Wednesday, April 30, 2008

BBC finally offer English Democrats some "internet" coverage

A link is here! Now let us see some proper broadcast coverage! As well as for the other parties standing in the London Assembly battle.


Lisbon Treaty protest speech in the Bundestag

The speech by Henry Nitzsche, which may be seen on video in the link below was as follows as reported in the sub-titles: Mr President, Ladies and Gentleman. Because we in Germany don't trust our own people anymore, today their members of their own parliament here, to decide for their future. But apart from the fact that we don't trust our own people, that they could decide for their own future themselves, it looks like we also think that they are very stupid and forgetful, but that seems to be the European consensus these days. Because the French and the Dutch people declined the European Constitution, in the second round, they are just not asked anymore and the act is just waved through with a different name "The Reform Treaty". Luckily we cannot be accused for such a mockery of the people because here in Germany its a traditional principle to not ask for the will of the people at all especially not for European concerns, if it is the introduction of the Euro-Currency, or the expansion of the Schengen-region last December. For both decisions there never was a chance to get a majority in the public. And all of you know that Ladies and Gentlemen! This Treaty of Lisbon, which is euphemistically called "reform Treaty" does not significantly differ from the failed European Constitutional Treaty, this treaty that thanks to the upright politician Peter Gauweiler and his lawyer Prof.Schachtschneider, was NOT ratified by Germany also, the Federal Constitutional Court - not without reason - prohibited the Federal President's signature! Therefore the word "constitution" is now avoided carefully. With this "Reform Treaty", a binding constitution is created, for over 500 million people, a constitution, however,that is not democratically legitimized, that assumes a "European Folk" that doesn't even exist, and with concepts deeply hostile to democracy. By the simplified revision procedure the European Council is empowered - EMPOWERED - to change almost all of existing European Law. Affected are Economy-Currency-Social-Agriculture-Environmental, -Labour-Tax-Justice-Traffic and Ciulture. Politics. An approval by the European Parliament is no longer required Ladies and Gentlemen. And where is the co-determination of the National Parliaments? Where is the sovereignty of the people? There exists an appendix about the "appliance of the principles of the subsidiary and commensurability" which allows the Bundestag and so on to check the flood of incoming regulations and legislation if they violate these principles, if yes, they may complain within eight weeks,but not later, that in this time frame also the Landtage verified the draft, and the Federal Assembly, came to a decision,is rather an illusion Ladies and Gentlemen. And now that we are talking about the European Parliament, Germany now has a quota for 99 seats, that will be reduced to 96 seats. With 20 per cent of the population Germany would be eligible for a minimum of 150 delegates. But this parliament is not assembled by the principle that Bismark introduced in Germany in 1871 "the equal voting right" Ladies and Gentlemen. From now on the critical politics for Germany will be determined by the 27 heads of the government, at least 26 of them will be non-German. How this gets along with (Article) 20 of our Basic Constitutional Law "all authority originates from the folk" is a mystery to me. What else is concealed? European taxes for example, which can be introduced through the Reform Treaty. And where a state has the possibility to raise taxes, it will do so. The billion KPU (?) and thereby the financial burden for the Germans will grow to an even more enormous dimension. Ladies and Gentlemen, that will be a new Versaille for Germany. And exactly this fact, exactly this fact, you conceal from the German people. Through this EU Reform Treaty, Ladies and Gentlemen, you legitimize Brussels almighty, and unconstrained to decide over German interests. This treaty is a new "Enabling Act" Ladies and Gentlemen. And especially we here in Germany should be very careful. (Protests) I suggest you enter this place through that portal over there you can read, carved in stone, "For the German People" and just follow that inscription, Ladies and Gentlemen. Make your decision for Germany, Let us secure the future of Germany and the sovereignty. Not less than that the people expect from us today. (Speaker interrupts) Ladies and Gentlemen Germans Christians and Democrats cannot agree to this Treaty.


