabitants of one village, men, women and children, had been massacred in cold blood by a German Panzer division yet another illustration of the terrible price innocents always must pay when others believe they know what is best and have a better way! Last weekend, it has been variously reported, the German Chancellor Angela Merkel, was bounced by the Presidents of France and Italy - Nicolas Sakozy and Silvio Berlusconi respectively, into agreeing to accede to requests to bail out Greece. Such an action, as has been vigorously argued in Germany throughout the past week, would apparently be contrary to the carefully crafted constitution of the German State. Furthermore, in spite of the fact that the Greek political class appears to be begging for such aid, it would be a disaster should it be provided. (A blog posting regarding the unacceptability of such action, even by the IMF, given the pension disparity between Britain and Greece is linked here). Yesterday the European Commission, issued a Press Release marked "Rapide" demanding Economic Governance for the EU to be run by the unelected Commission and the appointed EU Council President Van Rompuy. The EU is detested across the union by its own people as has been made clear in referendum after referendum. It is supported mainly by those in its pay or the inner circles of those in power in its former nation states and all their hangers-on. It is widely known as non-democratic and corrupt. Its Parliament is a mass of time-serving, expense gobbling pygmies who consistently regulate in matters they do not understand for want of anything better to do. We cannot allow the EU to impose the views of the economically strongest states on the less economically adept states, as such can only ultimately be imposed by force. Europe does not want another jackboot on its throat as ALL Europeans must now remember the price to be paid in removing it. Read all there is in the raids on Royan! Consider the German launched missile attacks on Southern England when Germany already faced certain defeat! This blog begs the good people of Germany and democrats everywhere to work to prevent a subsided, strings attached Eurozone or EU bail-out for Greece or any other of the PIIGS. Devaluation under IMF control, following Euro withdrawal, can save Greece just as it did for Argentina. The Euro is not worth saving when despotism is the certain price. The Euro, in fact cannot be saved now anyway, the economic facts are too stark. Therefore throwing away the freedoms of the people of Europe will be thus even more pointless. Instituting economic control across the EU, as demanded by the EU Commission yesterday will require force? They forget they have no consent nor any votes from the citizens of the EU!

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Thursday, April 15, 2010

The "Brown Levy" - more detail!

A levy on the huge accumulation of assets in Britain's property price bubble, I have dubbed the "Brown Levy", has attracted some interest today, so further detail might be helpful. How can it be justified to the public? Look at how we should value a home? Among the elements I suggest must come: affordability, access to employment, nearby transportation, security from crime, nearby education facilities and of course protection from the elements. What is most certainly not an element in a realistic valuation is the chance to make a quick and undeserved profit. Note that many of the elements which give a home value are provided by Society and then administered by Government. The levy could be sold as an investment to put a floor under values. It could of course be structured to maximize returns on the greatest property windfalls of recent years and/or the mortgage providers who fed the greed. If the next Government must make huge cuts to halt the growing deficit and repay debt then such cuts will fall on the services which have in the past given British property its value. A transfer of assets from individuals to the central exchequer as proposed on this blog (after halting EU payments , note here that today, once again, the Greek euro rescue began to unravel) is thus sensible to maintain the services which enhance house values and the cost as a Brown Levy will correctly lay the blame with the individual who was its cause. Property prices are destined to tumble anyway once interest rates return to the required levels and tax levels jump to pay off the debt. By a capital transfer with a "Brown Levy" many of these penalties might be avoided as national bankruptcy will possibly be a nightmare that need never arrive! This blog's proposals to protect against walkaway mortgage holders which will feed the likely collapse have now been ignored for two years! Can this idea at least get a reasonable hearing in the Mainstream Media?


UK Debt - The Cure!

