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UKIP Party Political Broadcast on Immigration

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GOOD STUFF AND A FANTASTIC OPINION POLL FOR UKIP IN THE TIMES HERE I am taking the weekend off from blogging....... back on Monday!


Panic indicator still rising.

On 26th April I posted that The Guardian reckoned a good panic indicator was the UK 10 year Gilt Yield which then stood at 3.54%, linked here. This morning that same paper reported the yield had now reached 3.8 % still heading towards the newspaper's chosen panic point reached at 5%. Background HERE.


The costs of retaining stained MP Maggots.

The Mirror has a good report highlighting how much more the taxpayer will be fleeced by the Labour and Tory females who belatedly and reluctantly agreed to stand down at the next election yesterday, linked here, a quote:

If the MPs stepped down now they would not be eligible for the parachute payment under Commons rules.

But by hanging on until the election, due within a year, Ms Moran gets a payoff of £93,125 when she goes. This includes a parachute payment of £50,517 and a "winding up" allowance of £42,608.

In addition, she can claim her salary and expenses worth more than £160,000 a year until then.

Ms Kirkbride will walk away with at least £74,000, including the winding up allowance. She can also claim her salary and expenses worth £147,000 a year.

Meanwhile one of the most adept debaters against the evils of the EU is exposed in the Daily Telegraph this morning, Bill Cash, Tory MP for Stone, who is revealed as having rented a flat from his daughter at taxpayers expense although owning another nearer Westminster . Read here. Once again it is proven that if any change for any good is to be made in Britain, it will not be the present corrupt bunch of MP Maggots operating in their mafiosa based three party system from whence such change for good might spring. Bill Cash has dirtied the Euro-realistic cause for which I have fought long and hard.

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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Christopher Fraser MP will stand down - Third maggot in one day!!!

Personal reasons, but the Telegraph report on this Maggot's claims is here. Three standing down already today and in Bromsgrove demands are growing for Kirkbride to go immediately rather than accrue more salary, pension and expenses for up to another year. Especially as there has been no apology whatsoever for her behaviour. Later update: The Daily Telegraph agrees with this view in a 'Telegraph View' Comment posted half an hour ago, read it here.


Maggot MP Mrs MacKay and Maggot Moran GONE!.

Various broadcast media are stating that the Bromsgrove bimbo is not now planning to attend any meeting with her constituents today, thus prompting speculation that her resignation is imminent. Pity for the Tories that their pathetic leader did not see the obvious from the start and compel her to stand down at the same time as her husband as this blog proposed. This resignation has now been confirmed by the BBC. Labour MP Margaret Moran is also going Two less maggots but the corpse of Britain's democracy is still crawling with the MP Maggots. For democracy to be revived we must quit the EU and replace many, many more of the maggots.

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To vote or not to vote in the EU?

UPI report that less than 50 per cent of electors are likely to vote in next weeks European elections. In France according to a separate Ipsos poll 60 per cent of voters express no interest so I will be reluctant to make my vote thus swelling the turnout figure. Anything which appears to give any form of legitimacy to the disgracefully anti-democratic organisation that is the EU must be absolutely avoided at all costs. The decision of Philippe de Villiers party MPF to become part of the EU supporting Libertas also removes the best chance of placing a vote against the whole concept of the EU. (Voting for the MPF would in any event have broken another of my objectives of refusing to cast a vote for a sitting MEP even though in the case of Phiippe de Villiers he held the distinction of having the worst attendance record of any MEP - a fine achievement!). Were I still in the UK, I believe a vote for UKIP would be better than an abstention although I would keep my options open if other small anti-EU parties such as Jury Team or the English Democrats appeared to be approaching an MEP breakthrough level in my particular region. (Voting for UKIP in the South East should ensure second-placed, fired ex-EU chief accountant Marta Andreasen a seat which will shake the corrupt institution to its very foundations!!!!).


Czech European Affairs minister on his President's Lisbon Signature

The following is from EurActiv who have interviewed Štefan Füle the Czech minister for European affairs, linked here. The minister had the following to say on the attitude of President Klaus towards the signing of the Lisbon Treaty, now ratified in the Czech Parliament but potentially subject to another challenge in the Constitutional Court. The quote starts with the question put by EurActiv which appears in bold italic:

Would you welcome the completion of the Lisbon Treaty ratification process in the Czech Republic before the second referendum in Ireland takes place? Do you find such a scenario realistic?

I believe it is important that the parliamentary stage of the ratification was completed in May. I think that it was a relatively strong signal towards our partners, and a fulfillment of our pledge. I do not want to speculate about how the president will make use of his constitutional right. I am convinced however that he will make the right decision at the right time.

On the one hand, I am aware of the opinions at EU level, where our partners would welcome a faster completion of the ratification process. On the other hand, I as a citizen of the Czech Republic understand that there are questions about the Lisbon Treaty that remain to be answered. I therefore have an understanding of the president's actions.

In my opinion he is taking a relatively democratic approach to the ratification of the Lisbon Treaty. He wants to provide the senators with enough time to ask the Constitutional Court to examine the treaty [a group of senators expressed their interest in sending the treaty to Constitutional Court once again, this time with different questions to be answered; the senators signalled their intentions just after the 'yes' vote in the Senate last month].

But in my view, the previous decision of the Constitutional Court already creates a solid base for the argument that the Lisbon Treaty is not contrary to the Czech constitution. I'm convinced that the process will end in such a fashion that the Lisbon Treaty will be here sooner rather than later.

I have communicated my views that the British Conservative Party should request President Klaus to pledge to withhold his signature from the Lisbon Treaty until after the British General Election which must be held by next May. The absence of any reply from William Hague their Foreign Affairs spokesman and Deputy Party Leader, confirms for me the fact that the Tories claim to be against the Lisbon Treaty is typical duplicity.

Please bear this in mind when casting your vote a week from today, a vote for the Tories is a vote for the consolidation of fascism across the EU, see my post on Pluralism yesterday, six years ago and practically every day in between!

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A Knavish Knight!

The Daily Telegraph this morning concentrates on the Bromsgrove Bimbo and a Tory Knight, Sir John Butterfill, who it reports "was knighted in 2003 for his services to Parliament" ... read the report here and you will probably reflect that most of the services seem to be to himself. All within the rules, Sir!! It would seem timely to remind my readers of what this blog had to say about dodgy knights on the last day of last year, linked here:

Knighthoods become badges of shame in Brown's Britain

Twice this month I have found myself commenting on this blog how the title "Sir" before a name in a newspaper report nowadays increasingly foretells the reporting of some form of skulduggery in one form or another. Know a Knight - Watch your Wallet!


Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Mrs MacKay's (aka Kirkbride's) defence condemns every MP

Watch it, .... wonder..... ponder.... how can Cameron have thought the second home arrangements of a married couple could be acceptable for the wife ..... unacceptable for the husband????????????????????? Link.. bet you wish you were a sibling to a bimbo female Tory MP??????


EU Pluralism = Totalitarianism = Leftish Fascism!