London Mayoral Elections

My comment to Simon Heffer's column in the Daily Telegraph this morning on the disgrace underway in London, linked here, is as follows: I think some words on the medias almost total lack of attention to the other seven candidates (particularly given the valuable "second choice" opportunity) is a disgrace against democracy. Mr Heffer by not making that same point in his column today and instead advocating abstention participates in this scandal. A vote for the English Democrat candidate who withdrew, presumably in frustration at such lack of media attention (even when running second on the MSN online poll), might be one such repositry for a protest vote but there remain six others and a mass of independent candidates up and down the country. These local elections will be the last before the Lisbon Treaty potentially makes future polling irrelevant. A vote for the two parties breaking their manifesto promises or the third offering only pantomine opposition will condone the castration of our Westminster Parliament.

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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Bullingdon Boys press ahead in the Polls

Extraordinary that English Democrat candidate Matt O'Connor pulled out of the race for London Mayor when online polls indicate he was having some impact despite the usual denial of all mainstream media coverage of his election campaign. Somebody must have been very worried, was it Labour or the Tories? David Cameron was given a deservedly hard time on the Today show this morning (listen again from here)with the culmination being his Bullingdon Club connections. I found another picture of that group online today, this time of George Osborne, linked here, and reproduced below. Osborne in the Bullingdon George Osborne is first on the left. The Cameron and Boris picture can be reached via my posting of 19th April, linked here for those who have yet to see it.


Polish positionings and EU conspiracy of silence

The Polish President is requiring a greater say for his office over EU matters before signing off on the Treaty already ratified by both houses of Poland's Parliament, read here. The EU conspiring to keep the Constitutional Bombshell being dropped on Europe off the media of the targeted nations is working a treat as my google alert updates on the Treaty over the past few days provides ample evidence. Only in Ireland is there any remaining debate, although Open Europe and now Bruno Waterfield, linked here, have released a leaked memo (see below) highlighting and proving the conspiracy, this remains uncovered by most of Europe's media.

“Irish have picked May 29 for voting but will delay an announcement to keep the no camp guessing (please protect). DFA's EU director gives us referendum timetable and details of the bill, to be published next week. Aim is to focus the campaign on overall benefits of EU rather than the treaty itself. Concern about the potential impact of a WTO deal and of Sarkozy.

“The draft, largely incomprehensible to the lay reader, had been agreed following lengthy consultation with government lawyers and with the political parties.

“The bill would enter parliament in the second week of April and it would probably take two weeks to go through and be passed around 22 April. The minister for the environment would thus be entitled to set an order naming the date for the referendum between 30 to 90 days of the order being made. Technically, the Taoiseach (Bertie Ahern) and (Dermot) Ahern saw a slight advantage in keeping the no campaign guessing. 29 May was the assumed date in working plans.

“Mulhall said a date in October would have been easier from a procedural point of view. But the risk of unhelpful developments during the French presidency - particularly related to EU defence - were just too great. Sarkozy was completely unpredictable. The only other unhelpful event the Irish thought might impact on the May vote would be a WTO deal based on agricultural concessions that could lead the powerful farming association to withdraw its support.

“I ran through the UK parliamentary ratification timetable and noted that the referendum vote (in the House of Commons) on 5 March would be a particularly sensitive moment. Mulhall remarked that the media had been relatively quiet on the ratification process so far. We would need to remain in close touch given the media crossover.

“Mulhall said other partners - including the Commission - were playing a helpful, low-profile role. Vice-president Margot Wallström, who had been in Dublin yesterday and today, had told Dermot Ahern that the Commission was willing to tone down or delay messages that might be unhelpful.

“??? ??? ???... (unclear text or deletion) so Irish thought treaty was taken for granted...... David Miliband (Foreign Secretary) not going

“Most people would not have time to study the text and would go with the politicians they trusted.”


Sunday, April 27, 2008

English Democrat Mayoral Candidate QUITS

Now there's a thing! Another new opportunity, perhaps, to show one's contempt for the corrupted British Electoral system, the worst in the world according to an international report to be issued next week, and the rotten political class it supports - vote for a candidate who has already withdrawn??? A report may be read from here.


Irish polls move against The EU Lisbon Treaty

Those in favour fell by 8 points, those against are up by 7 points. Read the hopeful report, from here.


