Friday, October 30, 2009

Conservative Home blog shamed!

When the posting for today finally arrived on the Conservative Home blog, the only link to The Independent newspaper was as follows:

Blair is the only man for the job - Steve Richards writing in The Independent

Not a single reference to the three items critical of Tory Chairman Lord Ashcroft!!!!!!!!!

We earlier warned that such censorship would be bound to follow Lord Ashcroft's buying of a stake in that blog.

I have copied the e-mail sent to Tim Montgomerie this morning, which he has clearly decided to ignore, onto the more appropriate blog Teetering Tories, a more suitable destination for any wishing to get the full background on what takes place in the Cameron/Ashcroft ex-Conservative Party.

Members of the Conservative Party must now ask whether such people are fit to be behind those to govern their country?



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