We have now witnessed six years of the anti-democratic secret EU elite working to impose their "pluralism" on the diverse individuals who comprise the peoples of Europe. Time enough for those forced to watch in horror to give them their proper name - Fascists. Six years ago today on my blog Ironies, linked here, I concluded my posting discussing what pluralism might mean after noting its appearance in the Preamble to the Constitutional Document arising from the Laeken Convention as follows: As discussed back on 23rd February on this Blogspot Democracy or Pan European Totalitarianism the French tendency towards elitist government structures and their heavy influence in the Convention could lead to a conclusion that none of the straightforward, connotation free, dictionary definitions of pluralism are to be applicable in the Constitution. In politics pluralism can be taken as the view that power in modern LIBERAL DEMOCRACIES is, and should be, held not only by government but by a diversity of autonomous institutions and associsations representing various interests. (Definition from 'The dictionary of important ideas and thinkers' by Chris Rohman). Naturally enough all the so-called worthies who attended the various convention meetings or praesidium sessions would have been aware of that fact, but what of the ordinary citizen with limited research resources? How are we to understand exactly what is supposedly being done in our names. Pluralism as defined above is supposed to provide a harmonious balance between collectivism and individualism but critics, in my view correctly, charge that it is an unrealisable ideal because of the inherent power of the State which of course the new EU will inevitably extend. Interestingly it all leads back to Plato, Popper and more relevantly in this context the elite theory and Robert Michel's iron law of oligarchy whereby control of any political organisation will unavoidably devolve to a small group because of factors such as the need for efficient action, the leader's love of power, and the apathy of the followers. The democratic checks and balances that might serve to prevent such a situation occurring are of course completely absent from the proposed constitutional proposals, thus making pluralism the main objective of the new United States of Europe even more astounding. Six year of posting later those behind this outrage still remain hidden, twenty-seven former democracies with their Parliaments stand on the verge of destruction but there is one last chance for Europeans to register their disgust in the first week of June - do not waste it - total abstention from the European Elections would be the ideal response but is unrealistic, please make sure no sitting MEP in the European Parliament is sent back - that should do the trick!

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GM Bankruptcy.

Throws new light on the old saw "What's good for General Motors is good for America" does it not? The Washington Post has the latest here.

Santander - Spaniards shake off the Armada's memory.

The Times reports here, that in future the historic names of Abbey, Alliance & Leicester (A&L) and Bradford & Bingley are to be scrapped to be replaced by that of the Spanish bank that now controls them - Santander - through the incompetence and treachery of our own politicians and some unusual quirks in Spanish tax legislation. In earlier times such an obviously directly Spanish name might have been seen as a distinct marketing disadvantage within the communities these ancient mutual Building Societies once (and perhaps will one day again) SERVE. El Clegg, who clearly owes allegiance to none but himself, see his Wikipedia entry from here, believes "Britain [is] a place of tolerance and pluralism" is the one man in Britain outside of the Governing Labour Party who could have ensured that Britain received the referendum on the Lisbon Treaty which all his party's candidates promised at the last General Election. He engaged in the most extraordinarily devious convolutions to avoid so doing. A politician who chooses to christen his children Antonio, Alberto and Miguel and raise them in the Catholic faith of his Spanish wife, will presumably be one person in England to enjoy some quiet satisfaction at the sight of the Santander name appearing in towns across England on old establishments which once stood for probity!

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Cameron's devious diversion

The anniversary yesterday of the unveiling of "pluralism' as the guiding force for the future EU went unremarked across the board in the UK as intended by the conspiratorial political class. Stephen Glover comments on how that was accomplished very accurately and well in the Daily Mail this morning with some brilliant illustrations, click here to enjoy. My early thoughts on pluralism posted on Ironies six years ago this morning may be read from here, under the title "Giscard's convention, a first glance" which still hold true today. Six years on we have sufficient evidence to discern what it truly means to those who selected that term as the chief aim of the original constitution still enshrined within the Lisbon Treaty. More on that in due course.

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BBC remove English Democrats PPB from Ipod.

But you can still see it on You Tube CLICK HERE Or pass the URL on to others who may be interested. A vote for an English Democrats candidate in the English County Council elections would be a particularly effective way of giving a strong message to your mind-dead expenses calculating and counting over-paid and over-pensioned MP in Westminster


Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Cameron will restore "real people power"

The way this appears at the top of an article in The Independent, especially with the chosen picture and link to Nigel Lawson proclaiming "The Good Lord preserve us from the popular will" struck me as amusing: A Tory government would restore "real people power" to address public rage fuelled by the MPs' expenses scandal, Opposition leader David Cameron pledged today. Mr Cameron said a "massive sweeping, radical redistribution of power", including a curb on the power of the Prime Minister, was required to halt social breakdown. Related articles Image from Getty Images, linked here. * Dominic Lawson: The Good Lord preserve us from the popular will Link MY disgust at this whole cheap ploy is written up on Teetering Tories in two postings earlier this morning, here and here.

Referenda - the elephant at the Constitutional Crisis

At this time of year six years ago the detail of the proposed EU Constitution was becoming clear. On this very day in 2003 on Ironies I made a posting which contained the crux of the insuperable problem (put in bold here but not in the original) between the UK and the EU, I quote it in full below as it is more than relevant today, surprisingly the original links still work. I will be discussing this old posting later today in the light of our present crisis and the ridiculous and irrelevant interventions of David Cameron, Ed Miliband and Alan Johnson yesterday. The posting on Ironies, linked here, was as follows:

Monday, May 26, 2003

Referenda After two weeks of travel in France where internet connections are as rare as warm beer, I return to find the Daily Telegraph Leader 'Fight for a Referendum' today throwing its weight behind the call for a referendum on the EU Convention outcome. Steven Den Beste USS Clueless today also gives an outsider's view of Britain's wierd constituitional arrangements and the momentous decisions the country now faces. The link provided to the John Major cover article in this week's The Spectator adds weight to the unanswerable case for the people to be involved in any decision. Major was interviewed on the same subject on Radio Four and for once sounded absolutely firm on a point of principal involving the EU, even sounding close to convincing when trying to justify his own avoidance of a referendum on the Maastricht Treaty. While in the small Charante village of Aubeterre last week, I sat beneath a staute and plaque to the French founder of the League of Human Rights and discussed this fallacy with its attendant impossible contradictions that the system of English Common Law Rights so cleverly avoids. Can the attendant disadvantages highlighted in today's USS Clueless Blog now mean that the British should join the rest of the world in the pretence that some can legislate the impossible and enforce the unachievable? Maybe so, but let it be a British Constitution with the powers vested solely in the Westminster Parliament, while devolved as only that body may deem fit!

posted by Martin at 5/26/2003 09:18:00 AM

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Monday, May 25, 2009

Two Cabinet Referendum Renegers dare to mention "Referendum"

Talk about sticking up two fingers to the British public at this time of unprecedented outrage against the political classes in general, blinkered buffoons Alan Johnson and Edward Miliband, both complete nonentities, reveal to all that they have no concept of the scale of the outrage their government has perpetrated with their treasonous betrayal over the denial of the promised Lisbon Treaty referendum, they actually both suggested other referendums from this same contemptible government, read the Reuters report from here. Zombies as brain dead as these should perhaps be put out of their misery as in the final scene of that classic movie "One Flew over the Cuckoos Nest" see here:- How do they expect the British people to react to any suggestion of a referendum from any member of the foul and grotesque Labour Party and their allies the lick-spittle Liberal Democrats led by El Clegg!


Talking tosh and its backlash!

The latest revelations of the complete corruption of the British Government are in the Daily Telegraph this morning, all commented upon and linked from my posting below. Six years ago I posted on Ironies a link to the Daily Telegraph editorial for 25th May 2003 on the subject of denying the British people a referendum on the EU Constitution, which may be read in full from here. I was particularly struck by the following paragraphs to which I have added my own highlights:

Yesterday, Valéry Giscard d'Estaing, the chairman of the convention, also called for a referendum. He, of all people, understands the magnitude of what is being proposed, having often compared his work to that of the Philadelphia Convention of 1787. New states need a clear mandate from their future citizens. Yet, on television yesterday, Neil Kinnock made the assertion, apparently seriously, that the question of whether to have a mayor in Hartlepool was more constitutionally significant than Britain's incorporation into a European federation.