Thursday, April 24, 2008

Deception in Broadcasting

The manipulation of Current Affairs broadcasting by the BBC and other media in the UK is now so longstanding and of such all encompassing depth that it is unworthy of further comment. The evening before last, however, a new level of devious distortion was reached in an area one would have assumed might remain free of such distortions, namely the upper intellectual end of quiz shows. University Challenge has been a regular feature of the BBC's output for many years, so much so that it has been described as part of the fabric of the nation on one internet site devoted to gameshows. This year, the BBC as ever ready to further flog a dead horse, extended the gendre to what they described as 'The Professionals' read the blurb from here. This week we witnessed the final, where a team from the National Physical Laboratory in Teddington were pitched against a lacklustre team from - wait for it- the Department of Justice! The latter, not content with having destroyed the entire system of justice and punishment within the UK over the recent past in their daytime jobs, had obviously decreed that public defeat would be unacceptable so the questions were clearly rigged in their favour to make such a possibility to all intents and purposes, practically impossible. Their ignorance in their own supposed professional area of competence,however, was so complete that they nevertheless almost managed to succeed and towards the end of the programme it appeared that an emergency set of back-up questions had to be produced to ensure the required result was achieved. The highpoint of the farce came when the Department of Justice team could not name the body that will in future be the ultimate power in Britain - the European Council! The same European Council that will have gained such powers through the soon to be effected ratification of the Lisbon Treaty, courtesy of the negligence, incompetence and treacherous betrayal of our country by the staff and Lord Chancellor of this same Department of Justice. Jeremy Paxman exploded in frustrated rage at the dumb individuals seated before him in what appeared to be genuine disbelief at this point in the show. How he managed to continue through the farce of the prize giving at the end of show is testimony to his acting ability - he is sharp enough to fully be aware of how Britain is run today, why a supposedly intelligent man wishes to be party to such deceits is a mystery to me - one guess must be pure vanity the self-same motive which must drive the disgusting supposed civil-servants in the Department of Justice to perpetrate such an obvious and brazen display of misplaced power.


Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Suffered through "Sub-Prime"? Hang-on for Alt-A, Helocs and Prime Jumbos!

The US mortgage information site "Housingwire", linked here, makes pretty gloomy reading reporting stunning delinquencies and concluding: While cumulative losses in prime jumbos haven’t yet reached levels that should immediately concern investors, the speed with which even prime jumbos are now headed into delinquency is a trend that every mortgage market participant should keep a close eye on. Meanwhile the British dead tree press is only now struggling to report Britain's banks exposure to the struggling Alt-A mortgage debacle as in this report from The Guardian, linked here.


Happy St George's Day

Happy St Georges Day

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Charter of Rights - Could this be the death of us?

For about a week now, there have been posts on various blogs suggesting a footnote to a footnote on the Charter of Fundamental Rights re-introduces the death penalty. Let us see what I have found on this topic, Article 2 of the Charter states: Article 2 Right to life 1. Everyone has the right to life. 2. No one shall be condemned to the death penalty, or executed. Seems clear enough, BUT the Explanatory notes to the Charter, issued by the EU itself, linked here and titled as follows "EXPLANATIONS (*) RELATING TO THE CHARTER OF FUNDAMENTAL RIGHTS (2007/C 303/02)" has the following disturbing comment: Explanation on Article 2 — Right to life 1. Paragraph 1 of this Article is based on the first sentence of Article 2(1) of the ECHR, which reads as follows: ‘1. Everyone's right to life shall be protected by law …’. 2. The second sentence of the provision, which referred to the death penalty, was superseded by the entry into force of Article 1 of Protocol No 6 to the ECHR, which reads as follows: ‘The death penalty shall be abolished. No-one shall be condemned to such penalty or executed.’ Article 2(2) of the Charter is based on that provision. 3. The provisions of Article 2 of the Charter correspond to those of the above Articles of the ECHR and its Protocol. They have the same meaning and the same scope, in accordance with Article 52(3) of the Charter. Therefore, the ‘negative’ definitions appearing in the ECHR must be regarded as also forming part of the Charter: (a) Article 2(2) of the ECHR: ‘Deprivation of life shall not be regarded as inflicted in contravention of this article when it results from the use of force which is no more than absolutely necessary: (a) in defence of any person from unlawful violence; (b) in order to effect a lawful arrest or to prevent the escape of a person lawfully detained; (c) in action lawfully taken for the purpose of quelling a riot or insurrection.’ (b) Article 2 of Protocol No 6 to the ECHR: ‘A State may make provision in its law for the death penalty in respect of acts committed in time of war or of imminent threat of war; such penalty shall be applied only in the instances laid down in the law and in accordance with its provisions…’. Worrying that, especially as the EU effectively becomes a State under the Lisbon Treaty and makes no attempt to be either democratic nor by consequence legitimate. Especially "b) in order to effect a lawful arrest" given that the European Arrest Warrant apparently requires little supporting evidence before an arrest may be lawfully authorised! I am seeking further clarification on these grave matters!

