Saturday, May 31, 2008

UK House prices

Finally a commentator prepared to point to the facts on the main UK media: Thanks to 'The Crown Blog' where facts on the UK house market reflect reality Do not forget it was Gordon Brown who caused this siuation. Next winter he risks having you freezing in the dark as your property value falls.

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Totalitarianism - always the same - TYRANNY

Protest outside Irish embassies across the EU at Noon

Let the Irish see how we are all depending upon them to spare us the tyranny of the Lisbon Treaty!


Will football stop the EU's march to totalitarianism?

As the anti-democratic forces behind the EU have progressed their project to the point of ultimate victory over the nation states they so much abhor, they have been fortunate that the citizens about to be deprived of their liberties and democracy have been cleverly distracted by the trivialization of the media, a lowering of the barriers that defined what is sexually acceptable, a cheapening of the supply and extension of the availability of alcohol and other drugs and a quarantine of remaining nationalism towards sport - mainly in football and the Olympics. How delicious that the ultimate defeat of the mainly Leninist/Marxist/Maoist schemers (read here and here) might be fnally brought up short by FIFA, the international governing body of the national football associations who yesterday decided that in the future club teams will have a minimum of six national players. As a friend remarked, who wants to go to Arsenal to see a French team? The head of Britain's FA who supported this move, was at pains to point out that he had no wish to break the law. If that is the case EU Law will then have to change. If not who will win? Last evening I posted on a report that the scum in Brussels at the head of the corrupt organization, sensing Lisbon might fail, are now consoling themselves that if that were the case they could happily live with the Nice Treaty. The heads of the game of soccer have delivered a notice that such will not be the case. How could the people of Europe, once they become aware of the depths of treachery underlying the Lisbon process, quietly let the project continue with the same people pushing it onwards. Radical change from top to bottom is what will be required. I have always believed something along the lines of the model provided by the multi-lingual Swiss Confederation would be an ideal template. Any involved with the present EU should play no part. It is for a positive step forward such as that, we must hope the Irish people vote when saying NO to the betrayal that is the Lisbon Treaty.

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Friday, May 30, 2008

Ireland's largest union says NO to Lisbon

The report in the Irish Independent is linked here. Open Europe Press Review points out that Quentin Peel writing in the FT, linked here, has discerned cracks in the thrust to say Lisbon is all things wonderful. Are doubts about the Irish referendum and Gordon Brown's increasingly isolated position beginning to make some backtracking the best way to protect the disgusting' project'. Bruno Waterfield in his Telegraph blog also has the video I blogged about this morning from the Devil's Kitchen blog. Good it is spreading fast. A quote from Mr Peel quoting an unnamed EU diplomat: "Quite a lot of people in Brussels might be relieved. There are not a huge number of fans of the (Lisbon) treaty. A lot of the small members hate the permanent (council) president. Others worry about the cost of the EU diplomatic service. And some think we have given away too many powers to the (European) parliament. There may not be as many tears shed as we think." In other words....." Don't panic" .

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Pity the brainwashed children of France! Are yours?

AFP reports today (belatedly) on EU Commission President Barroso's veiled threats to the Irish, read here. The item is written with an eye to the French EU Presidency due for the second half of this year - the six month period immediately before the Lisbon Treaty comes into force if ratified by all 27 doomed nation states. Of all the words and all the posts on all my blogs that I have written down the years, nothing can better illustrate the full horror of the dangers ahead than the video I am linking to below. The song, sung in English, by French children was put on a USA video site by a twelve year old child. In order that you can fully imagine the dreadfulness of that fact, I am not providing a direct feed straight to the video from this blog. Please visit the site where it was first posted, then imagine if you can the nature of the brainwashing inflicted by the EU on this young and innocent child's mind by the evil forces now driving the EU towards the destruction of European democracy. Link to the video by Les Jeunes Europeen France Have you watched it? Can you imagine the sheer malice of the organization that has driven the teachers of these children to abuse their minds with what must have been years of indoctrination? Some bloggers in the UK have linked this video and attached anti-French comment. The French parents and their offspring are surely the victims. Children should always be led to learn all aspects of the world and never indoctrinated in such a manner? If it is happening in France, then it will be happening across the EU. Try to make this video available across Ireland with comment stressing the implications of its production and the ages of both the poster of the video and its propaganda fed participants. We seem to have now arrived at a point with the EU, that even I had never fully imagined possible!

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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Irish catholic groups pray for Lisbon 'NO'

Read it here! In Britain with no referendum, democracy dead and doom around the corner, praying, it seems is all we can do!


Dirty dealings and rule breaking in EU Parliament

Typical goings on among the bottom feeders in the cesspit of Strasbourg, linked here, from Gawain Towler who was there. Read Conservative Home, linked here for the upset to Cameron, from here.

BBC News distortion

On the Radio 4 08:00 a.m. news bulletin, it was today reported that the Nationwide house price index had suffered a monthly fall of 2.5 per cent "the greatest since 1991". I actually listened to the Today programme interview somewhat earlier and what was said was that it had been the largest fall ever recorded since the index had been started, which was in 1991. The two items can be heard again on the BBC's Today Programme 'Listen Again' facility if you do not believe me. Either way if you find such reporting as unacceptable as I do then I would suggest a complaint be made to the BBC even though that always proves to be entirely less than worthwhile.


Gordon Brown and Labour's NEC face bankruptcy

How deliciously apt. The report is in the Guardian, linked here, and titled : "Labour cash crisis could bankrupt party leaders" a quote "A Labour source said that although the total debt was listed as £17.8m on the Electoral Commission website, the true level, with interest, was nearer to £24m." ROFL!

Freezing in the Dark

In a few months time, in the midst of the next bleak mid-winter, British families could well be freezing in the dark, all thanks to the promise breaking and deepest treachery of their Government and its manifesto promise breaking back bench MPs and Peers joined by the equally treacherous Liberal/Democrats. Why? Start by reading this report on the growing crisis over Iran's nuclear weapons programme.

Now study this map of the narrow entrance to the Arabian Gulf at Quoin Island through which must pass nearly the entire oil exports of the Arabian/Persian Gulf. Note how it is dominated by Iran and remember that test firing of torpedoes recently occurred.

Now read these provisions of the new EU Lisbon Treaty due to come into force on 1st January next year, without the promised British referendum.

TEU Article 5:

2. Under the principle of conferral, the Union shall act only within the limits of the competences conferred upon it by the Member States in the Treaties to attain the objectives set out therein.

Competences not conferred upon the Union in the Treaties remain with the Member States.

Article 194

1. In the context of the establishment and functioning of the internal market and with regard for
the need to preserve and improve the environment, Union policy on energy shall aim, in a spirit of solidarity between Member States, to:
(a) ensure the functioning of the energy market;
(b) ensure security of energy supply in the Union;

Now read my post below!

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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Stealing Britain's dwindling Oil and Gas supplies!

According to the lamentable Sky News, Britain is still about 95 per cent self-sufficient in oil and gas. The EU , most likely, is much less than 30 self-sufficient in oil and gas. Figures are hard to obtain, as presently is immediate access to the Lisbon Treaty Energy Clauses which would require "allocation" of supplies in an emergency. (Instead of a British seat at any OECD or IEA oil allocating committee we will after 1/1/09 be represented by the EU). MPs of all parties better think hard on the implications of the latest report on Iran's nuclear programme, issued yesterday, and the likely backlash from hard-pressed British voters who in the event of a supply interruption will soon be asked to cut back some 70 per cent of their usage, rather than just 5 per cent on Sky News figures) had Lisbon not been ratified. The truck drivers protest is as nothing when considered against what might follow then! Tonight, Gordon Brown, after dithering, has agreed, in a Dublin conference, to scrap our stock of cluster bombs (no mention of their cost, so yet more money down the drain), but if we hung on to our own energy supplies, with ongoing defensive capabilities such that cluster bombs provide, who knows, we might even begin to pay off some of the horrendous indebtedness incurred by Gordon Brown! No chance! Oil, Gas, Income, Democracy, Industry, Fish, Agricultural independence and now Cluster Bombs will all be given away - FOR NOTHING!