Why is Labour holding out so determinedly? After all, its intransigence is beginning to damage it on issues other than Europe. A politician cannot carry on talking evident tosh - even if only on one subject - without losing credibility. The likeliest answer is the obvious one: it fears losing. But honest Europhiles should sit down and ask themselves whether it is in anyone's interest for so momentous a step to be taken without wholehearted assent. The tactic of ignoring or, when necessary, deceiving the electorate has served well enough so far; but it cannot be kept up indefinitely without provoking a backlash.

The results of the ongoing and deliberately ever-deeper deceptions of these Cabinet low-lives have resulted in their own almost complete moral degradation as evidenced by the same newspaper's revelations this morning as may now be read immediately below!


Alistair Darling's disgraceful claim for personal tax advice.

The complete dregs of humanity from which the British Government's Cabinet of Ministers and Secretaries of State is comprised is horrendously thrown under the spotlight in the Daily Telegraph this morning, linked here, it begins:

Alistair Darling, along with others including Hazel Blears, Geoff Hoon and Jacqui Smith, have all claimed for the costs of accountancy advice using expenses intended to fund their parliamentary and constituency offices.

A tax expert described the claims as “scandalous”, especially as the expenses are tax-free.

Under HM Revenue and Customs rules, most people are not allowed to claim the cost of employing an accountant to fill in a self-assessment tax form as a legitimate business expense.

Hilary Benn who up to this date had been one of the few senior Labour Party figures to escape the expenses scandal is also shown as culpable today. Another quote: In total, the taxpayer has spent more than £11,000 on accountants for Cabinet ministers. A bill submitted by Mr Darling in February, 2008, included the cost of receiving tax advice for “the treatment of rental expenses against income”. During 2007, Mr Darling rented out his London flat after becoming Chancellor and moving into a grace-and-favour apartment. In total, the Chancellor claimed more than £1,400 for accountancy bills in two years. Among other items of particular note to me from the mass of outrageous claims revealed this morning are these: Ed Balls tried to claim for two Remembrance Day poppy wreaths, but was refused:

Three members of the Cabinet claimed for a media trainer to advise them. Harriet Harman, the deputy leader of the Labour Party, charged more than £10,000 to the taxpayer for Scarlett MccGwire to offer advice.

Eight ministers, including Yvette Cooper, the Chief Secretary to the Treasury, and Miss Blears, bought digital cameras or camcorders using their office expenses.

Several ministers were warned by the Commons authorities for attempting to use parliamentary expenses to fund overtly political campaigning.

Jacqui Smith, the Home Secretary, bought a £240 Apple iPhone for her husband on expenses. He works as her assistant.

At 04:13 am this morning (yes I am up that early covering this horror story!) BBC News TV Channel had a spokesman on trying to spin this story on behalf of their paymasters that these accountancy bills covered their MP office expenses and were thus legitimate. Utter rubbish of course, a quick read of the Telegraph report shows that one of Darling's claims was as follows:

A bill submitted by Mr Darling in February, 2008, included the cost of receiving tax advice for “the treatment of rental expenses against income”.

Another burning question, now of ever greater significance, if the nation is to emerge from this mess is the following:

For how much longer must BBC License fee-payers have to watch their money being wasted on the broadcast of lies and outright propaganda in favour of a totalitarian state?


Sunday, May 24, 2009

Britain's Constitutional Crisis.

Six years ago as the first details of the EU draft constitution began to appear it was even more obvious to me than ever that a huge democracy destroying tsunami was about to engulf Britain. From the summer of 2003 I started posting these concerns on my blog Ironies. I have been planning to repeat some of those postings on this blog as the daily six year anniversaries come around. In preparing which might still be pertinent and which irrelevant, which links still work and which do not etc., it has struck me how deep the conspiracy against the British people has gone and how this is the factor for which we should today hold 'our' MPs most culpable. Any reader may find all the original postings in the archives of the Ironies blog, but ahead of the first look-back entry I am going to quote in full this insightful observation, so apt in today's crisis, that appeared on an American blog USS Clueless, which sums up our continuing democratic crisis very precisely. I linked to this on 26 May 2003 and I will be repeating that whole post here on that anniversary but not this link. I have placed in bold what seems to me particularly significant: For an American like me, who is used to having an explicit Constitution which clearly spells out the powers of government and the limitations on it and the procedures it must use in various kinds of activities, the British system has always seemed deeply worrying. Many of our rights are explicitly spelled out either in the Constitution or in critical Amendments which were ratified later, most particularly our right of free speech, free press and free assembly.

But the British have no such charter. The people of the UK have nearly as much liberty as we do, but it's always seemed more perilous. They have free speech, free press, free assembly, but they could lose it if Parliament passed certain laws. And indeed, there have been times when the press in the UK were subject to significant limits which would not be Constitutionally possible in the US.

The UK has now reached the point where it needs to make two critical decisions: whether to ditch Sterling and use the Euro for money, and whether to join the proposed United States of Europe and place itself under the new European Constitution.

If the US were considering such things, it's extremely clear what would be needed: constitutional amendments. If there were, for instance, a proposal to form some sort of Pan-American Union (with government in Brasilia) and the United States were considering whether to give up its sovereignty and to become part of a larger hemispheric meta-nation, then Congress and the President could not carry out such a thing merely by passing laws. They'd have to pass an amendment and propose it to the state legislatures, and three quarters of them would have to ratify it.

And that is as it should be. For a decision that big, that important, that critical, it should not be left to a small number of leaders to decide. We cannot permit 536 people to end the history of our nation. The real debate about it would take place in the individual states, where the state legislators are far closer to and more attuned to the opinions of individual voters. In a decision this momentous, the decision ultimately must be made by the voters themselves. There would not be any kind of national referendum about it as such; there's no constitutional provision for such a thing. But as a practical matter, the legislatures would express the will of the people of their states. That's always been the case in the amendment process.

And as a practical matter, there's not a snowball's chance in hell of such an amendment actually being ratified.

There's been continuity of government in the UK for a long time. How far back, exactly, it goes depends a lot on what you mean by "continuity". For example, some might claim it goes back to the Norman Conquest. Some might place it at the Magna Carta. Others who were less generous would point out that it would have to begin after the end of Cromwell's period. Indeed, it's arguable that the current form of government really only begins with Queen Victoria, because that's when the monarchs of the UK ceased to actually wield significant temporal power.

Likewise, who exactly would have been considered "British" varies at different times. The Welsh were pretty much conquered and integrated by the 15th century. The Scots, on the other hand, took a lot longer, and indeed maintain a degree of separation even today. For a long time the Irish were part of it, but never accepted that and ended up becoming independent again. Still, there was a feeling amongst the islanders that even with their mutual differences, they were apart from those grubby people on the Continent.

Now they're considering giving it all up, and Tony Blair wants to do the deed of ending hundreds of years of British independence and sovereignty with a procedure approximately the same as he would use to pass a traffic law: via an act of Parliament.

It's not going too far to say that this is the most mementous decision to face the English (and the rest of the British) since the Civil War, when Parliament made the deliberate decision to oppose their own monarch. In a sense, it's even greater than that one. The British are seriously considering giving up their independence and yielding the bulk of governmental power and control to a foreign capitol which will be dominated by people from other nations, who will have the constitutional power to impose laws and policies and regulations on the British even if the people of the former UK strongly disagree with them.