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Treasures from the threads - Number Thirteen.

In reply to an astounding posting on a blog titled "Federal Inion" by Richard Laming, linked here, comes this well stated response: Blogger Dundonald said...

Nice try, but your notion that the Parliamentary process is being sidelined by Stuart Wheeler is absurd. Those Parliamentarians of which you speak derive their authority from ELECTIONS. The results of those elections are predicated on what the various parties state in their MANIFESTOS. The vast bulk of those elected members stood for Parliament on a manifesto commitment to hold a referendum on the EU constitution. The only people who pretend that the Lisbon Treaty is significantly different from the EU Constitution (the document that was put to a vote, and rejected by the French and Dutch) are our own egregious government, and their apologists such as you. They have no democratic mandate whatsoever to exclude the people from the ratification process. But, we know that EU-fanatics like you are not remotely interested in democracy. It is you, and people like you, who are abusing our constitution by supporting the transfer of power from our elected representatives, to an unelected polyglot bureaucracy that meets in secret in a foreign capital. Stuart Wheeler is standing up for the right to govern ourselves. He is as far removed from the venal manipulation and conspiratorial manoeuvrings of the EU’s political elite, who simply won’t take ‘no’ for an answer. That’s why they don’t like referenda; when they don’t like the answers they get, they stop asking the question. Your feigned protestations about constitutional probity fool nobody.


Limited restriction on Charter of Fundamental R****s

The Lisbon Treaty, in Protocol 30, after a lengthy preamble, lists the UK's exclusion from the Charter that negates all Common Law as follows: Page 400: Article 1 1. The Charter does not extend the ability of the Court of Justice of the European Union, or any court or tribunal of Poland or of the United Kingdom, to find that the laws, regulations or administrative provisions, practices or action of Poland or of the United Kingdom are inconsistent with the fundamental rights, freedoms and principles that it reaffirms. 2. In particular, and for the avoidance of doubt, nothing in Title IV of the Charter creates justiciable rights applicable to Poland or the United Kingdom except in so far as Poland or the United Kingdom has provided for such rights in its national law. Article 2 To the extent that a provision of the Charter refers to national laws and practices, it shall only apply to Poland or the United Kingdom to the extent that the rights or principles that it contains are recognised in the law or practices of Poland or of the United Kingdom. No one human being can assert rights for another. Two human beings will always disagree as to the exact nature of, and priorities for, their individual rights as they perceive them. Worse is a group of human beings asserting rights for others, as they should not have the power so to do. If they seek to assert such rights for others they are in danger of acting as bullying tyrants, for no man can determine another's best interests. Human societies may jointly decide certain acts are against the best interests of their community and declare such as criminal acts and set punishments by democratic consent, but all that is not thus prohibited is permitted. The EU Charter of Fundamental R****s, especially as it has not been given authority by any kind of democratic process, is an affront to humanity and MUST be rejected by anyone with any belief in individual human rights and liberties. The Treaty of Lisbon, in incorporating this Charter, by that fact alone, should be rejected across Europe. If the people of Europe grant these unelected self-servers the illusion they have the power to bestow such all encompassing matters to their fellow humankind, then the obvious conclusion, must be, that they have the similar POWER to withdraw them! There are of course many other reasons why such a Treaty should never be brought into effect, (frequently and repeatedly detailed on this blog).