The "Deficit" which the main parties have chosen to substitute for the "Debt" in this campaign can be easily cured. Every responsible adult in the country knows that spending has to be balanced with income to cure a deficit. Handling the debt, which ongoing deficits have caused, is more problematic, hence the silence from the confidence tricksters who aspire to occupy Downing Street as the next puppets for the EU. These sly leaders of Britain's three main parties will debate in Manchester tonight, each apparently blithely unaware that this particular Titanic, in which they have invested the nation's wealth and sold out its independence and democracy, the EU, has been stricken by the iceberg that is Greece and will soon be no more, read here. Cutting loose from the EU and throwing no further money down that particular drain, as recommended by the UKIP, will help with re-paying debt, but will now be nowhere near enough. Last December I suggested a "Brown Levy" being a transfer from the bank inflated property bubble created in the UK to the exchequer. This could be obtained via a once off levy, perhaps only payable on the sale of property but immediately transferable to the national asset base, or by a sliding scale annual payment on property values spread over five years. Either way, whatever the politician, the facts require ceasing EU payments AND tapping the asset based which is now all that remains available to the nation and is all locked up in abnormally inflated land and property values. The whole property owning establishment WILL SCREAM IN PROTEST and of course will have the entire media on their side, BUT bigger reductions in values will be sure to follow if matters continue as they are. Will anybody put this to the three tricksters tonight?

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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Tory lead drops to 3%. Treasures 40

Treasures from the threads - Number forty, comes in a thread in The Times on a report that the Tory lead is down to 3%. This is brilliant news, another Labour Government being unthinkable, Cameron's labour cloned party would if anything be worse, if they are no longer in contention then voters can begin to seriously consider who is best to govern their ravaged nation! The comment I have chosen from the thread to this report is the following:
David Chambers wrote:
I left Uk to live in the Philippines 5 years ago now. I haven't been back since. I left because I saw an unsustainable bubble coming up even then and the future looking very grim. I despised the government and its nanny state small minded interfering mentality. I was amazed that broon and his gang of marxist idiots kept the ponzi scheme going for 2 more years. Now I live a life with my business over here and doing business as usual in the UK except I pay no taxes there, I kowtow to no one there, and my business is booming over here. Why, because you have broon and his socialist claptrap, and if he gets anywhere near staying on because the UK cant see the difference then the whirlwind that will hit the UK will make times like now seem a picnic. I transfer jobs to the Philippines, from the UK, and no matter what you think, for far too many companies the tax burden is unbearable and to go this route is often the only way to survive. Staff costs and tax and NI are too high, and banks are unwilling or unable to lend to companies facing losses. As of now the rush to offshore jobs ( I'm currently in the process of moving over 5000 jobs from over 100 companies to a place where salaries are a tenth the UK and the work done with pride and diligence. I love the UK but if the electorate make a mistake now, then I and others will reap a very very rich reward, raping and farming your jobs to countries like the Philippines, effectively depriving the UK further of its ability to compete in the world. Please think carefully before you destroy whats left of the UK and think about what business is left there and what it must do now to survive if you make the wrong choice. The manufacturing base of the UK has already fallen from 23 to 11% under your marxist cabal and they are only going to feed you more and more of their socialist nonsense if you allow them.
April 14, 2010 5:10 AM BST


Sunday, April 11, 2010

Now it is Civil Service Corruption exposed!

Sir John Chilcot has been profiteering from the installation of useless and foreign wind farms according to The Sunday Times, linked here. Normally such news might pass unnoticed with so many anonymous knights in the so-called civil service, but due to the televised Iraq war inquiry under the control of this piece of filth, who according to the linked article made no declaration of his interests, the true nature of this oleaginous, ineffective drip will be familiar to much of the nation. It would seem timely to remind my readers of what this blog had to say about dodgy knights several times in May last year, linked here, from which I quote:

Knighthoods become badges of shame in Brown's Britain

Twice this month I have found myself commenting on this blog how the title "Sir" before a name in a newspaper report nowadays increasingly foretells the reporting of some form of skulduggery in one form or another. Know a Knight - Watch your Wallet!


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Saturday, April 10, 2010

40 years of self-indulgent treachery

Sir Patrick Cormack entered Parliament in 1970, when Britain was a constitutional democracy and independent sovereign nation state. He retired from Parliament yesterday to a country that is bankrupt, crime-ridden, immigrant swamped, welfare dependent, de-industrrialized and run by foreigners for their own benefit. Does this individual show the slightest understanding, let alone remorse for what he and his parliamentary colleagues have wrought over these past forty years? Of course not, listen to the cloud cuckoo land claptrap spouted by the retiring knight at 0740 on Radio 4 this morning, linked here. Stomach-churning is it not? Sir Patrick will now retire on an enormous index-linked and unearned pension, where he no doubt will continue to close his eyes to the realities around him. A fitting retirement to warn others of the consequences of such serial betrayals of their obligations would be on the minimum state pension in the meanest of publicly funded accommodation.