Former Prime Minister John Major writes in The Spectator that a decision this big cannot be made solely by Parliament, or even worse, by the Cabinet. I think that from a moral perspective he's right: this must be a decision which the people of the UK directly participate in. But under the British non-system, where the power of the government is whatever Parliament says it is, it is actually possible for Blair to terminate British independence and submit to foreign rule without any kind of extraordinary action.

In fact, if the decision were submitted to a plebiscite, right now the best guess is that it would be defeated. And indeed that seems to be Blair's primary reason for not wanting to submit it to such a referendum: the voters would get the wrong answer.

Which brings up another deep difference between them and us: we think of our elected representatives as leading us. They think of theirs as ruling them. Our representatives are expected to implement programs and policies which the majority of us would support; they think of their representatives as making decisions without really paying much attention to what the voters would want. Blair thinks that integration with Europe is important, and doesn't intend to let the fact that the majority of British voters disagree stand in his way.

This is not good, and on one level the difficulty that the British are facing in this situation is that they actually have no formal constitutional basis for making the meta-decision about just kind of political process would have to be used for a decision this big. In the US it would require an amendment, using the procedure for ratifying an amendment which we already know and understand; that aspect of it wouldn't even be controversial.

But in the UK now they're not only debating the question of whether they should ratify and become subject to the proposed European Constitution, but also debating the question of how they're even going to formally make that decision. And that's scary: it's actually a distinct possibility that a few hundred elected leaders might give away the nation, and voluntarily submit it to foreign rule.

Remember, this was linked from my blog six whole years ago and yet our foul and corrupt MPs just carried on fiddling their expenses and acting as if nothing was happening. Give away a nation, the author says in his last paragraph, written six years ago, that is what they have tried and almost now succeeded - scarier still - we have let them and allowed them to rob us and get rich in the process! Remember, many of us knew, blogged daily of the danger, tried to start new parties to tell the truth and were sabotaged by, among others, the BBC, acting as an agent of the filthy, treacherous, governing classes on the promise of a huge licence fee increase. Everything in Britain, including you, has been sold out by these people, do not believe for one moment it begins and ends with a few expense fiddles!


Ann Widdecombe will ONLY stand as Interim Speaker

The Tory MP who once upset the Cameroons by demanding at a Tory Conference that the party's MPs come clean on their drug taking past has just appeared on Sky News to declare that she would stand only as an interim Speaker and on that basis she has this blog's support at the present time. As an Interim Speaker is all that the public could accept from this debased Parliament, Ann Widdecombe, seems to be an ideal choice to replace Michael Martin between 22nd June and the now urgently required General Election. Read more here.


Government Minister's tax avoidance fully detailed.

The Sunday Times has done a brilliant and detailed job on uncovering the tax arrangements of the Culture Minister, Andy Burnham, who was so recently booed on mentioning the Prime Ministers name. The article is linked here. Read it in full to get a gruesome picture of the inner workings of the mind of this creature. If you lack the time or the stomach the following is the essential end result: By claiming the windfall as a parliamentary expense, Burnham escaped capital gains tax at 40%, which would have cost him between £2,592 and £6,665, depending on whether he had used up his allowances for the year. His spokeswoman confirmed: “Because Andy used it as additional cost allowance he didn’t [pay capital gains tax].”


Saturday, May 23, 2009

Are the MP Maggots planning a National Government?

The developing crisis is heading into uncharted waters. This blog has previously warned that Brown is capable of extending the term of his government and often appears to be deliberately aiming to achieve that end by stoking the economic crisis, with no other rational explanation for his money printing and reckless debt expansion presently available. The totally confused response of the Conservative opposition over all this and now the MacKay MP couple's housing fiddles (read the trailer for tomorrow's News of the World story, here,) could be the sign of a shift in the minds of the sitting politicians, from blind defence to blind self-righteous indignation with the electorate then becoming the enemy! Such a mindset could drive them all to a joint objective to defer any moment of reckoning by joining in coalition, ostensibly to introduce considered reform, but in reality to hang together, rather than hanging apart!

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Cameron's unpaid ADC won't stand in next election

Andrew MacKay MP is to stand down from Parliament after at first trying to wish away loud protests at a constituency meeting which was secretly filmed. In yet further evidence of the complete disarray over which MP should stand down and which guilty of similar fiddling can stay, Mrs Maggot Mackay, his wife, who similarly claimed a second home allowance, thus leaving the political couple with no official first home, presently looks set to stay in the House of Commons! Thank God the Tories are not yet running the country, they certainly quickly need to find some brainpower and logical methodology in the way they handle all these individual cases, its getting as bad as the Labour Party confusion over the similar cases of Maggot Blears, Maggot Hoon and Maggot Purnell. Which Chancellor of the Exchequer legislated that MPs would be handled on a different basis than the rest of the nation regarding Capital Gains Tax rules on second homes by the way?


Daily Telegraph calls for General Election

There is no reason for this parliament to go beyond the summer recess. So says the Daily Telegraph which has been revealing the disgusting and disgraceful situation that has prevailed in our Parliament, read the entire viewpoint from here. The article concludes:

One overwhelming message has come from this correspondence: the people want to be heard. They want a general election. On this week's BBC Question Time, which was brought forward by an hour and a half and expanded to accommodate the scale of this story, Ben Bradshaw, a minister, said the issue of allowances would be sorted out by the mechanisms put in place by Parliament in recent days: in other words, by the very people who have abused the existing system. Mr Bradshaw betrayed precisely the right amount of nonchalance guaranteed to rile an already angry group of people – one member of the audience attacked his "arrogant" answer, demanding that MPs stand before their electors in order that they be held to account. And that is precisely the point. MPs are supposed to be at Westminster as our representatives, and to constrain the executive. They should not be careerist politicians engaged in make-work activity.

Now into its fifth year, this parliament is failing to fulfil that primary function and has clearly run its course. The Government itself has lost authority and will be in an even weaker position after the European and local elections on June 4, in which Labour faces a defeat on a scale rarely inflicted upon a party in office.

Gordon Brown has dismissed calls for a general election because it would "cause chaos" in the midst of a severe economic crisis, though this did not stop America or India going to the polls. The truth is that chaos will only ensue if popular anger is not appeased. Time must be given for parties to select new candidates, where necessary, and for outstanding legislation to be enacted. But there is no reason for this parliament to go beyond the summer recess. A general election within a few months is now a necessity, not for party-political reasons but for the sake of good governance and to reassert the essential nature of our representative democracy: that MPs are our servants, and not the other way around.

Question Time Link.


Britain's Constitutional Crisis WILL Spillover to the EU

What started as a simple matter of outrageous expense account fiddling is now growing to something far bigger, signs of which are beginning to appear. Historians will most probably note that this is the beginning of the end of the corrupt EU. The crux of the matter is really quite simple and increasingly widely known. It applies everywhere within the 27 EU member states, is simply explained and unavoidable. Members of the national parliaments of the EU member states, mostly without referendums on the most recent federalist changes, have handed about three-quarters of their legislative and oversight responsibilities to an outside third party - namely the EU. IN SPITE OF THIS WELL KNOWN FACT THEY HAVE CONTINUED TO RECEIVE THEIR PAY, PERKS AND PENSIONS AS IF THEY RETAINED FULL TIME EMPLOYMENT. In boom economic periods this has gone unremarked. In a severe economic recession it is quite frankly unacceptable. With two weeks to go before the polling weekend for the clearly neutered, wasteful and largely detested European Parliament, voter's disgust will now most likely spread across the Continent like a plague. As this blog earlier advised these elections should have been canceled as in this economic bust the cash strapped workers of Europe should not be committed to financing another five years of abuse by the MEP leeches. Therefore while this started as a protest against a rotten expense system in the UK Parliament, the real affect will be to highlight how even reasonable and normal pay and pension conditions cannot be afforded for those only performing one quarter of their duties.