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Gordon Brown spin feeds Sky News Headline Lies

All morning Sky News has run with a caption indicating that none know the true state of world oil reserves and that Britain's pathetic lying Prime Minister is about to do something about it. The truth of course is quite different. For decades one of the most reliable sources on world oil reserves has been that from BP, in my view it provides the industry standard. One review of last year's publication is linked here. Any economist with any acumen and every geologist would know the difference between reserves and production capacity. Any head of a government of any major or medium country could have those facts in hand in seconds. Yet this lying, incompetent and dangerous man has today gone through a completely farcial meeting in Scotland to announce that some extra marginal production from the North Sea might be possible from next year at the rate of 55,000 barrels per day (Each barrel being 42 US gallons). This is completely insignificant by any industry measure AND as marginal production is entirely dependent upon UK taxation levels. As in all other areas of the destruction of Britain's industry, economy, society and democracy the finger of blame points back to Gordon Brown.

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Let's cut through Treaty deception.

A letter to the Irish Independent this morning is as follows: Tuesday May 27 2008 THE forthcoming 28th Amendment of the Constitution referendum is not only a referendum to ratify a new EU treaty, but it is more importantly a new European constitution which would give primacy to EU laws over our existing Constitutional rights. Moreover it is a constitution that has already been rejected by two member states of the EU -- France and Holland -- in referendums and we are now being asked to foist this undemocratic constitution on the peoples of the EU by stealth and deception. All of the proponents seeking a 'Yes' vote on the Lisbon Treaty are either deliberately or by omission engaged in this deception and are quite willing to sit back and allow unelected officials to dictate policy and laws to which we will all be bound. Our elected leaders admit that they have not even read the treaty and that we would have to be insane to want to do so. Irish Independent journalist Bruce Arnold has recently written a number of articles on the implications for Ireland if this Constitution is ratified by a 'Yes' vote and I urge any concerned citizens to access these articles on the internet at Gerard P Murphy Carrigaline Co Cork (Blog editor's highlighting).

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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Why does Europe seem to hate Britain?

The question of the headline to this posting comes to mind from just two of this day's anniversaries. Sixty-seven years ago today HMS Rodney, named after the victor of the battle of the Saintes of 1742, sunk the German battleship "Bismark". Also today British pilots, alongside many of the wartime allied nations, began the Berlin Airlift to stop the further westward spread of a leftish totalitarianism under Stalin rather than Hitler. Today these nations , joined by our own establishment, conspire to again destroy citizen's accountability, confine our democracy and again attempt to impose pan-European rule without elections or popular consent. Winston Churchill's illustrious ancestor John Churchill, after Blenheim the Duke of Marlborough saved Europe from Absolute Monarchism, but still the battle must be re-fought, again and again. Why? Why? Why?

FT reports mortgage misery.

The Financial Times article, linked here, opens as follows: More than a fifth of UK homebuyers who have a chequered credit history have fallen behind on their mortgage payments and even those with top-quality ratings have seen a statistically significant rise in delinquencies in the first three months of this year.


Can Brown ignore this?

Valery Giscard d’Estaing: Lisbon Treaty is disguised European Constitution Link here Also read "Is Globalisation The Next Mismanaged Risk" from here.

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Treasures from the Threads - Number Sixteen

In reply to a stomach turning article in this morning's Daily Telegraph, linked here, by former New Labour, Minister for Europe, Denis MacShane MP: I'm rather dumbfounded, Denis, that you haven't proposed saving money by suggesting that the British Government withold the hard-earned tax revenue, kindly and generously donated by the British Taxpayer, which is wasted in the regular farce of transferring the EU from its Brussels offices to those of Strasbourg, simply and solely to assuage French vanity. (Unless, of course, you would contrive to suggest there is a genuine and pressing need to do so)...(no, I thought not....) Perhaps that same Government might seek to see that throwing fifty billion pounds at a failing and badly-led Bank might actually be a poorer investment than the relatively paltry three hundred million to the Post Office, which provides a lifeline to tens of thousands of Britons who otherwise are bereft of choice locally. (Three hundred million pounds? How many failed ID Database schemes is that, I wonder? How many publically-funded Legal Aid scams to fund Terrorism and organised Crime...?) Denis, if you want to see Government run better than it is now, then your choice is very simple indeed. With the aid of an experienced surgeon, remove your Cranium from your posterior, look at how the Government you gave support and loyalty to, have failed with such abject aplomb and campaign against it. It's Leader is a cowardly liar, unused to dealing with adversity through ten years of hiding from each and every instance of difficulty. This Government is entirely devoid of direction and integrity, vacant of conciousness and concience, divorced from reality and assimilation with those it laughingly was supposed to protect and assist. You yourself were central to this process. You yourself were an enthusiastic member of the most mendacious, dishonest and unprincipled British Governments in post-war history. A Government which now can only be supported by an ever dwindling and insignificant band of retarded nutters and sycophants. Even Polly Toynbee is beginning to stammer her rehearsed lines. If your singular ray of hope is to attempt to highlight that the Shadow Cabinet contains a number of high earners, then you hold no concept of the contempt the voter holds for your and the distant, corrupted cabal you provided membership to. Britons are not going to vote FOR Cameron. They are going to vote AGAINST Brown and his sinister clique of arrogant children. Your self-imposed delusional state of diffidence over matters such as the failed Constitreaty upon which you have withdrawn a promised Referendum are metaphorical vultures round the neck of a dying Party in precisely the same manner as Black Wednesday around the necks of John Major and his dreary, dreadful Cabinet. Selective memory loss and self-justified failures of competence need to be addressed before you get to the plain and manifest failures of the current weak and luminously incompetent Prime Minister and his desperate panic policies. As with the awful Major\Clarke Government, it's what you DO, and don't do that counts, not what you say and promise. Forget Policy and spending for now. They won't get you out of the hole you have helped to dig. Start with apologising for the things you have done wrong, and correct them. If you can't recognise that now, you have no business wasting your time writing articles in the Press. Instead you need to be compiling your entry for your one entitled paragraph in the next Longest Suicide note in History. Your only supporters on this thread will be the tragic supplicative cretins who regularly suspend reality to worship this woeful Government. When your only supporters are the Q-fool and his idiot amigos, you should be afraid, very afraid... Posted by M.P. G. Lord Howe on May 27, 2008 3:42 AM

Hound the MP maggots - on holiday again!

While the rest of the nation returns to work our maggots in parliament enjoy yet another vacation. Those not basking on a sun drenched beach on some tropical isle might be found in their second home in their constituencies, which today we read they now might want a set allowance of 23,000 pounds per year to avoid the embarassment of submitting detailed expense statements, liable to be held up for ridicule by the long-suffering tax-payers. Worse is that when they return they will take the final step of totally dis-enfranchising those who voted them to power on a false promise. To see how your own MP voted on the referendum question last time click here. Harry them wherever they can be found if they had voted the wrong way and warn them of the consequences for your vote if they do so again! No matter be it first home, second home, constituency surgery or even John Lewis - Let them see your fully justified anger. If they have the gall to argue Parliament's powers are increased as the EU and Irish authorities are attempting to do, bone up on the facts from Wargle: Dodgy bits of the Lisbon treaty: the "expanded" role of national parliaments

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Monday, May 26, 2008

IHT reveals depths of EU's Deceitfulness!