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Bid for Judicial Review of Lisbon Referendum treachery

An attempt will be made in the High Court today for a judicial review of Brown's decision to break his party's manifesto promise on a referendum on the EU Constitutional Treaty, reborn as EU Reform/Lisbon Treaty. The report in the Daily Telegraph may be read from here.

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10p Tax revolt bothering Brown

The Inland Revenue Tax Tables linked here, makes calculation of the exact changes to the 10p and standard rate bands adjusted for the small increase in personal allowance for a typical low paid young single earner quite simple. The income tax changes at the following income levels are as follows: At 10,000 pounds p.a. one is one hundred and thirty pounds and 10p worse off- a 16.6% tax rise At 12,000 pounds p.a. one is ninety pounds and 10p worse off - a 7.4% tax increase. At 14,000 pounds p.a. one is fifty pounds and 10p per year worse off - a 3% tax rise. At 16,000 pounds a year one is ten pounds and 10p per year worse off. At 18,000 pounds a year one is twenty nine pounds and 90p better off. So the lower your pay the worse is the effect. A masterstroke of stupidity from a man, Gordon Brown, that even Tories like to laud as ultra intelligent. How would the super-rich like a tax jump of 16.6 per cent?

Lisbon Treaty - Making People into Pixels on Photoshop!

So finally a consolidated version of the disgraceful EU Reform Treaty has been produced! Hands up if there are any out there who believe this would have been the case without an Irish Referendum. Now it can be seen in its full control freakery horror. The EU will control its subjugated, monitored and powerless citizenry like an IT programmer changing groups of pixels in a JPEG or GIF image in a photo enhancement programme on a window of a laptop. We will be enhanced, reduced, cropped, re-sized and of course erased at will. Unhappily that so powerful programmer will himself be just another pixel in another window on somebody else's laptop suffering the same arbitrary treatment. Who will be in ultimate control - which of the several Presidents will imagine himself or herself in charge - President of the Commission, President of the Parliament, President of the Council or perhaps even the hapless rotating President (as long as such continues to exist)? The answer, of course, is none of the above. The odd appointed Judge of the ECJ will presumably enjoy delusory moments of wild power, but more likely we will need to look to the no doubt secretive force manipulating the Chiefs of the EU Police and militarised Gendarmerie. Read last Friday's Boston speech of the now openly alleged pyschopathic Prime Minister of Britain, who owes his position to a conspiracy with his predecessor to deprive the Westminster Parliament of any involvement in the EU Reform Treaty process. The ultimate objectives are all there, its aim the destruction of democracy and thereby also of any human individuality and so in the process the wiping out of all human dignity. Thank goodness people who still believe in the Common Law and the right of a man to control his own fate have already spread to the world beyond Europe.

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Monday, April 21, 2008

Mortgage meltdown/Credit crunch

An interesting blog by an IFA is linked here, on which I found this: Historic Northen Rock e-mail I dug out an old e-mail from Northern Rock from July 2007 with this paragraph of interest. Our Fast Track Guarantee for cases up to 85% LTV we will guarantee not to request verification of your client's income, provided that they meet our criteria upon submitting their application (please refer to the Mortgage Update for full details). Now I wonder why they would guarantee not to check incomes?


Consolidated Lisbon Treaty

The official version seems to have become available here Note the Charter of Fundamental "Rights" seems to be more far-reaching than the Beano: A. DECLARATIONS CONCERNING PROVISIONS OF THE TREATIES 1. Declaration concerning the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union The Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union, which has legally binding force,confirms the fundamental rights guaranteed by the European Convention for the Protection ofHuman Rights and Fundamental Freedoms and as they result from the constitutional traditions common to the Member States. The Charter does not extend the field of application of Union law beyond the powers of the Union or establish any new power or task for the Union, or modify powers and tasks as defined by the Treaties. The above is on page 428 (My red highlight!)

