Monday, December 07, 2009

Magna Carta Destroyed

Please, after this, read my posting below arguing for EU Withdrawal, which this well-stated article by Ambrose Evans-Pritchard, in the Daily Telegraph, here, to me concludes that there is no sensible alternative to removing ourselves from the EU other than complete individual and national servitude.


EU withdrawal is England's main hope for economic salvation

The following was my comment to an article in yesterday's Sunday Times about Scottish Chancellor of the Exchequer's plans for a mere 40 billion of government spending cuts, linked here:
Martin Cole wrote:
The other side of cuts to get to the 131 billion this week admitted as having been incurred in the bank bailout (with the likely impact 850 billion) are taxes. A few minutes contemplating what can be taxed to supply these kind of sums will bring you inevitably to the only area where the excess money supply ended up - the housing market. Whichever party forms the next government, the logical move will be a five year sliding property tax beginning at 5 per cent perhaps declining to one per cent over the five year parliament. All homes included. The alternative, UK sovereign debt default and national bankruptcy. OR perhaps withdrawing from the EU, a more logical and equally effective cost saving measure which might by then be seen as preferable.
December 6, 2009 6:40 AM GMT on
The plain fact is that an economic revival and recovery while repaying the huge debts incurred under the negligent and incompetent governance of the mainly Scottish UK adminstration of recent years is totally impossible when saddled by the payments promised to the EU by these same economic vandals and within the over-regulated environment of the marxist orientated EU project. The intolerable conditions of the withdrawal procedures of the Lisbon Treaty are clearly economically equally unsupportable. The English nation plausibly has a legal case that the Lisbon Treaty was ratified unconstitutionally by a Scottish Queen as part of a long-running economic conspiracy against her English subjects, in clear contradiction of her Coronation Oaths. The problem arising if the Tory Party, under its present leader, with a continuing commitment to remain within the EU, (which may perhaps also be ascribed to his own self-proclaimed "Scottish blood running thickly through his veins") will be discussed on one of my other blogs "Teetering Tories", linked here. The most likely sliding scale property tax, necessary with Britain staying within the EU, could be dubbed the "Brown Levy"!

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