Read this unsurprising but absolutely scandalous report on the real depths and widespread nature of the plot to dupe the Irish voters into voting 'YES' to the Lisbon Treaty. The shame spreads across the entire European Continent across all 27 member states of the EU. UPDATE: As the link to this item has suddenly vanished from the IHT front page. it is worthwhile now recording some of the main points: And with opinion polls showing much of the Irish electorate undecided, the possibility that the Lisbon Treaty may be rejected has sent unfamiliar tremors of fear through the ranks of Europe's top bureaucrats, who rarely have to trouble with voters. That has meant a kind of unacknowledged but collective halt on anything controversial, particularly if it might upset Irish sensibilities............ The view that Brussels has been gripped by a go-slow is shared widely. "We all know this is happening, but we are all denying it - so you won't get me saying anything on the record," one EU diplomat said. But the evidence is all around. In March the European Union's 27 heads of government held one of their least eventful meetings in recent memory. By contrast, their summit meeting next month - which starts June 19, after the Irish vote - has a crowded agenda including climate change, the vexed issue of biofuels, food price rises, planned laws on carbon dioxide emissions from cars and the role of the new European president. Initiatives likely to worry or annoy Irish voters are being played down or delayed............. Not every difficult issue can be avoided, of course. But those that emerge tend to get an Ireland-friendly spin....................

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The old Reich clause

"Euro-judges will decide how and when to enforce the Charter of Fundamental Rights, now made legally-binding. Article 52 allows the "limitation" of all liberties in the "general interest" of the Union. This is the old Reich clause. Such justifications for state coercion have been illegal in Europe for 60 years. Now they return, by the back door." Ambrose Evans-Pritchard in today's Telegraph. The entire article is worth reading and may be reached from this link. This piece accurately lays out the real nature of the deep peril in which the nations and its past freedoms now stand. What a glaring contrast to another item in the same edition of that newspaper by an individual called Andrew Porter, brandishing the title 'political editor' and setting out a poltical agenda for the weeks ahead that cannot even find space for mention of the Lisbon Treaty, read the complete tripe from here if you wish to waste your time. What a contrast with the sombre tone of the EU specialist Mr Evans-Pritchard, who rightly concludes his article as follows:

By the time this EMU denouement plays out, Ireland will have voted. Lisbon will probably be law. The euro-elites will have prevailed. But history will not be kind to the venture.

It is one thing to nudge the European Project forward by stealth - the "Monnet Method" of fait accompli. It is another to impose a treaty that has already been rejected by people in a direct vote, as the French and Dutch did by emphatic margins in 2005.

We are witnessing Europe's Prague Spring - as my colleague Daniel Hannan puts it - the moment the EU loses its legitimacy. Yes, the system endures. The tribes acquiesce. But the idealism is draining away.

Can anyone really claim that the Lisbon Treaty is rooted in the democratic assent of the French, Dutch, British, Danes, Swedes, Finns, Poles, and Czechs?

We have the spectacle of Gordon Brown refusing to sign the treaty in public because of the potent danger it poses to his Government.

A British prime minister slinks away to a private room to commit Britain to an arrangement that alienates the powers of Parliament - in perpetuity and perhaps illegally - knowing that his people would vote 'no' by crushing margins if given a chance.

How on earth did we arrive at such a sorry state of affairs?


Sunday, May 25, 2008

Irish NO vote rises by 5% against 3% for the YES

The latest poll, report linked here, shows the gap narrowing between the Yes and No sides for the crucial 12th June Irish Referendum on the democracy smashing Lisbon Treaty.


Saturday, May 24, 2008

Can EU and China shape a New World Order

Some of my readers may find this paper informative, titled as for the headline of this posting, from CER, it is linked here in pdf format. Certainly the two blocs attitudes to democracy seem to perfectly match!

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Brown should go on external indebtedness alone.

The following figures for External Debt are from the CIA, linked here: 1 United States $12,877,889,ooo,000 Estimated on 31 December 2007 2 United Kingdom $ 11,502,800,ooo,ooo Estimated on Q4 2007 3 Germany $4,489,000,000,000 Estimated on 30 June 2007 No wonder then that Gordon Brown has to rob, eke out and squeeze every penny he is able from the UK citizens all living in a bankrupt country. No wonder he took a sledge hammer to both the poor and the motorists, those least able to escape from his tyranny. Get rid of him NOW. A few more weeks and the Lisbon Treaty will be ratified without a referendum and withdrawal from the totally corrupt EU (link), which is bleeding Britain dry for zero returns will be impossible ever after. BECAUSE the economic terms for leaving will, post-Lisbon, be set out and imposed by the leeches that have put the country on the death bed where it today expends its dying breath! How can anybody imagine that Britain, with a mere fifth of the USA population and an even smaller fraction of its GNP, can ever hope to regain solvency after the Brown years while paying the billions and billions extra to the EU as agreed by Tony Blair in his bid to be the first secretly appointed President of the corrupt EU which will be finally permanently established in the Lisbon Treaty. I have also today blogged on David Cameron's role on Teetering Tories, linked here and the plot to hide MEP expenses on The Strasbourg Cesspit blog, linked here.

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Friday, May 23, 2008

Entire British Establishment condemned by Nimrod Coroner's Conclusions

BBC One television news at 1300 BST today is reporting that the 37 year old Nimrod fleet was never airworthy. How then could its crews have been put at risk by the MOD and the RAF and others in high command for almost 40 years? The Daily Mail report just published is linked here.


Britain's unelected and manifesto breaking premier STILL does not Get It

Interviewed at St Thomas's Hospital just a few minutes ago the lying leader of New Labour has clearly shown that he does not yet get the message, he is yet to understand that he and his former boss Tony Blair have destroyed the country, as so clearly expressed in the cry from the heart quoted in my posting immediately below. Whether Cameron has the ability to solve these huge problems must still be a matter of doubt, but the voters of Crewe have clearly shown that they presently have no realistic alternative. Can the Labour backbenchers now discover an MP of sufficient calibre to put the cure in hand immediately, (none closely associated with New Labour whose names are presently being bandied around could be acceptable to the country) , if not then the next two years will be bloody.


Treasures from the threads - Number Fifteen

In response to a question as to whether Gordon Brown can recover from the Crewe By-election won by the Tories on a swing of nearly 18 per cent and a majority of almost 8,000 came this in the Telegraph 'Have your say' column, linked here: 4. Posted by Martyn Leman on May 23, 2008 07:33 AM Hopefully nothing, if he can then it proves English stupidity and our ability to be shilled one more by Labour spin. There is simply no good news in this country thanks to Gordon and his cronies, there are zero positives. Everything has gone wrong. It really breaks your heart when you see our ravaged country. Family life destroyed, massively financed public services failing, hardworking people earning good money and yet with nothing in their pockets at the end of the month, demoralised police, ferel children, huge uncontrolled immigration, taxation up by 100% in 12 years. I could cry.


Thursday, May 22, 2008

Democracy's destruction crowned by Smith Square's conquest!