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Distortion of Democracy

The following clear lie and plain attempt to thwart democracy is from this morning's front page of the News Home Page of the London The Times Online Service, linked here: Candidates for the Mayor of London are Boris Johnson, Ken Livingstone, Brian Caddick and Sian Berry


Scotland and England

The Daily Telegraph has a rather amazing report that suggests Cameron's Conservatives may have found a ruse which they hope will bury the West Lothian question. As could have been expected it is a complete Dog's Dinner. I have added my own comment, which is repeated below as the Telegraph has taken to ignoring comments that might throw Cameron's Conservatives in a remotely realistic light. The column titled "At last, an answer to the English question" by Philip Johnston, is linked here. David Cameron made it perfectly clear he would refuse to address the Scottish anomalies, such as the Barnett formula, in his first interview with Andrew Marr, he stated: "I’m a Cameron, there is quite a lot of Scottish blood flowing through these veins." The headline news today that Britain's banks (many Scots' controlled) will be handed another 50 billion pounds of our devalued money means it is not just our democracy and parliament that has now been destroyed. Will any English politician now demand Brown offers an explanation as to why he required Mervyn King on appointment as Governor of the Bank of ENGLAND to remove house prices from the chief inflation index, for that must be the cause of this debacle, i.e. it was avoidable and Brown is culpable.

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Taxpayers fleeced for yet another fifty billion pounds!

The Bank of England today announces the latest raid on our accumulated pensions and savings. There can be little now left of what was once Britain's national wealth. As I queried below over the weekend, can this truly be due to pure bad luck on Gordon Brown's part or was it deliberate? Read here. Such reports will not be made more digestible when reading this news that an unknown BBC, so-called executive, Jenny Abramsky, will be retiring with a publicly funded pension pot of four million pounds yielding almost two hundred thousand a year. This from the worthless propaganda front that manipulates our political system to keep our corrupted political class in power, read here and here.


Sunday, April 20, 2008

Enoch's speech anniversary!

Forty years On: Sleepwalking to the Tiber's Edge, by A.Millar from The Brussels Journal, linked here.


Sunday Times on Matt O'Connor- A Chance for Change

The article titled "What does Matt O'Connor have against Scots" in the Sunday Times, is linked from here.


Saturday, April 19, 2008

English Democrat Update

English Democrat's London Mayoral Candidate - Matt O'Connor, today announced in a press conference close to his "Shock Jock" Campaign Poster at London Bridge Railway station, that he would be launching a new "Hard Hitting" English Parliament Campaign Group in May 2008, directly after the London Mayoral Elections.
He explained that the English Parliament issue is a "Killer Issue" and the established "Campaign for an English Parliament" is virtually invisible to most members of the public,and that's after 10 years of existence, he continued it's difficult to understand what the leadership of the Campaign for an English Parliament have been doing, it's time for a fresh radicle approach to gain justice for England, and maximum publicity for the issue.
He promised to firmly establish the "English Parliament" issue at the very top of the political agenda, once outside the restrictions of the Mayoral Election Campaign, in a similar way to his Fathers-4-Justice campaign.
"I'll make sure the established politicians can no longer ignore the will of the English people"
The Campaign for an English Parliament recently rejected an offer by Matt O'Connor to speak at their "Future of England Conference" on April 26 in London, as they were afraid it may attract "too much attention".


Bullingdon Boris bounds ahead in Mayor's Race

This post is based on the MSN London Mayoral Election On-line poll after 8,113 votes. It must be stressed that this is an online poll carried out by this influential website so it must be taken in that context. But it is still the highest rating achieved in any such poll and shows that there is significant support for the English Democrats in the capital.