Friday, April 09, 2010

Treasures from the threads - Number Thirty-nine.

I believe that in years to come historians will mark this period in
our history as the great awakening.

The people of this land have begun to see the truth shining through
the fog of lies and spin. They have felt the sunshine of honesty and
integrity on their backs driving away the colds mists of imposed lies
and deceit from their political servants at Westminster and beyond.
This honesty and truth is not coming from politicians but is rising
within their own hearts again after years and years of "trusting"
those who told them they where their political masters: Those perverse
con men and women men who told them they were smarter than the
ordinary plebs and who then, with treason and disdain, ruined our
land. The people are waking up, not only to the games the politicians
play, but those played by broadcasters and press hacks.

It does not matter who wins this election because this election will
the last of the sham choices the people of this land will tolerate.
The three party system with its two big hitters claiming the right to
rule is dying and it is dying because it has failed. It has failed
because it breeds supreme arrogance in those who are a part of it. The
belief that they can do anything, speak any lie, twist any truth,
ignore any voter, dismiss any concern that does not interest them,
feather any bed they sleep on, commit any evil they wish and still be
voted in next time because the stupid media will manipulate the people
into voting for them again.

The people have looked closely at this shambolic mess we laughingly
call democracy and have seen the hidden hands of the Murdoch's pulling
strings. The BBC has, with the same arrogance of their socialist
masters in Westminster, over played their hand and have been exposed
as Pravda Lite and in the process began to lose a reputation world
wide for speaking the truth. The endless parade of simpleton left wing
attack dogs on our TV screens, masquerading as "alternative" comedians
and running everything decent into the floor with mocking voices has
begun to wear very thin. The days of the "celebrity" Chav are,
thankfully, nearly over.

It is this non stop drip, dripping of sick, perverse, nasty and
manipulative Marxist psycho-politics that has woken  the people up to
what they have been missing in their own daily lives -- Simple decency
and truth. Once the truth appears, however dimly on the horizon of the
mind -- like the first rays of the Summer sun burning off the cloying
fog of Winter -- a new joy and confidence rises. You begin to smile
again. Long sunny days are ahead and a spring bounces into your steps.
Young and old alike can feel the warmth of that truth and contrast it
with the cold dead wind of lies the spin merchants bring with every
calculated word they utter.

This may well be the last time the electorate have to put up with the
televisual bull that has ruined and blighted us for so long. As the
people of the land realise the power lies with them and not the
"professional" spinners of either Westminster or Fleet Street (as the
collective media were once known) they will begin to reject what the
newspapers try to make them believe. They will turn away from likes of
Dimbleby Jon Snow and Krishnan Guru-Murthy and other purveyors of
propaganda on TV and radio. Celebrity half wits like Bono and Lily
Allen will be no longer be enough to make us think like good little
Marxists and do as they tell us. Soap operas filled with lefty
political messages and neutered PC ridden halflings selling yet
another guilt trip designed under the Frankfurt School political
master plan of personal and social destruction, will fall on deaf
ears. The whole pseudo-political circus tent will be burnt down and
the country will be free think for themselves again. The Commons will
have common folk in it; but wiser, smarter, more alert common folk
than ever before because, for the first time in a long time, they will
be awake once more.

The great sleep of the creepy lying wizards spinning their nasty
spells is nearly over. The future is bright and the future is ours, if
we will reach out and embrace it.

There may be bloodshed ahead (God forbid) but that depends on how hard
and desperately the sickos cling to power. However this revolution of
the mind and heart goes, one thing is certain-, the politicians and
the media are GOING to change. Whether they do so voluntarily or by
force, that change is coming and the corrupt, both here and in the EU
are going to be made to go away. If the truth takes flame here in
Britain there is a chance it will spread abroad and Britain can lead
the way again.

The flame of truth is rising and that is what the liars fear the most.
So they should and so they must! The sleeping giant is stirring and he
is called, the British people. Britain is waking and Cameron, Blair,
Clegg and Brown may be the last high priests of bull we ever have to
listen to again.

I truly hope so. Today, my land that I love lies bleeding under the
boot of lies. Tomorrow -- if we, the people, will embrace the truth --
that boot will be gone and decent values will rule once more to make
our land well and restore it and its people to greatness.