Once the home of a proud and independent political party of renowned world leaders such as Winston Churchill and Margaret Thatcher, 32 Smith Square is to become the propaganda centre for the fascist EU Commission and its puppet parliament soon to be confirmed in absolute power by ratification of the Lisbon Treaty, without any reference to the people of the nation in a referendum, as promised by all three major political parties at the last General Election. The report is available from this link, from which comes this quote:

The European Parliament and the European Commission have bought the former Tory headquarters near the Houses of Parliament for £20m.

The 25,000 building at 32 Smith Square, to the south of Westminster Palace, will house a new joint headquarters with a conference centre for 150 people.

‘This deal will provide a suitable and convenient Europe House in the UK,’ said Gerard Onesta MEP, vice president of the European Parliament. ‘Our ambition now is to refurbish the building to the highest standards of environmental excellence, fit for the 21st century, to serve the citizens of the UK.’

To instruct the citizens of the UK how they are to serve the EU, seems more likely! How the enemies of democracy on the Continent and their fellow travellers in the Labour Party must be relishing this announcement.


Irish Pubs worldwide to suffer Referendum backlash?

There can be little doubt that if the Lisbon Treaty is ratified the tyrannical nature of the non-democratic monster thus created will quickly become plain not just to the disenfranchised millions of EU citizens, but to the entire peoples of the world. Will Irish Pubs so evident in every small town to major city on every continent and in each corner of the globe, then become synonymous with tyranny rather than Irish hospitality, laughter and good humour?

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Lords debate EU Reform Treaty Referendum

The link is here, some quotes: Lord Howell of Guildford moved Amendment No. 162: (and commented among other good points): It really is wearying constantly to be told that two and two does not make four and that black is white. In the words of my right honourable friend Kenneth Clarke, with whom I have worked closely in the past, will the Government,
    “stop all this nonsense about its being different from the constitution when it is plainly the same in substance”?—[Official Report, Commons, 5/3/08; col. 1785.]

That seems pretty definite.

Having listed all those arguments that are paraded, there is one reason above all why none of these pleas should be accepted: the Government promised a referendum, as did the Liberal Democrats and my own party. We did it in our manifestos in 2005. The parties went even further than the promises in the manifestos. In the Sun, the former Primer Minister, Tony Blair, said,

    “we will have a referendum on the constitution in any event—and that is a government promise”.
As for the Liberal Democrats—I was going to say the dear old Lib Dems, but I am not sure those are quite the right words—we are getting used to their vagaries. My colleague William Hague had a few words for the anatomical state of their party in the Commons debates. I shall spare their blushes here; I think that these matters are much too vulgar for your Lordships’ House. However, their new leader, Mr Clegg, said at their party conference:

    “Any proposals which involve significant change in the relationship between the Union, the member states and its citizens should be approved in Britain through a referendum”.

What could be plainer than that?

Every independent analysis confirms that the two treaties are virtual replicas. According to the Commons Foreign Affairs Committee, a very distinguished committee, as I know, 240 of the 250 proposals in the constitutional treaty are reproduced identically in this one. That very distinguished committee—by no means dominated by the Opposition; on the contrary, it is dominated by the Government—said that,

    “there is no material difference between the provisions on foreign affairs in the Constitutional Treaty, which the Government made subject to approval in a referendum and those in the Lisbon Treaty on which a referendum is being denied”.
The amendment was eventually withdrawn without a division, here, AND more incredibly without virtually any media coverage of the debate in the days since then!

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Irish Friends Vote NO for Me

EU to grab control of the Seas and Oceans

The report from the December European Council is linked here. Such a move will either duplicate, negate or cut across the perfectly adequate UN organisation the "International Maritime Organisation" based in London, previously known as IMCO which has been functioning perfectly satisfactorily for 60 odd years, read here. Why Gordon Brown's disgraceful non-government agreed to such a move by the increasinly fascist EU is beyond belief. This farce was further enhanced by the declaration by the PR crazed EU of 19th AND 20th May as future International Maritime Day (NO S). Read the garbage put out, for which we all must pay, from here.


Stuart Wheeler's Legal Challenge

The Stuart Wheeler web page is linked here, it contains a contributions form, PLEASE HELP if you are able! ======================== STUART WHEELER Website as at 19.5.08 Following added - - - - The government appears to be rattled. Not content with having the leading treasury counsel, Philip Sales QC, who argued the government case at the April hearing, they have appointed Jonathan Sumption QC to lead him at the judicial review itself, which will be held on 9 and 10 June. Jonathan Sumption is one of the most expensive QCs in practice. The potential costs if I lose the case, perhaps after it has gone all the way up to the judicial branch of the House of Lords, are now even higher than ever. So I am afraid this is a further request for financial help to anyone who can afford it. ================== IAIN DALE'S BLOG 19.5.07 Mr Speaker Launches New Court Bid in EU Case Iain Dale 7:07 PM Press release just received from Stuart Wheeler... This evening Stuart Wheeler has been notified that the Speaker intends to intervene in the case in which he has been granted a judicial review over the Government's refusal to hold a referendum on the EU Treaty. The Attorney General will represent the Speaker. Mr Wheeler responds 'I am surprised that the Speaker wishes to intervene. At no stage have I sought in any way to impinge on Parliamentary privilege. "My case is based solely on the Government's refusal to hold a referendum on the EU Treaty." Er, on what grounds has The Speaker intervened?!!! =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Some readers suggest! - - - ==On the grounds that the speaker, like the vast majority of McLabour MPs, is working for the EU with the sole mission of breaking England up into 'Regions' and transferring whats left over to Brussels to rule. . ==It's an abuse of his office, but he's an abusive and obnoxious man totally without honour or integrity. Pity we taxpayers can't sue him for the bill we will now foot. Anonymous said... ==On the grounds that it is a breach of the Bill of Rights, I assume. The courts are not allowed to impeach the proceedings of parliament and given that this court case looks pretty much like that is what is happening here - it is an attempt by the courts to stop parliament ratifying the treaty, I'd guess the speaker has a good case. ==On the grounds of protecting the darling PM, of course. Isn't it about time Michael Martin fell down a flight of stairs? ==Because Gordo shouted at him ... before throwing his mobile phone at him? ==How can the Attorney General representing the Speaker be compatible with the Speakers independence from the Government? Likewise how can the Speaker intervening on the Governments behalf be compatible with the his independence? ==Perhaps he wishes to support Stuart Wheeler's attempt to maintain parliamentary integrity. Just a thought. The Stuart Wheeler website is linked here, it contains a contributions form.

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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Collapse of Brown's UK Government gaining world press attention

The Police Federation attack on the British Home (Interior) Secretary is now receiving worldwide coverage alongside the electoral test the British Prime Minister's party faces tomorrow. Read Reuters here , Fox here and Bloomberg here. These quotes from the head of Britain's police union's speech gives a flavour of the animosity now felt by those charged with keeping order towards the Government of incompetents and pot heads as the country plunges towards economic despair and democracy's destruction under the mendacious Brown's warped personality: "I am sure when your Private Secretary reminded you of today’s event you felt like reaching for the nearest stab proof vest - and perhaps slipping into old habits and lighting up to calm your nerves... But as you have reassured us, you have moved on from these past indiscretions... Your recent crimes have been more for the serious fraud office than the drug squad!" "You will say that you could not take any risks with inflation by conceding on police pay. But let me ask you this. How was it that the government found 2.7 billion pounds to dig itself out of a tax hole in advance of a by-election but couldn’t find 30 million pounds to honour our pay deal?" "Your decision not to honour the pay award was a breach of faith. It was a monumental mistake and I do not say this lightly when I say you betrayed the police service."

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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Speaker Martin not to appeal MP's expenses ruling.