Conservative candidate Mr Johnson leads with 53% of the poll, Matt O'Connor of the English Democrats is in 2nd Place with 17%, Labour are closely behind with 15% and Liberal Democrat trail with 5% in 4th Place with the BNP in 5th= with only 4% below the critical 5% level to give them a London Assembly Member. UKIP are "wiped out" in last place with 0%

The leader of the Conservative Party, is somehow ashamed of his Bullingdon Club associations and tries to remove images of himself in his blue velvet tails from the internet whenever he can. I have commissioned this pen and ink sketch of both Boris and Cameron feeling sure the Mayoral candidate could not care less at this portrayal. Indeed it is only when finding an original online and knowing the character of Cameron and recalling the lies over his promise to withdraw from the European Peoples Party soon after his election that anything the tails might indicate takes on the slightly sinister.

Bullingdon Club Picture Link Cameron's cronies

A protest vote against the conspiracy of the three main parties to destroy our parliamentary system through the Lisbon Treaty and a wake up call to all at Westminster would now seem best cast for the English Democrats and Matt O'Connor.


Did Brown deliberately bankrupt Britain?

Yesterday's speech in Boston came over to me as a strong mea culpa to the accusation in this posting's headline. This blog has been chronicling the destruction of Britain's economy on an almost daily basis for some five years or so, as two posts quoted during the past week have made clear. We can also through the blog archives, trace the development of such a plan through the early terminology of the conspiracists to the arrival at yesterday's heavily coded and loaded references to a 'progressive' governance and the 'global civil society' The Laeken Declaration which set up the Convention on an EU Constitution for greater openness, then strayed far from its brief which was to democratise the European Community. The best analysis of this in my mind remains Anthony Coughlan's from Dublin, posted in full on Ironies in October 2004, linked here and here. Valery Giscard d'Estaing, having opted for elitist rule along strictly Platonic lines, had to disguise his intent and he first settled on the term "pluralism" which I also referenced here. I summed up the basic anti-democratic nature of the chosen EU path in a post in April 2004, linked here, which warned of the abandonment of democratic values by the influential Economist magazine, a conversion now completed! The constitutional document is fatally flawed, it reverses the whole concept of law and understandings between the ruled and their governors in this nation as established over centuries. Principally that what is not forbidden or declared as illegal is by definition permissable and allowed! No amount of redrafting of the present document can ever alter that fact! The constitutional document is supremely anti-democratic and sets in concrete a profound Tyranny almost exactly meeting the text book defintion described by Karl Popper in his book 'The Open Society and its Enemies' (Published by Routledge, London and New York ISBN 0-415-23731-9). Except for one 'motherhood' sentence at its opening there is no recognition of democracy anywhere within the proposed constitution. No amount of redrafting of the present document can ever alter that fact either! Some years back 'The Economist' published its own proposed constitution for the European Union, I did not agree with it all, but it might have formed a potential starting point for debate. I will try and retrieve my old copy and return to it later. Meantime beware! 'The Economist', is a hugely influential leader of opinion in the English speaking world. The fact that it is now adopting an openly anti-democratic line, rather than its long-term tendency towards Platonist elitism, is more than worrying - it's really rather scary! How the very nature of democracy has come to be blurred by such carefully crafted newspeak has been demonstrated by EU Commission President Barroso in Dublin this week when he stated: "When I was growing up in Portugal under dictatorship, what is now the European Union represented many of the things that the young aspire to: peace, freedom, economic and social progress, and the idea that working together across borders is possible." The EU delivered none of the first four items mentioned with the possible exception of "social progress" but the howling deception is " the idea that working together across borders" somehow negates dictatorship. Such was never a prerequisite for democracy, indeed it has nothing whatever to do with democracy, which requires the electorate to have the periodic right to bloodlessly remove their rulers at its heart! In destroying that basic concept, EU funding has been the tool for subversion. Thanks to years of devoted research by Brian Gerrish the facts about Common Purpose are now widely available on the internet and in a sign of that organisation's own triumphalism under Brown is that now it is even possible to access the list of that organisation's donors, linked here. I first addressed the implications for democracy of the Global Civil Society on 5th February,2004, linked here and returned to the topic in August 2004, this quote from my February post is key: Global Civil Society is a militant ethic. It is unrelenting in its quest to secure freedom and equality and solidarity through non-governmental links that spread to all four corners of the planet. So it is all there in the archives of my blogs. Brown knew what he was about, he imposed the removal of House Prices from the inflation indices on appointing Mervyn King, as the new Bank of England Governor, who not having the power of incumbency, could only mildly protest to the press at this "moving of the goal posts" (but with what intent?). Brown clearly knew the consequences as he apparently did not attempt to profit from the ensuing mad price escalation of property prices, unlike his more naive supposed boss next door. Global Civil Society requires the destruction of the nation state and parliamentary democracy, as detailed by Professor Keane in his book. Brown as PM, stating this as his aim in Boston yesterday, appears to accept that destruction of the economy might also have been a necessity to speed the process, we cannot judge his motives merely his actions. Certainly an amendment of the treason legislation must have been a necessary precondition or at least a sensible precaution in the event of failure, which today unhappily appears unlikely. Readers must make their own minds up, if they decide that Brown's actions have indeed been questionable they must then decide how to proceed! I suggest watching this video clip of the celebrations of the EU's leaders in triumphing their agreement on the unread and unreadable EU Reform Treaty, signed later in Lisbon, which if ratified will end the supremacy of 27 national parliaments and finish Popperian democracy across the EU. The objectives of fascists and tyrants down the centuries achieved at a stroke.