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Friday, May 22, 2009

When will Blears pay back the Gain as well as the tax????

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Make Government Poverty History

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Vote out the Labour/Conservative/LibDem MEPs

Latest graphic from the Anglo Saxon Chronicles, here.


The corrupt conspiracy of the EU reaps its rewards amongst Britain's electors

Two stark facts from an opinion poll published in The Mail this morning: Seven out of ten people are so angered by Brussels rules that they want the Government to start breaking them.

And a huge majority - 60 per cent to 30 per cent - believe Britain should refuse to pay any fines imposed for their disobedience.

Read the full survey from this link. Ripe for revolt is the title for the article chosen by the newspaper, but no such revolt is necessary. There are anti-EU parties standing in the European Elections on 4th June which cover a huge range of diverse secondary views - get out and vote for them and then watch on as the treacherous MP Maggots in Westminster clamber to climb on board the anti-EU bandwagon which looks finally likely to become unstoppable!

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EU Federalists now argue Britain cannot de-ratify Lisbon.

An extraordinary letter in the EU controlled Guardian this morning, linked here, which contains this gem: Britain has already ratified the treaty: it's not a law and can't simply be repealed or reversed, so a referendum would probably have no legal effect, although its political impact could be devastating. The letter is signed by a Mr Brian Barder from London. Mr Barder has a strange view of the world if he believes that our proven rotten legislature can break a clear promise by ratifying a Treaty upon which a referendum had been promised, and then refuse to reverse their own non-mandated actions when such a referendum is finally undertaken! The servile status of Britain desired by Mr Barder is betrayed when he later goes on to write: This act of wanton sabotage would wreck Britain's standing in Europe. Few of our partners would accept a UK veto. Yet the French and Dutch results were given token recognition and the Irish referendum result is being recognised with the preparation of legal loopholes for the Irish ahead of the Second Irish Referendum. If the result of the ruling in the German Constitutional Court comes down against the Lisbon Treaty, will few of their partners accept that veto? Of course not, the EU considers Britain a conquered offshore group of islands with which they can now do as they please, thanks of course to our corrupt politicians, who according to the blog of Nadine Dorries MP, now cower in Westminster contemplating suicide, read here, but NOT over guilt over what they have done to their country, but solely over their discovered shopping and claiming activities as may be read in her posting.

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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Former editor of 'The Sun' backs English Democrats

I have not been able to find a link to this article, but have been reliably informed that the following sensible advice was in today's 'The Sun'. Watching Question Time on the BBC as I am at present, it seems the BNP will be neutered as a protest vote by the combined forces of the totally corrupted broad political consensus aboard the gravy trains. UKIP were the right choice in the last European Elections, it could be that only the English Democrats could this time deliver the final knockout blow which can withstand the 'racist' label which will, as usual, form the self-serving establishment's counter-attack. The article on page 11 of today's The Sun, I am informed was as follows: ++++++++++++++++++++++++

Page 11 of "THE SUN" - News Paper Thursday 21 May 2009 Kelvin MacKenzie SUPPORT THE BLOODY-NOSE PARTY The ‘experts” believe there will be a low turnout for the county council and European elections on June 4. They are so wrong – it will be much bigger then usual because you and me are going to cross miles of broken glass to give the old-style corrupt politicians a massive bloody nose. Under no circumstances must you put your cross down for you traditional home. You and do that in a year’s time at the General Election but now is the time to get even. For the moats, for the second homes, for the trouser presses, for all the “errors”. For all the sleights of hand and deception at your expense, I want you to vote for the minority parties. I’m sure that, give the chance, the UKIP, Green and English Democrat candidates would have had their hand in the till just like everybody else. But they weren’t given the chance so they’re clean. I’m a huge fan of Tebbit, who once sent me a note finishing with the line “Toss another socialist on the fir” When he suggest looking elsewhere to place your vote we should take note. He has given his life and that of his wife to the Tories. He needs no lecture from Cameron on doing the right thing. I quite like the English Democrats, who want a parliament for England and have teamed up with Plaid Cymru and the SNP. What I really look forward to is the despondent faces of the Labour, Tory and Lib Dem hierarchy when they see their little crooked monopoly has been blown apart. This lot are finished. You are the masters now. You all know what to do. +++++++++++++++++++ Read the Camilla Cavendish column from The Times for tomorrow, linked here, which picks up the constant theme of this blog, that it is the betrayal of the promise on a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty which leaves the entire British establishment swimming in the pool of the raw sewage outfall - with none of the public, rightly in my view, prepared to offer them a hand or the means to get out!


England's Eastern Region Euro Elections

I posted the following comment to an article about the BNP in an East Anglian local paper, by Graham Dines, linked here, which may be of interest (as it has yet to be posted on the web site and contained a major omission.): I think that if you wish to be fair you should also mention the equally European realistic parties Jury Team and the English Democrats. Many in the Eastern Region must wish to put Tom Wise behind them (not to mention the ineffectual Martin Bell). Opposition to Turkey's membership is the main platform of Libertas candidates in France. The diversity of choice between so-called euro-sceptic candidates is perhaps their biggest [drawback], the self-imposed disgrace of the three main parties makes a protest vote particularly valid on 4th June, your readers must choose carefully between the multiple candidates, this could become a major turning point in which the power of the regional press could be crucial.


Interesting posting and comment on English Democrats

Read it from here and make your own choice.


Hoon - huge capital gains - million pound mansions

............................................ but too mean to run the tumble dryer- says it all really (image from the Daily Mail, here).


Britain's credit downgrading.

Standard and Poor's today put the UK politicians, still mainly obsessed with their own personal corruption which has been obvious to the informed observer for years, on notice that the downward spiral towards national desolation cannot be defied by wishful thinking alone. Over on Conservative Home they are holding a debate on why their party has not tabled any tax raising/spending cuts proposals as if it were led by either thoughtful or moral men, read here. Someone needs to spell out the obvious fact that we will soon be in a worse position than in 1945, how did we get out of that? A schoolboy could write on an envelope the kind of drastic cuts and taxation rises that will inevitably prove necessary. Painful? You betcha! Appearing in any election manifesto coming soon! No way! Some thoughts : EU - withdrawal can provide massive savings. Health service - basic Beveridge treatment with privately paid top ups. Schools - 20% out at age 12 into craft apprenticeships/ young leaders in the forces, thereafter 20 % each year into increasingly specialised training schemes. Free University - education for the top 20% of school leavers only, drawn entirely from the state secondary sector who will be the sole candidates eligible for government paid employment. Sweeping parliamentary reform and disbandment of devolved and regional assemblies. Drugs - legalised and state supplied to registered addicts only who will not be eligible for welfare benefits or government employment. Five year proof of drug free lifestyle before removal from the register. Generous tax breaks for genuine new business start-ups with export earnings. WOULD THAT OR SOMETHING SIMILAR SAVE THE NATION? I believe not. Heads on pikestaffs, or the modern equivalent, will, I fear, eventually prove to be the only certain first tentative step towards renewal.