A report from The Independent, is here. This will have serious consequences, although the public must wait until the Autumn before itemised expenses of all the maggots in parliament (mps) will be available for the full sorry situation to be finally revealed. There are ten prospective candidates in the Crewe and Nantwich by-election where votes will be counted on Thursday evening. If the present polling is correct then Labour will lose the seat, and if past by-election form is followed the seat will return to Labour at the next General Election most probably in two years time. The maggot in parliament elected for Crewe and Nantwich only for the following two years, will thus (as far as I have so far been able to understand the parliamentary expenses scam) be able to claim over and above his/her salary and travelling expenses, about twenty-five thousand pounds for each of the two years for furnishing and equipping his Nantwich home at John Lewis and a further approx., twenty-five thousand for each of the two years towards his mortgage for the purchase of the house. The foregoing is based on the recently and reluctantly announced expenses of Lib/Dem leader Nick Clegg, MP. So it looks like a tax free bonus of about one hundred thousand pounds for one of the lucky ten candidates who wins on Thursday. Who loses is equally plain - the long suffering tax-payer (many of whom cannot even now afford to feed their pets, read here) MP how soon before "maggot in parliament" becomes the more commonly used term? We want our promised referendum! Stop the scheming of Speaker Martin, read more below!

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Michael Martin Must be Replaced

An incredible report in the Daily Telegraph reports that Commons Speaker Martin is to attempt to block the judicial review of the decision by the Commons not to offer the public a referendum on the EU Constitutional Treaty in spite of all three main parties having promised exactly that prior to thge last General Election. The report is here. I was planning to blog this morning on the fact that to my mind it should be the Speaker's Office that should be ensuring that the Party Leaders honour their manifesto commitments rather than the courts, now comes this incredible news, while still waiting to hear if Martin will appeal against the ruling on the expenses scam, due today! Yesterday in moving the First Amendment on the Frankenstein Embryo bill, Edward Leigh, MP, referred to the Deputy Speaker as Deputy Leader. This mistaken address should perhaps now have some effect. The people of England require somebody (anybody) in their Parliament to call a halt to the corruption and dishonesty now apparently in full control of the Commons. If the Deputy Speaker cannot act, then perhaps the father of the House or the formidable Frank Field, MP, should step forward! If Lisbon is ratified and the formidable charge of already prepared and waiting laws and regulations is set in train (read this today, here, in The Times on Big Brother) then the reported recent flight of two million Briton's, read here, will be a mere trickle compared with the flood to come.

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Monday, May 19, 2008

Britain's Maggot MPs vote for Frankenstein Experiments

Well, well well! MPs without morals and only concerned with money would...would they not! Read here. Dregs, filth... words fail..... why do we tolerate them, let alone continue to fund them. Merging human and animal embryos..... will they really stop at nothing?


Gordon Brown wants your questions!

The economic incompetent presently occupying 10 Downing Street wants your questions on his very own YouTube website, linked here. Ask him why he has chosen to break his party's clear and perfectly straightforward, unhedged PROMISE to hold a referendum on ANY new EU Constitutional Treaty! Ask him to step down. Ask him to return the money robbed from the pensions funds. Ask him why he sold off the country's gold at the lowest price for years. Ask him how he can sleep at night. Ask him why the CIA put Britain's debt just below that of the vast USA holder of the world's only reserve currency. Ask him to return to Scotland.


Sunday, May 18, 2008

Peter Phillips and the Royal Accession

Much coverage this morning in the Sunday press of the "Hello" wedding of Peter Phillips. No comment in most papers on the strange question of the bride's faith. The following, however, is from The Observer, linked here: Kelly, who renounced her Catholic faith and has been accepted into the Church of England so that her husband can retain his position as 11th in line to the throne, will be plain Mrs Autumn Phillips. The first of the Queen's grandchildren to marry does not have a royal title and does not carry out royal duties. I do not recall if I have blogged previously on the recent activities north of the Scottish border of the groom's mother, Princess Anne, but I have been following these with increasing curiosity for some time. The fact that her son, only eleventh in line to the throne has thought it sensible to have his bride renounce her Roman Catholic faith therefore comes as no surprise to me at all. I reckon the Princess Royal has her eye on the throne of Scotland which would place Peter Phillips (like his Uncle Charles and Grandfather, Prince Philip, all old boys of Gordonstoun) as next in line. Funny business Royalty, its all a matter of planning for Kings and Queens, but I find it somewhat creepy that a split between the two thrones that brought about the Union of England and Scotland can be apparently quite so calmly contemplated and contingency plans laid.

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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Europe deserves much better than the Lisbon Treaty

Please read this well-balanced article by Susan George of the Transnational Institute, link.


The Nutter in Number Ten

Matthew Parris has it spot on in The Times this morning, read it all here, or these few quotes: I’ll tell you what scares me, and scares (I believe) a wider public who may not always be consciously aware why. It’s not the thought that the Prime Minister may be lying. It’s a more disturbing thought: that he may not. That under the terrible internal pressure created in his own head by a refusal to accept either that his will may be thwarted or his judgment questioned, the PM is having to warp the external world to make it fit.

Could it be that it is to himself, and not to us, that Mr Brown is unable to acknowledge reality? That he really doesn’t now think he did change his mind about that snap election for fear of losing it? That the main reason for a Budget U-turn was a need he suddenly saw for economic stimulus? That Wendy Alexander was not calling for an earlier referendum on Scottish independence? That the May local and mayoral elections were not a tremendous rebuke to his administration?.....................

.......But a cold, angry repudiation of the evidence itself, a look that suggests a different prism, a different picture; a strange, knotted, jaw-clenching, fact-defying, interview-wrecking rejection of what the rest of us see plain as daylight . . . this disturbs more deeply than everyday mendacity ever can. Where could a national conversation with such a man begin?


The Master Mister Maggot

The Speaker of the House of Commons, Michael Martin, has presided over a three year long campaign to cover up a disgraceful scam run by the maggot MPs who inhabit the corridors of Westminster while gorging themselves on the corpse of Britain's democracy. The Independent is one paper that today covers the sordid tale, it may be read from this link, but for the full flavour I have selected this quote from the victor, Heather Brooke, a freedom of information campaigner:

"What is disappointing is that it took three years of concerted effort to counter the relentless opposition from the House of Commons Commission and Speaker Michael Martin, who used taxpayers' money throughout to block the very information needed for an informed electorate."

Friday, May 16, 2008

Corrupt Commons loses bid for secrecy on swindled expenses

Having thrown more taxpayer's money down the drain in an attempt to continue to cover-up their disgraceful defrauding of the taxpaying citizen, the main question hanging over Westminster this weekend is whether these conscienceless tricksters will now waste yet more public funds in mounting an appeal. One report is here. Amongst the apparently fairly general abuse, that of the Leader of the Liberal Democrats, particularly stands out, read here. Nick Clegg, it appears will do anything for money, looking at his expenses claim and the long delay taken in making it public, one can only conclude that part of his treachery in breaking his party's manifesto promise on the EU Reform Treaty by not supporting a referendum (by abstention in the Commons but by voting with the Government in the Lords) might be partly driven over concerns about losing his EU pension earned while serving as a troughing MEP.