From Telegraph Blog. written by "My Land Lies Bleeding Under A Boot Of Lies".
on April 08, 2010
at 10:23 AM

Euro notes you may not want.

The supposed common currency of the eurozone within the European Union carries identifying letters of the country of issue. As collapse of the currency approaches and funds flee Greece there are clearly certain large denomination notes that savvy folk will presently avoid. Ordinary folk might also wish to avoid being left with worthless paper, the following table taken from Wikipedia, linked here, might help you to select the country of issue for your holiday spending money.... particularly if headed for Greece, Portugal, Spain and even perhaps Italy. Quote

Country codes are alphabetised according to the countries' names in the official language of each country, but reversed:

National identification codes
Code Country Checksum(1)
in English in official language(s)
Z Belgium België/Belgique/Belgien 9
Y Greece Ελλάδα [Ellada] 1
X Germany Deutschland 2
(W) (Denmark) Danmark (3)
V Spain España 4
U France France 5
T Ireland Éire/Ireland 6
S Italy Italia 7
(R) (Luxembourg) Luxembourg/Luxemburg/Lëtzebuerg (8)
(Q) Not used
P Netherlands Nederland 1
(O) Not used
N Austria Österreich 3
M Portugal Portugal 4
L Finland Suomi/Finland 5
(K) (Sweden) Sverige (6)
(J) (United Kingdom) United Kingdom (7)
(I) Not used
H Slovenia Slovenija 9
G Cyprus Κύπρος [Kypros]/Kıbrıs 1
F Malta Malta 2
E Slovakia Slovensko 3

(1) checksum of the 11 digits without the letter

  • The positions of Denmark and Greece have been swapped in the list of letters starting the serial numbers, presumably because Υ (upsilon) is a letter of the Greek alphabet, while W is not.


Thursday, April 08, 2010

Post-mortem on a corrupt Parliament.

So the assorted elected petty-thieves, confidence tricksters and outright criminals who have sat in this most disgraceful Parliament in the nation's history will today mostly spread out like a filthy stain across the land, from the confines of Westminster where they have largely been contained, to the individual constituencies where they will have the shameless gall to ask the electorate for a renewal of their parasitical existence. Do not forget that it was these MPs of all three main parties who were elected on a campaign pledge not to pass a new EU Treaty without a referendum. The Parliament to which all Prospective Parliamentary Candidates now stand is thus now a mere relic of history, with no remaining meaningful powers. Do not elect any of them, instead select some who will eventually remove their MP and Cabinet pensions. One victory for this Parliament worth noting is that of the hereditary peers over New Labour, the latter had striven for thirteen years to remove the former, a plan now lost in this week's "wash up". Another astounding element of today's events was the interview this morning by John Humphreys on the BBC Radio 4 'Today' programme of Gordon Brown. The interviewer finally proved he could confront this charlatan with reality and the brutal national consequences of this dreadful bully's deceit. But why only NOW? Such interviewing techniques directed at uncovering the facts could have ended the lying of New Labour many years earlier and spared the nation billions in its present debts! The only conclusion on Humphreys and his ilk is that they were too wedded to their obscene salaries and perks supplied in his case by the cash-strapped licence payers. Parliament's New Labour sycophants across the print and broadcast media must also shoulder much blame for the distress of our Nation all across the full spectrum of national life! So where next? We must await the results of 6th May but all present permutations on the division of power seem equally hopeless. In view of the success of the former baronial classes, may I suggest (only partly tongue in cheek) that a further resort to the hereditary concepts by a timely abdication and possible princely standing aside from the line of accession might hold the seed for our economic rescue. The BIS, OECD and IMF are all suggesting our plight is worse than that of Greece and Ireland where civil servant pay cuts of around 25% and other drastic measure are required. No imaginable elected representative appears likely to carry the authority for such measures. So good luck, therefore, to all, except those, of course, who have inhabitated the Westminster bubble for the past thirteen years!


Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Euro jitters

As the IMF team arrive in Greece, things look glum for the Euro currency. German Chancellor Merkel, was reported as arguing for market interest for bail-out EU loans this morning at between 6 to 6.5% yet bond rates this evening have risen above 7%. One report, linked here, has the whole pack of cards falling within the next two months! Short term pain, or perhaps something closer to agony, could be the only long term hope for the benighted former nations within the EU!