Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Lisbon Treaty requires new German National Law

Federal Constitutional Court - Press office -

Press release no. 72/2009 of 30 June 2009

Judgment of 30 June 2009
– 2 BvE 2/08, 2 BvE 5/08, 2 BvR 1010/08, 2 BvR 1022/08, 2 BvR 1259/08 und 2 BvR 182/09
Act Approving the Treaty of Lisbon compatible with the Basic Law; accompanying law unconstitutional to the extent that legislative bodies have not been accorded sufficient rights of participation Read the entire press release from here. This could be the Lisbon Treaty's death knell, fingers crossed!!


Thursday, June 04, 2009

Vote OUT of office the sitting parasites!

Only courage today can sow the seeds for renewal! Vote for any but the established parties! Be Bold!

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Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Sleaze Bag Cameron promises to pay-up - Guilt is Clear

The Daily Mail, linked here, has the report on the consequences of Cameron's mortgage switching which to my mind prove him to be amongst the worst of our MPs and fully worthy of the title MP Maggot Cameron, one of the many in Westminster who have been feeding on the corpse of Britain's democracy, do not vote for his Conservative Party tomorrow!

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Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Alistair Darling - Flipper the Video

Dirty Tricks at the Conservative Home Blog

Read how they buried this totally destructive interview with David Cameron on the blog Conservative Home as reported on Teetering Tories, from here.

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Our corrupt MPs created even more corrupt MEPs

The facts from The Times, linked here, this morning on the massive payouts to retiring MEPs more than fully explains why this blog repeatedly argued that in this depression Thursday's European Elections should have been canceled. For back-up justification read here and here. My blood boils when I hear radio adverts for these elections, paid for by taxpayers, to send corrupt people to feed off the taxpayers in a dual-seated parliament which has no power to legislate nor to hold the real powers in the EU to account. As I posted yesterday nearly all our MPs are corrupt proven by their having conspired in this huge transfer of power. When the people of the EU put an end to the EU Gravy train which they eventually must surely do, let us ensure Westminster has been purged and cleansed so that the occupants have the trust of the electors to re-take the reins of power - that must surely mean that almost no presently sitting member can be re-elected!

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Monday, June 01, 2009

Signs of a poll surge for the English Democrats

The opinion poll published in the Sunday Telegraph yesterday gained headlines for Labour falling behind the Liberal Democrats, but equally startling was the surge by the nationalist alliance represented in England by the English Democrats putting them level at 5 per cent with the much more high profile BNP with which the broadcast media seems obsessed. THERE CAN BE NO DOUBT THAT IN THE COUNCIL ELECTIONS THIS THURSDAY ONLY A VOTE FOR AN INDEPENDENT OR PREFERABLY AND IF AVAILABLE THE ENGLISH DEMOCRATS CANDIDATES WILL HAVE THE DESIRED INSTANT IMPACT AND SHOULD EFFECT IMMEDIATE CHANGE! A STRONG RESULT FOR THE ENGLISH DEMOCRATS WILL FORCE THE CROOKS NOW IN PARLIAMENT TO IMMEDIATELY CORRECT THE MULTIPLE INJUSTICES SUCH AS ENGLISH ONLY PRESCRIPTION AND UNIVERSITY TUITION CHARGES. IN ENGLAND - ONLY THE COUNCILS CAN NOW WORK ON YOUR BEHALF. In the European Elections a similar protest vote is still possible, but for Downing Street to get the message of your complete disgust (and mortgage switching Cameron too) do something positive to immediately correct present injustices from your Scottish rulers. (Alistair Darling has this morning committed to return some tax payers money. clear enough confession of guilt) Go out and vote for "None of the Normal Villains" vote for the English Democrats if you are able - Independent if not - put some power back in the County Councils! Vote for any of the anti-EU candidates in the EU elections to maintain the pressure on the three shamed leaders of the three shabby main parties over next weekend when the EU election results become known and all across the EU the message will be sent, we do not want Lisbon and we do not want a corrupt and neutered so-called EU Parliament. Read the archives of my blogs for the past six years, believe me I have followed these scum closely for years and that is a title they have richly earned. UKIP UNCOVERED THE STRASBOURG CESSPIT TEETERING TORIES IRONIES