Brown pushed to reforms but has no mandate!

The Guardian reports that Cabinet Ministers, led by the thrice disgraced Mandelson are pushing for sweeping constitutional reforms, read from here. This Government led by its appointed UNELECTED leader, consisting of a Cabinet of many downright crooks and total group of no marks, supported by backbenchers who are daily evidenced to be low life and cheating scum, has no mandate for any change whatsoever! The electorate must now be given the chance to demonstrate with their votes who they wish to govern and why they will not accept the Lisbon Treaty without their promised referendum.

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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

BBC blacks out the English Democrats

Showing a familiar pattern of subverting England' s democracy the English Democrats Party has forwarded a complaint to the BBC which you may choose to join by sending a similar message to the following: TEMPLATE FOR YOUR COMPLAINT

++++++++++++++++++ Dear BBC Yesterday was the English Democrats Press Launch – we had the agreed amount of 20-30 Seconds coverage to use, secured by our 9 Deposits of £45,000. You FAILED to cover the speech of Robin Tilbrook – National Party Chairman - which lasted for 20-30 Seconds. Instead you did a voice over, telling the viewer that the English Democrats achieved 0.8% of the vote in England in 2004 You Failed to tell the view that actually the English Democrats only stood in 5 EU Regions in 2004 and actually achieve 1.4% where they stood, and achieved 130,000 votes, which given the TOTAL lack of coverage of the English Democrats by the BBC in 2004, was a surprising result (BNP and UKIP got half this the first time they stood) YOU also failed to mention that in 2004 the BBC Failed to give the English Democrats ANY TV or Radio Coverage due to a mistake by the BBC. Additionally, despite the fact that it had been pre-agreed that YOU the BBC only wanted a 20-30 Second Video of Robin Tilbrook, you decided to use Footage to imply that the Hall was poorly attended, when in fact a handful of helpers had attended simply to put up the Exhibition Stand. If you wanted to see a Hall full of English Democrats then you should have responded to your invite to attend the English Democrats Spring Conference in Portsmouth in April 2009. Please explain why the BBC, has deliberately portrayed the English Democrats in such a poor light, and what YOU intend to rectify your mistake (YOU pulled the same stunt in 2005, and in 2008 misinformed the public that the English Democrats Mayoral Candidate had withdrawn when in fact it was not possible for him to withdraw unless he was dead - this was not the case) Please explain why you are deliberately trying to sabotage the English Democrats Campaign, and what you will do to rectify this sabotage. ++++++++++


No English Parliament can bind its successors!! END OF!

I watched in stupefaction yesterday as Gordon Brown held a press conference and announced that in future England's Members of Parliament would be subject to statutory controls. England's Parliament, represented by the Mace, is under the sovereign control of the people of England through the members elected by the people for one single term during which they can legislate as the majority wishes. The same must therefore apply for subsequent Parliaments. The Party System has tended to undermine this system. A freedom of information request on taxpayer's contributions is now required, one TV report indicated yesterday that such payments presently exceeded two million pounds per year. Three Scots and a Spaniard meeting in secret conspiratorial conclave in the Palace of Westminster have no power nor authority to make the changes that Gordon Brown indicated in his press conference had been jointly agreed by the three party leaders and the disgraced Speaker yesterday afternoon. The people of England, whose monarch may give equal weight to the Throne of Scotland as she does to the Throne of England, have never accepted that their Parliament is subsidiary to that of Scotland. The sovereignty of the English people devolved between Parliament and the Monarch is for one single parliamentary term. The people of England have rightly judged that the present Parliament has lost whatever moral authority it may once have had and it therefore lacks the ability to elect or appoint a new Speaker. The present Speaker has surrendered his powers and cannot continue to 21st June, Parliament must therefore be dissolved immediately and an election be held at the earliest possible moment! The Times, at least, has reported on the dangerous nature of the changes now proposed here.


Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Sky reporting Master Maggot Martin will GO this PM

That leaves many more maggots remaining, certainly the number needing to go must be in the hundreds.


Cameron - neutered by his own inanity!

As I blogged earlier this morning David Cameron, supposed Leader of Britain's opposition, seems incapable of action. Further proof was offered at 08:10 on the Radio 4 Today programme, where once again, as in his press launch of the party's EU elections manifesto, he seemed to believe that thinking about something, albeit deeply, is a substitute for formulating a position - let alone then taking action. Listen yourself from here. The country is sliding ever more rapidly towards economic disaster, the banking crisis has not been solved but deferred by Quantitative Easing, the printing of money, which will temporarily make some city players feel better off, is a gigantic confidence trick on the hard workers of the nation. The country has a clearly demented man at its head and a leader of the opposition incapable of seeing the enormity of the actions of the Speaker and the gross dishonesty of many of his own Shadow Cabinet colleagues , personally given the size of his own family's wealth, I am not at all comfortable with his own expense claims. The fact that he is incapable of any action while still claiming them makes the situation even more unacceptable! He is now waffling live on Radio 5 - stupefying!!!!


Could Cameron be forced out?

The stance by the Leader of the Opposition in the growing constitutional crisis seems increasingly preposterous. To anybody other in the land than David Cameron himself, proposing a petition for a General Election might seem their only recourse, but following a sickeningly weak presentation of the party's policies on the increasingly tyrannical EU, suggesting YET ANOTHER petition, the Leader of the supposed parliamentary opposition was beyond parody of incompetence. This all occurring on the same afternoon as when Parliament was almost in open revolt against the Speaker and from which the Leader of the Opposition appeared absent heightened the unavoidable conclusion that Cameron has not the least idea about the importance and power of his position. The Speaker must go together with scores of Members of Parliament from all parties, but can the country really afford this Leader of the Opposition who now almost single handedly keeps the Brown Government in office with his very own lamentable personal insufficiencies! A plastic imitation Blair was never likely to be what the country needed, even in economic good times, how much less so today? Happily Cameron did spell out how getting rid of unwanted Conservative MP might be done, as quoted in The Times this morning, linked here, as follows: - David Cameron told local parties they should deselect Tory MPs they regarded as unsuitable. “If you think your MP is not right to stand, there’s a simple process for triggering his or her reselection. It only needs 10 per cent of the members or 50 people, whichever is the smaller number,” he said. Possibly his Oxfordshire constituents may wish to wait until early June following their party's hoped for deserved massacre in the European Elections. Later yesterday the English Democrats had their first Party Political Broadcast aired which is posted below. Bearing in mind Cameron's promise not to interfere with the Barnett Formula as a true bred Scot, a protest vote for the English Democrats might be most fitting for disgruntled Tories, presumably there will be many such in neighbouring Berkshire this week, particularly Wokingham!

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Monday, May 18, 2009

English Democrats Party Political Broadcast

I have just watched the broadcast of the first ever English Democrats PPB on BBC 2. It will be repeated on ITV at 6:25 pm and BBC 1 at 6:55pm just before the news. Worth thinking about!


David Cameron calls for immediate General Election

Launching his Party's campaign and meaningless proposals for the EU elections, the Leader of Britain's main opposition party pointlessly again calls for a General Election, he avoids the only means of indicating his seriousness by tabling a motion of no confidence in the Government in the disgraced Parliament. Read Benedict Brogan's blog in the Daily Telegraph from here. What a thoroughly pathetic leader Cameron is increasingly (amazingly enough) proving to be. No motion of no confidence but yet another useless petition - a complete insult to an abused and robbed electorate!


