Friday, November 20, 2009

Europe's new rulers!

Only one name among the powerful and shady conspirators who have so successfully and skilfully brought Europe to this non-democratic pass has so far emerged. Details, naturally enough, are few and largely unnoticed by the mainstream media who have been the willing pawns in this destruction of decent values and openness. The man concerned, new Council Secretary-General to the EU, is naturally enough a French career 'fonctionaire' Pierre de Boissieu. This man will control the huge and greedy bureaucracy of the EU and himself be controlled by shady and anonymous figures who still remain carefully hidden behind the scenes. The ludicrous appearing and completely unknown former Belgian PM and now EU President, Herman Van Rompuy, will, little doubt,be an early facilitator for a later, all-powerful figure who will presumably become known to us all soon enough. Apparently unaware of the clear ridiculousness of his position, the new EU President announced in his acceptance press conference that he would in future represent the new EU Common Foreign Policy at summits with other world leaders such as the USA, China and India (if I recall the list correctly). The High Representative for Foreign Affairs, the unknown and never elected socialist from Britain, Baroness Catherine Ashton, would thus be nothing of the kind, something of a relief given her almost total lack of foreign experience, indeed complete lack of achievements of any kind other than pushing the Lisbon Treaty through the British House of Lords, largely occupied these days by retired EU troughers, the senile and the cronies to New Labour. In a presentation to the secretive Bilderberger Croup a few days ago, the new President reportedly stated his main ambition will be to gain direct tax raising powers for the already overgreedy EU while he last evening publicly advanced the usual 'social' aspects. Hopefully his lack of charisma will be matched by a similar absence of the necessary guile to achieve either of these ends. On 1st December 2009 the key fact for Britain will be the take-over of the country by the first EU Proconsul, the half blind, completely deranged, economically incompetent and deficient specimen of humanity, Gordon Brown. In the wings waiting to take over the post will be the vapid and shallow ex-marketing man David Cameron, who no doubt will make much of the panapolies of power. In reality expanding absolute power will be being carefully manipulated, completely anonymously from somewhere in the central eastern regions of the economically declining EU. Shaded no doubt with a view to French interests by Monsieur Boissieu. Cameron's Deputy, William Hague, as British Foreign Secretary, who for his past about-turns and deviousness on questions of the EU, fully deserves the humiliation of deferring in his portfolio to the non-entity duo of Catherine Ashton, herself ostensibly reporting to Herman Van Rompuy. Looking to history for a precedent I am drawn to Cardinal Richelieu. In pursuit of wealth and absolute power, which he could manipulate behind the scenes, he destroyed the hugely prosperous trading networks of the prosperous western regions of France, built a citadel at Brouage to hoard his wealth from where the sea was already receding while the wealth went to the new nations to the West, together with much of Franc's entrepreneurial population. Is Monsieur Boisseu another such or is the new Richelieu still to emerge? The flight from the EU., already well begun will now gather momentum, that is one thing for sure. The citizens of the EU are poorer this morning with far worse to follow from !st December. We await the arrival of a new John Churchill, hopefully not for the 77 years which passed between the fall of La Rochelle and the Battle of Blenheim. Even a hundred years is worth waiting to remove despotic rule and absolute power which the EU is increasingly appearing to represent.



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