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EU Treaty (Amendment) Lord's discussions

There have been some important amendments tabled, briefly discussed and withdrawn in the UK's House of Lords this week. The unscrupulous behaviour of Nick Clegg, leader of the Liberal Democrat Party, has ensured that voting on any changes is entirely pointless, matching his perfidy to that of the Governing Labour Party. We can at least have the main conspirators involved in this exercise of treachery clearly identified with their role on the record in Hansard, for as long as such evidence is allowed to remain openly available to the general public once this disgraceful Lisbon Treaty becomes part of Britain's law. The first amendment I wish to highlight on this blog is Number 121 moved on 14th May, contributions linked here, as follows: “Supremacy of United Kingdom Parliament Nothing in this Act or the Treaty of Lisbon shall affect or be construed by any court in the United Kingdom as affecting the supremacy of the United Kingdom Parliament to make or unmake laws or regulations applicable in the United Kingdom.” Here we have a statement of what would have been considered the 'bleeding obvious' by generations of free born Englishmen and women. The fact is that our Sovereignty has now gone, and in the view of some - gone for all time as may be seen from this brief selection of their Lordship's comments: "Lord Lester of Herne Hill........The position is that our sovereign Parliament has agreed, exercising its sovereignty, that so long as we remain members of the European Community/Union where European Community law reigns, in the sense that it applies in a particular area, any inconsistency in legislation or judicial decision or administrative action must give way. It is also clear that no member state can reply on its own constitutional order as an excuse for doing anything inconsistent with the paramount law of the European Community, now the European Union. Perhaps I may say that all that is now in any law school regarded as absolutely straightforward for any law student. Lord Waddington: If Lord Denning is looking down on us he would be very displeased to hear that his utterances were political, because they were nothing of the sort. What the noble Lord is saying is based on his belief that the European Communities Act has already acquired a special status and is quite unlike any other Act of Parliament except, perhaps, the Bill of Rights. I do not accept that. If one takes the view that what one Parliament can do another can undo, and that an Act of Parliament is an Act of Parliament is an Act of Parliament, I am right and the noble Lord is wrong. But let me continue with what I have got to say." Having thus dispensed with the entire concept of the primacy of British Law, there was later this enlightening exchange on the breaking of the Government's promise of a referendum on any Treaty of a remotely Constitutional character such as the one the subject of this debate: "Lord Hannay of Chiswick: I objected to the decision to have a referendum in 2004. I have objected to every single decision to have a referendum. I am afraid that I am not prepared to sit and be told that I have reneged on anything.

Lord Waddington: The noble Lord is entirely missing the point. I am not saying that a person is not entitled to take the view that a referendum is a bad instrument for dealing with circumstances such as that; I am saying that we should all agree that Governments, when they promise referendums, should honour their promises. That is the issue before this Committee. I am rather ashamed by people’s denial that that plain obligation should be carried out."

For me the soundest and most forceful point of the debate on the totally unacceptable powers of the European Court of Justice, which as it now exists is outside of any democratic control or constraint, was this quote : "Lord Neill of Bladen: ...........
9.45 pm

I am sorry that the Bishops’ Benches are empty tonight because I wanted to remind them of a tremendous expression by one of their predecessors, Bishop Benjamin Hoadly, an early 18th-century divine, who held four bishoprics, starting at Bangor and going on to Hereford, Salisbury and finally Winchester. Preaching to the King in 1717, he said:

    “Whoever hath an absolute authority to interpret any written or spoken laws, it is he who is truly the lawgiver, to all intents and purposes, and not the person who first spoke or wrote them”.

Summing up for the Government the following was what I considered to be their main point: "Baroness Ashton of Upholland: The Council of Ministers is made up of the member states. It is no good saying that the Council and not the member states makes the law, because the Council is made up of the member states." The Council of Ministers and now the new all powerful European Council with its own President and effectively Foreign Affairs Supremo are of course made up of 27 member states of which Britain is but one, and one moreover with no land connection to the strife prone European Continent and no common heritage of Law nor Governance. IT is alien to us and we will forever be outnumbered, outvoted and stripped of our income, wealth and assets. The perpetrators of this outrage against the citizens of Britain, know full well what they are about as from the immediately following debate it becomes clear that they seem to be concerned, that when the facts become widely known, some national retribution or holding to account might be demanded. They are thus ensuring some protective outside forces will then be on call: The amendment on the European Gendarmerie Force was moved by the two UKIP Peers and was as follows: “Deployment of European Gendarmerie Force: parliamentary approval Notwithstanding any provision of the European Communities Act 1972 (c. 68), nothing in this Act or the Treaty of Lisbon shall be taken as requiring the United Kingdom Government to permit the deployment of the European Gendarmerie Force in the United Kingdom without the consent of the United Kingdom Parliament.” Nothing could be more straightforward nor clearer than this amendment, one would have thought. I have blogged before (read here) on this armed force and warned about the deployment of foreign police forces without British consent in my novel written in the mid-nineteen-nineties, so concern could hardly be considered surprising, but once again the amendment was withdrawn without even any promise from a Government spokesperson to not in future deploy such militiamen without the consent of the Westminster Parliament. This disgraceful Government with its increasingly fascist tendencies must clearly be getting concerned at the the potential long term consequences of their present actions. The exchanges, for the time being, may be read from this link to Hansard. (The intervention by Lord Hannay of Chiswick, will I feel certain, make particularly interesting reading as authoritarianism continues its steady march across the EU after Lisbon).

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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Bruges Group Euro Creep

The flood of EU laws

From 9th January 2008 to 30th April the EU has passed 402 laws which will impact on the UK. Since May 2007 the total is that is ONE THOUSAND FIVE HUNDRED AND SIXTEEN!

Irish Referendum Poster

On the other hand it will regulate you, tax you, oppress you, watch you, follow you and goodness only knows what else.

All without you ever again having a vote as to who is in charge, what policies might best be followed or indeed how any of your tax payments might best be spent.

In Britain we are not even getting a vote, ask Nick Clegg and his Lib/Dem Peers why not!

BOOT out Brown before his final betrayal can be completed!

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Danger from within!

It is three hundred and twenty years since the nation faced such a threat from its own treacherous rulers as that posed by the proposed referendumless ratification of the Lisbon Treaty. Winston Churchill writing on the events of that pivotal year, concisely summarised its defeat as follows: "Very fearsome and dubious must the prospect have seemed to the nobility, gentry, and clergy who embodied the life and meaning of the England that we still know. They had no army; they had no lawful means of resistance, expression, or debate. They could not appeal to the unenfranchised millions of peasants and townsmen. They saw in mental eye the King in martial panoply advancing upon them with all that royal power in whose sanctity they themselves were the chief believers, with French troops ready to descend at any moment upon their shores to quell rebellion, with the children of the Ironsides hand in hand with Jesuit priests. Never did aristocracy or the Established Church face a sterner test or serve the nation better than in 1688. They never flinched; they never doubted. They faced this hideous, fraudulent, damnable hotch-potch of anti-national designs without a tremor, and they conquered without a blow. Why they conquered and above all, why they conquered bloodlessly, turned upon the action of no more than as many men and women as can be counted upon one's fingers." Where are today's handful of such heroes?

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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Czech President raises Benes Decrees

A tricky policy area concerning Sudeten Germans and many old wounds has now been raised by the Czech President, Vaclav Klaus. Read the report here. Read a damning critique of the whole Lisbon process, also from the Czech Republic from here.


Misuse of Plenipotentiaries' Powers

A representative of the Queen, states on her behalf, as illustrated below:

"Policy on the United Kingdom's membership of the European Union and the strengthening of relations between member states is entirely a matter for The Queen's Ministers and not one in which it would be constitutionally appropriate for Her Majesty to intervene."

Nevertheless, as we can now all quite freely read in the Official Journal of the European Journal, as linked in my post of earlier today, the Consolidated Version of the Treaty of the European Union (linked here) was signed by Plenipotentiaries appointed by and acting in the name of Her Majesty the Queen. (NOT let it be noted in the name of Parliament).