Brown's close allies - Triple Flippers Balls and Cooper

The report which contains the following is in the Daily Mail today, linked here.

Married cabinet ministers Ed Balls and Yvette Cooper made a claim for almost four times the amount of mortgage interest to which they were entitled.

The couple, who are among Prime Minister Gordon Brown's closest allies, submitted the claim for £2,600 for two months in 2007.

But the House of Commons Fees Office pointed out that they were allowed to claim for only £733 and docked their claim accordingly.

The officials also discovered that they had submitted the same claim, for the month of July 2006, twice.

The cabinet ministers, who are each paid £141,866 a year, yesterday insisted they had made an 'inadvertent error'.

The husband-and-wife team also 'flipped' the designation of their second home to three different properties within the space of two years.

The couple also regularly put in claims of £600 a month for food.


Speaker Martin and Vicious Police Brutality

The Master Maggot Michael Martin instead of upholding the independence of the House of Commons has presided over an expenses system which allowed wholesale corruption of Members of Parliament, particularly those lobby fodder on the Government benches, allowing fascist tendencies to flourish within the executive under the lying regimes of Tony Blair and Gordon Brown. This has led to the emergence of a police state with its Big Brother implications everywhere to be seen and experienced. In turn the police have been encouraged to adopt brutalising procedures against the people they are supposed to serve, watch the latest video from Sky News from here. Speaker Martin should be removed as a first step in the recovery of Britain's Parliament, its democracy and the nation's independence.

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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Christopher Booker nails it - MPs are worthless!

I quote from the column in the Sunday Telegraph today:

It would be easy to point to scores of examples of how MPs no longer justify the money we pay them, because they have so lost touch with the basic realities of the job we elect them to do. During the 19 years I have been writing this column, I have in effect been reporting on an extraordinary revolution in the nature of our governance. As became apparent in the early Nineties, Parliament has become ever more excluded from its traditional role of making our laws and shaping the way we are governed.

By far the greater part of our legislation no longer has anything to do with Parliament. Much of it is decided in Brussels, most of it is imposed on us by way of statutory instruments, diktats drafted by anonymous officials and signed off by ministers who are no more than puppets. Our MPs, having progressively given away their powers, have become increasingly irrelevant, except to play walk-on parts in the soap opera to which our politics has been reduced.

Infantilised by their lack of a proper grown-up job to do, it is hardly surprising that, with honourable exceptions, the army of ciphers making up our political class speak almost entirely in clichés, bristle with moralistic self-righteousness, have little idea of how we are actually governed and resort to fiddling their expenses. (I was, incidentally, interested to see Mr Elliot Morley fingered for claiming his non-existent mortgage, since more than once he has gone out of his way to speak abusively about this column in Parliament.) Having given away their powers and lost their self-respect, they have now lost ours. This is the real message of the squalid spectacle to which we have all been treated in recent days.


UKIP again tied with Labour in the Polls

The Mail on Sunday carries the details, linked here. Incredibly the treacherous Tories are only down six points at 30 per cent, so much work still remains to be done by the minor parties. To think that 30 per cent of electors will vote for a Conservative candidate, selected by the methods used within that party, after the revelations of last week seems quite extraordinary. Remember there are plenty of other alternatives on 4th June as well as the first obvious choice the UKIP, check out the websites and ditch those who have destroyed our Westminster Parliament.


Saturday, May 16, 2009

Triple Flippers Balls and Cooper H/T Guido

Link to Guido Fawkes, here.


MPs must now confront their individual treachery!

The reasons why our Members of Parliament have willfully abandoned their responsibilities became increasingly abundantly clear as last week progressed. MONEY and fear for their financial futures. The consequence has been that the generally agreed figure for the percentage of legislation now coming from the EU and non-amendable by Parliament is 75%. This should be astounding as it is clear that Parliament has sold itself out! In Germany that figure is sometimes quoted as 85% and polls this week show opposition to the Lisbon Treaty in that country now running in the 70 to 75 percentage range, making a rejection in their Constitutional Court ever more likely. Such a failure for the EU Lisbon Treaty in either Germany, the Czech Republic or in another Irish Referendum defeat MUST not be allowed to halt a full examination of the individual actions of our own Parliamentarians over Lisbon, upon which the public were promised a referendum by all three major parties. Neither should such a self-examination prevent a broader consideration of that 75% EU legislation number, which when combined with the diminution of legislative authority following Scottish and Welsh devolution essentially left ordinary MP with little to do. Conservative MPs cannot be exempt from these self-examinations, for their membership voted in a new leader, with some very strange electoral procedures, on a promise to remove the party's MEP from the extreme federalist EPP-ED group with which they were affiliated and did NOTHING to ensure such a pledge was then immediately fulfilled as promised. Tories have been living the lie on Lisbon too, note the hypocrisy in their present stance! So when this weekend you happen to come across an MP or summon them to answer questions about their disgusting greed please do not overlook the greater crime that in their mindless pursuit of filthy lucre they sold out your Parliament, your democracy and your country purely for personal gain and in direct contradiction of their own individually sworn duties. Spit in their faces because they allowed themselves to become mindless lobby fodder under the control of thugs and crooks- not just for the fact that they are now seen as greedy swine as this blog has been claiming and illustrating year after year!

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Friday, May 15, 2009

Extraordinary exchange between Telegraph and Tory MP

It seems a simple enough question "Where do you live?' .... if you are a Tory MP however, the answer is not so easy, it appears - link here:

Daily Telegraph: Land Registry records show that your former family home in *************was sold in 2007. You have announced publicly that you have separated from your husband. Since then the only address on any of your files is your rented house in Bedford, on which you are claiming ACA. On this basis, we have reason to believe that you only live in one home and are therefore ineligible to claim an allowance for running a second home. While you have our assurance that we will not print your address, please state exactly where you consider your main home to be and in what way you are eligible to claim the second home allowance.

Tory MP: I have no intention of exposing every detail of my private existence, what little I have, on this blog. However, needs must. I RENT a house/office/ surgery in my constituency. This house is used in connection with my duties as an MP. For example – this weekend I have had meetings all day Friday. I am presenting to a patients group in Barton-Le-Clay surgery on changes in the NHS tonight. I am canvassing Saturday and attending a church service on Sunday and then after the church service writing a speech for the Police and Crime Bill to be delivered next week.

On the weekends I have free, and during the recess, I go somewhere else. I am not publishing the address. I gave it to my whip and emailed it to the fees office in 2008. I spend most of the holidays abroad, all of which can be confirmed. My children stay with me when I am in the constituency, where I go my girls go, however, one also lives in London and one is at Uni. This has not always been the case. I now spend my late nights in London. At my own expense.

I keep the dogs at the constituency address as I am often there on my own and it confuses them being moved around. When I am not in the constituency, especially during the long summer break, we have a house sitter, at my expense. Again, this can be confirmed.

During term time I spend the majority of weekends in the constituency as my job tends to be seven days a week, as detailed above. My youngest daughter has attended a school in Bedford since last September. Up until September she attended a school ‘somewhere else’. My eldest daughter had a term time job during the last year in the constituency before commencing work in London in a PR firm.

My doctor, dentist and recent hospital treatment have all recently been undertaken ‘somewhere else’.

MP Expenses - Letter to the Queen

An associate of mine from the early days of the formation of the Veritas Party has suggested the wording for a letter to the Queen as follows:

Her Majesty The Queen,

Buckingham Palace,



Friday 15th May 2009

Your Majesty,

As a loyal subject and patriot, I am seriously concerned about the House of Commons, in relation to the scandal over Members of Parliament and their expenses. This has caused great upset and our democracy is in danger.