Among the items resolved in the Preamble (on page 4 of the PDF document linked above) is this:

RESOLVED to establish a citizenship common to nationals of their countries,

another among a long list of horrors, is this:

RESOLVED to achieve the strengthening and the convergence of their economies and to establish an economic and monetary union including, in accordance with the provisions of this Treaty and of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union, a single and stable currency,

NOW I am aware that these are items in a Preamble, and am familiar to the point of exhaustation with the claims that they therefore are of no legal effect, so we were repeatedly told on the onward march of the "ever closer union" pledge which also re-appears here. I am also aware that the commitment to a single currency is supposedly hedged by being conditional on the terms of the Treaty - BUT a single and stable currency cannot exist in anything but a SINGLE form, any other currency in use within the EU necessarily negates the claim that either is single!!

How can the Queen given the Coronation Oath and the 1689 Bill of Rights give authority to plenipotentiaries on HER authority to sign a Treaty setting aside her powers?

How could one of those Plenipotentiaries, very recently in the House of Commons insist at PMQs that he still remained committed to a referendum on the Euro Currency, but not the promised vote on this Constitutional Treaty, while using Royal plenipotentiary powers to sign this Treaty deliberately by-passing both parliament and the people to commit the nation to the Euro?

How can the Queen or her Peers in the House of Lords allow such broken pledges to be made in the Commons when the cause is by her own granting of explicit Royal Perogatives to those individuals thereby put clearly in breech of their own promises and commitments?

Something is completely haywire in the present constitutional situation and if it is not yet a crisis it damn well soon should be!

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Chad Number One

******"Wot No Democracy!"******** (Thanks to Gullible's Travels blog for the image of Chad).


Consolidated EU Treaties post Lisbon/Reform

The Official Journal of the now clearly despotic European Union has now been published and is linked here. The citation is OJ 2008 C115, p. 1. Thanks to the EU Law Blog for the link. (As the EU clearly has no intent of following the Law one really must query the purpose for that blogs existence. All in the EU will most likely within the next few weeks be subject to the non-democratic institutions of this unaccountable monstrosity).

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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Government plans for House Price meltdown? ZERO

Thanks to the Crown Blog for this image of a Cabinet Briefing paper for today. And the Telegraph who got the snap and analyse the crass statements, read here.

Note the amazing final paragraph for an official document both on asinine comment and content, I quote:

"But it is vital that we show at this time of uncertainty we show that we are on people's side"

"Show" that's all they are!


English Democrats to try again in Crewe

Send a loud message to the troughers selling out your country.

Anyone but the three main candidates, if you do not want ever more of the same!

Lisbon Treaty ratification (coming soon) will doom democracy for ever!

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One Month Remains!

A month from today we will be learning the result of the Irish Referendum on the EU Reform Treaty/ Lisbon Treaty/ Constitutional Treaty. If enacted the true nature of this democracy destroying measure will quickly be rammed home to 500 million subjugated European citizens. Are the Irish people really going to risk the pariah status of having brought this authoritarianism to the nationals of 26 other formerly independent and sovereign nations?

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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Prime-movers of the EU Lisbon Treaty- Barroso & Merkel

DEMOCRATIC PEDIGREE - none discernible! TOTALITARIANS - either Fascist or Marxist - you can decide! First let us look at the son of the Fascist regime in Portugal: President of the EU Commission - Barroso "On the morning of April 25th 1974, as tanks rolled into Lisbon under the direction of the young officers of the Armed Forces Movement (AFM), hundreds of thousands of workers crowded the streets to celebrate the overthrow of the hated Caetano regime. This was no mere palace coup. In the words of The Sunday Times, "the crash made the statesmen and nations of at least two continents tremble. For like the single stone that starts an avalanche, Portugal's coup may be more a beginning than an end of things." (Link) Jose Manuel Barroso would have been 18 years old and raised under Fascism. Background information on the President of the EU Commission is not easily found, even such basics as his date of birth are not listed on Wikipedia and in stating he was 18 at the time of the Portuguese revolution I am relying on the sparse detail here in an EU speakers summary! As I posted on Ironies in November 2004, after he was pushed by Tony Blair towards the EU Commission Presidency, read here, how could Europe pick a leader with six missing years from his past. This missing period has become even murkier as the years have passed and his efforts towards the destruction of parliaments across Europe have intensified. I quote from the same earlier source IPSNews, linked here: LISBON, Jun 29 (IPS) - The spirited Maoist student leader at the University of Lisbon, José Manuel Durão Barroso, never imagined during the turbulent years of the Portuguese revolution that three decades later he would become president of the European Commission, where conservative parties prevail. The political history of the conservative Portuguese leader, now 48 years old, began during the leftist military ''Carnation Revolution'' of 1974. He was the student leader of the Movement for the Renovation of the Proletariat Party/Portuguese-Marxist Leninist Communist Party (MRPP/PCP-ML). This was a long name for a miniscule Mao-inspired organisation that had pegged the rest of the political left as ''revisionist'', ''social-fascist'' and ''imperialist sell-outs''. In the official biography of the man who is now Portugal's prime minister, that period of his ''revolutionary outbreak'' was left out. After a brief mention -- ''he began his political activity as a very young man, even before Apr. 25, 1974'' -- six years of his political life were omitted from the official text, which goes on to describe how in 1980 he joined the Social Democratic Party (PSD), which is conservative despite what its name might suggest. Now consider the other moving force behind the underhand EU Reform Treaty now known as the Lisbon Treaty, presumably in a hat-tip to the plotter above mentioned: The daughter of the oppressive East German post-war regime: Chancellor of a united Germany - Merkel The following is from the Wikipedia entry on the web, and thus has to be treated with the normal caution necessary for such a source, but I here do not believe the facts are in doubt, link here: Thus Merkel grew up in the countryside 80 km (50 miles) north of Berlin, in the socialist German Democratic Republic (GDR). Gerd Langguth, a former senior member of Merkel's Christian Democratic Union states in a book[1] that the family's ability to travel freely from East to West Germany, as well as their possession of two automobiles, leads to the conclusion that Merkel's father had a 'sympathetic' relationship with the communist regime, since such freedom and perquisites for a Christian pastor and his family would have been otherwise impossible in East Germany.[2] Like most pupils, Merkel was a member of the official, socialist-led youth movement Free German Youth (FDJ). Later she became a member of the district board and secretary for "Agitprop" (agitation and propaganda) at the Academy of Sciences in that organisation. The facts cannot be disputed. Barroso and Merkel have driven through this elaborate scheme to rob almost the entire European Continent of parliamentary government, both come from apparently totalitarian backgrounds first far to the left then later rightish political movements in their formative years. As I blogged earlier this week there is nothing to differentiate between left and right when authoritarianism is the driving force! Why are any remaining democrats in the West letting them get away with it? Only the Irish seem now able to stop this, and the news from the polls today is not good with the Yes vote gaining three points. Wake up mainstream media! Look into the pasts of the German Chancellor and the EU Commission President, I doubt you will like what you will find! Wake up Parliamentarians and Democrats! Do you really plan to hand your nations to rulers such as these?

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Britain's starving soldiers!

The following is from a report in today's Independent on Sunday, linked here: The analysis, described by General Dannatt as "a comprehensive and accurate portrayal of the views and concerns of the Army at large", states: "More and more single-income soldiers in the UK are now close to the UK government definition of poverty." It reveals that "a number of soldiers were not eating properly because they had run out of money by the end of the month". Commanders are attempting to tackle the problem through "Hungry Soldier" schemes, under which destitute soldiers are given loans to enable them to eat. The scheme symbolises a change from the tradition of soldiers getting three square meals a day for free. Now hard-up soldiers have to fill out a form which entitles them to a voucher. The cost is deducted from their future wages, adding to the problems of soldiers on low pay. The controversial Pay as You Dine (PAYD) regime, which requires soldiers not on active duty to pay for their meals, has seen commanding officers inundated with complaints from soldiers unhappy at the quality of food that they get and the amount of paperwork involved. By contrast glance at this column from the Sunday Times by Minette Marrin, linked here, titled, "Oh how I love to throw away good food" from which comes this: It was a joy, when I was first married and in charge of my own fridge, to throw food away recklessly. When I tore the heart out of a lettuce and dumped the rest in the bin, I felt I had come of age. Frugality is a harsh discipline; there cannot be many people who are even capable of it these days. For one thing, most people can’t or won’t cook. I am grateful that for now, at least, we can in this country afford to be wasteful. Clearly these items cannot come from people living in the same country, can they? Unhappily they do, so which then is now the real Britain, that of our hungry and inadequately tended servicemen or the South East based Sunday Times writer? Which one will the country decide David Cameron inhabits?

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Saturday, May 10, 2008

Lisbon Treaty indirect tax harmonisation

Read here and here containing this: Article 2.79 of the Lisbon Treaty would insert a six-word amendment -”and to avoid distorton of competition” - into the Article of the existing European Treaties dealing with harmonising indirect taxes - Article 113. The full amended Article would then read as follows: Article 113 “The Council shall, acting unanimously in accordance with a special legislative procedure and after consulting the European Parliament and the Economic and Social Committee, adopt provisions for the harmonisation of legislation concerning turnover taxes, excise duties and other forms of indirect taxation to the extent that such harmonisation is necessary to ensure the establishment and the functioning of the internal market and to avoid distortion of competition.” (The Lisbon Treaty amendment is in bold) . . .Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union


Friday, May 09, 2008

Gangsterism - EU Parliament plans to step beyond the Law

The European Voice, linked here, reports the European Parliament and Commission are mounting a scheme, known as the Deprez Plan which foresees a “gentleman's agreement” to resolve issues where the Council and the Parliament have significant differences of opinion, effectively putting the Lisbon Treaty into effect before the ratification process is completed. Chillingly the main political groups within the European Parliament have given their consent to such an arrangement. Treating the Law with complete contempt because you have the power so to do is Gangsterism, a prime aspect of totalitarianism as I blogged yesterday, read here.

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Labour Party Catastrophe

The Sun has a YouGov poll putting Labour 0n 23 per cent versus the Tories at 49. Many alternative Labour leaders make the situation worse. Read it here. Can the House of Lords really permit this most unpopular government of all time end our democracy by passing the EU Reform Treaty without the promised referendum?

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Totalitarian EU set to threaten the Irish!

Read the very disturbing Charlemagne column from this week's Economist magazine, linked here.

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English Democrats to stand in Crewew and Nantwich

The following is a press release from the English Democrats. The UK Indepenence Party are running the old and tired Mike Nattrass as a candidate. Both parties seem likely to make a Conservative Party upset less likely, its a pity that at this time of great confusion over Labour intentions over a Scottish independence referendum that the Tories lack a clearly English leader, let alone one who on the great issue of the Lisbon Treaty can only seemingly repeat that "he will not let the matter rest there" PATHETIC! Read it from The Spectator linked here. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ CREWE AND NANTWICH BY-ELECTION The English Democrats are pleased to announce that our candidate’s nomination has been accepted to stand in the high profile Crewe and Nantwich parliamentary by-election. The election takes place on 22nd May. David Roberts, who is of Tushingham, Cheshire said:- “I am delighted to stand for the English Democrats. The English Democrats are the English equivalent of Plaid Cymru and the Scottish National Party. In this election only the English Democrats are standing up for England and English interests" "I am optimistic that the people of Crewe and Nantwich will want to use this opportunity to deliver a message to the political establishment about how unfair their treatment of England is." "The Crewe and Nantwich constituency is in the same district as the village of Audlem which recently voted by c.70% to become Welsh in order to get access to all the benefits available to the Welsh people, click here> The English village that would rather be Welsh - This Britain, UK - The Independent "Local people are now well aware, and the Labour candidate, Tamsin Dunwoody, should be well aware, of the different treatment of Wales and England - because she lives in Wales and was until recently a Labour member of the Welsh National Assembly!" "The English Democrats do not advocate Cheshire becoming Welsh but they do argue that the people of Crewe and Nantwich, Cheshire and England should have fair and equal treatment with the people of Wales. This can only happen for England if we have our own Parliament, First Minister and Government, which is what the English Democrats are campaigning for”. Robin Tilbrook Chairman English Democrats +++++++++++++++


Thursday, May 08, 2008

Brown's crisis deepens - can he be ousted before Lisbon's ratification?

The London Evening Standard has the latest on the growing crisis within the Labour party, linked here. The Guido Fawkes blog reported this morning on the bankrupt state of the barely ruling party here. Martin Bright in the New Statesman looks at things from an insiders viewpoint. David Cameron's just released letter to the PM on the topic (thanks to Conservative Home blog) is as follows: ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

"Thank you for your reply to my letter of yesterday, in which you repeated your claim that no-one was calling for a referendum on Scottish independence now.

This morning Wendy Alexander made the following remarks at First Minister’s Questions:

“Will he [Alex Salmond] bring forward a Referendum Bill in next year's legislative programme next week?”

“We believe that the uncertainty is damaging Scotland. I and my colleagues have therefore offered our support to bring this issue forward now”.

“We believe that Scotland deserves a choice sooner rather than later”.

“I have offered Labour's support for an early referendum”

“Why won't he bring the Bill on?”

“The First Minister tells us that over 80% of Scots want a referendum - so why are we still waiting”.

How on earth does any of this match up with your repeated claims that no one is calling for a referendum now, or your claim in Parliament yesterday that you were going to “review the progress” of the Calman Commission “before making any further decisions” on a referendum?

To claim, as you do in your letter to me, that there is no inconsistency between your position and that of Wendy Alexander because “there is nobody seeking legislation at Westminster to have a referendum” is exactly the sort of linguistic gymnastics that is making people confused and even angry with your style of leadership. They desperately want a Prime Minister who can give straight answers to questions.

Anyone comparing what you have claimed, and what Wendy Alexander has repeated again this morning, will conclude that either you have been completely unclear and potentially misleading in your replies to my questions, or you have lost control of your Party – or perhaps it is a combination of the two.

In light of this open challenge to your authority, perhaps you could make it clear who now speaks for the Labour Party on the issue of a referendum?"



I kid you NOT!

EUtopia - Whats your identity?

The EUtopia conference will be held in Enschede at the University of Twente. The main subject of the conference is European Identity. Over three days the participants of the conference will learn about the current European Identity, what it looks like and how it came to be what it is now. There will be discussions about the desire for a common identity and the use of it. By means of lectures, discussions and workshops participants will answer questions such as: if a common identity is desirable what does the ideal European Identity look like? How can this ideal identity be achieved? Or if a common identity has no use, what would Europe look like without it? At the end of the conference, the results of the various discussions will be put together. The results will form a plan on how to create the European identity and what it should look like. This plan will be offered to the European Commission. The results will also be put together in a brochure, which will be offered to the funds and sponsors.

Find it from this link.