I am of the view that the Country needs a Parliament with a new mandate from your people.

May I respectfully request that you speak to the Prime Minister and suggest to him that because of the level of disgust within the Country, over the issue of expenses which involves all political parties, that Parliament should be dissolved and a general election called.

Yours sincerely.


The BBC - Big Brother's Cohorts

The main headline this morning for a truly independent media, as it was for this blog, would be the UKIP surge announced in a YouGov poll. News that voters have propelled this small party to be level with the Governing Labour Party predicting a real poll due to be held in mere days on 4th June, is surely news indeed, yet so cowed by the lead of the monopolistic BBC are Britain's media that the entire press, except The Spectator, have kept silent on this fact. The media has aided the destruction of democracy in Britain and it has been led by the self-serving, compliant and greedy employees of the BBC, fit for the label Big Brother's Cohorts which I have today given them in this blog's heading. I must remind my readers that it was the BBC chairing a meeting of all Britain's broadcasting media that ensured Veritas (a party formed to make the public aware of the deliberate corruption and destruction of Britain's Parliament and democracy) would never be heard on any airwaves in the last General Election campaign, when they informed me that even were the new party to field a candidate in every single constituency in the land - WE WOULD NOT BE GRANTED ONE SINGLE PARTY POLITICAL BROADCAST! BY what right did they assume such power - used solely it would appear for the self-enrichment of their own self-selected elite! Watch the video I posted earlier in the week with one of so many of their useless and totally mind-controlled talking head non-entities, this time on BBC News 24, admitting to earning ninety-two thousand pounds a year. Consider what amounts the New Labour parasite, James Naughtie and his colleagues must have pocketed down the years from the licence fee payers they have even left cowering in their own homes from their grotesque database threats, while broadcasting garbage such as this from Today programme on Radio 4, this morning. Does not their self-righteousness make you feel a similar stirring of rage to that when reading your morning Daily Telegraph? Read my posts from April 2008 when they deliberately wrecked the point of the second choice vote in the London Mayoral elections. Particularly the lame excuse of Sean Moss, linked here. Steve Richards writing in The Independent, here, is correct that we are now at a turning point, but if we are to restore values to our society, our currency, our Parliament and our democracy we must regain our independence and we must not believe that the rot stops at Westminster, the BBC is as complicit as any senior Government Minister, a start can be made in their cleansing as suggested on this blog posting last month, here.


The new Speaker! MP Maggots reported depressed!

A couple of paragraphs from today's Times, here, makes the point pretty well:

MPs caught up in the expenses scandal admitted that they could be dropped by their local parties. Others were said by colleagues to be ready to walk away. Some who have been unaffected declared that the attractions of life as an MP had disappeared.

It was the grimmest time that most could remember, with many still fearful about future disclosures and none able to raise enthusiasm for immediate concerns such as the European and local elections. As the police were asked to investigate for fraud, yesterday’s developments engulfed MPs, peers and the Speaker.

All this is well deserved and has been coming at them for a long time as this blog has almost daily indicated for over six years, so enough said of their abuses and treachery for now.

A new Speaker is urgently required and elsewhere I read reports that Frank Field is being considered. Mr Field seems to be one of the sole members of Parliament who has shown any moral courage or compass over recent years, yet perhaps an overwhelming argument against his candidacy is his present party membership. As it is almost impossible to identify any candidate of similar qualities on the opposition benches, perhaps Mr Field should now resign from the Labour Party to render himself eligible as an Independent!


Latest English Democrat Video

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UKIP get huge poll boost for Euro elections

The Spectator reports the results putting UKIP on 19%, a fantastic level at this opening stage of the campaign, the treacherous Tories at 28 and the sickening Governing party Labour tied with UKIP but clearly crashing downwards while UKIP have surged 12 points upwards in one week. Read it here from The Sun and comment in The Spectator, here.


Thursday, May 14, 2009

And our MPs???????????

Embedded Video

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Maggot Morley MP., Ex-Minister, Privy Councillor,ex-Labour Whip and Villain

The scandal just grows and grows and is now of such proportions that it is becoming clear that there has been an organised conspiracy operating within the Palace of Westminster that can now only be solved by steps designed to recover assets obtained by organised crime, as this blog urged yesterday. Read the latest Daily Telegraph reports from here and elsewhere in that paper. In its editorial the paper calls for the removal of Speaker Martin as a first step to restoring the reputation of Parliament. Far too little and far too late for that, the Leaders who set the tone must bear the blame meaning criminal charges and convictions for some of the leading lights of New Labour. The decisions not to prosecute clear fraudsters must have been made at a very high level!


Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Ninety-two thousand BBC non-entity salary broadcast!


Tri-home Flipper Hazel Blears shows Brown's Contempt

At Prime Minister's Question Time in Parliament today who should be proudly on display but Hazel Blears, demonstration enough of the Brown Government's absolute contempt for the people of this country and its laws (see my post below)- repaying avoided capital gains tax is not enough - her assets should now be seized and the normal actions taken against tax avoiders should begin. Instead this maggot is given a prime spot near this non-prime PM.

Playing politics while Pickpockets walk free!

David Cameron's fake outrage over practices of which he must have been well aware for many years again leaves a robbed public gazing on in disbelief. Since when in the long history of our islands has it been acceptable for criminals, caught with their fingers in other peoples purses, merely to return what they took and then go free? This is exactly what Cameron proposes for the crooks in his own party, clearly proposed with the main intention being to wrong foot the governing Labour Party. Happily that very Government then under the control of PM Tony Blair passed legislation in 2000 to properly handle the situation that has developed since that date with Gordon Brown's deliberate ramping up of property prices duly excluded from the his targeted inflation index. The relevant legislation is loosely known as "Recovering the proceeds of crime" link here, as recently reviewed by the strategy unit of the Cabinet Office linked here, through which you can register your complaint for the "Pursuit and Seizure of Criminal Assets". MP pensions has been the previously preferred route of this blog to obtain recompense from the maggots feeding on the corpse of the democracy they sold out to the EU without the peoples consent. The extent of their own abuses with our money is now so huge that it now needs handling under the criminal law, although in severe cases pension forfeiture should form part of the penalty. A new House of Commons with a majority formed outside the existing three main parties will no doubt be required, given the obvious inability of the three present party leaders to grasp the enormity of these thefts. The Government's use of asset seizure has recently been considered by Christopher Booker in the Sunday Telegraph following its use to browbeat and bankrupt British fisherman. It is apt that this tool now be used against MPs.


Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Unemployment nightmare!

Quarterly figures for the UK show an increase in numbers unemployed of more than 12%, namely 224,000 extra people - but don't worry the BBC at midday today had this report:

Has the recession bottomed out?

If you earn 92,000 pounds per year to read the news on BBC World, perhaps it might feel as if it has (see earlier post).

BBC World Talking Headdess earns Ninety-two thousand pounds a year!

n an argument on air this morning with an ex-Labour MP and supporter of Master Maggot Speaker Martin, a virtually unknown TV presenter admitted taking home a massive ninety-two thousand pounds a year, entirely funded by the distasteful extortion campaigns of the BBC itself, in the disgraceful tax known as the licence fee. Amazingly she then went on to justify this grotesque qaste of licence-fee payers by stating that she paid for all her own phone calls made from the BBC facilities! I will post the video here when and if I can trace it - it was a good interview so she earned her money for today at least.