Celebrating the death of Democracy and the end of parliamentary supremacy.

Only the Irish, it seems, can save us now unless Brown is replaced!

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Friday, April 18, 2008

Gordon Brown in Boston - a dangerous Global Civic Society Fanatic

I have just had the uncomfortable experience of watching Gordon Brown deliver a speech on Foreign Affairs from the Kennedy Library in Boston. I will link the text here when it comes available. Suffice it to say in summary - Look out world -DANGER! (Possibly only because there is a lunatic on the loose!)


End of Nations - the EU and the Lisbon Treaty

I have been trying to find a link to this video that functions correctly for some days. Here it is thanks to John Trenchard, click here.


Brown "bust"

The following was the headline to a post on "Ironies" in 2003:

Sunday, July 06, 2003

Brown's Bust coming soon to a family like yours


Gordon Brown in list of 10 least talented Britons

Britain's Least Talented list: 1 Chanelle Hayes 2 Heather Mills 3 Victoria Beckham 4 Peaches Geldof 5 Kerry Katona 6 Calum Best 7 Pete Doherty 8 Coleen McLoughlin 9 Kelly Osbourne 10 Gordon Brown


Treasures from the threads - number twelve

This comment was just one of a huge tide of outrage against Vapid Cameron's extraordinarily weak column in today's Telegraph, linked here: Is that it? What about the EU Mr. Cameron and the model of excessive government that comes with it? What are you going to do about that? Hope it all goes away? Frightened of giving too much away? Labour is finished - you can be bolder than this. For God's sake the country is almost in meltdown and this is the best you can come up with? It starts and ends with the EU. Excessive Immigration - from everywhere, supremacy of EU Law, regionalisation, UK break-up, the military covenant now broken under Labour, post office closure, police in bureaucratic meltdown, NHS blinded by bean counters and process junkies, 10 billion a year into EU coffers - while the French snigger up their sleeves selling us nuclear reactors we invented and clogging our service station with Evian water from Eastern France. The Germans sitting on their hands watching a once proud nation unable to build ships, cars, trains or anything else for that matter because we thought the City would be enough. Why? Outside of the EU we can prosper and make our own laws again to suit business and us - the British, inside it we are doomed. We need to rekindle manufacturing industry, now we know what crooks the banking sector are, we can't rely on the "service" sector to keep the economy bouyant. Let's give bursaries for crunchy science and engineering subjects to kick start engineering and enterprise and make engineering THE top dollar profession. Green? Start reading the ICSC as an alternative to UN/EU BS. link Educate yourself before trying to educate the rest of us. Do it outside the EU - this is a twenties solution customs union road to nowhere. Where are are European "friends" in Afghanistan and Iraq? Mistake? try reading some Islamist websites and start to recognise the trouble we are in which will have to be FOUGHT. No more EU cheques until we see French and Germans on frontline service. Then give us that EU referendum - on Lisbon ConstiTreaty first, then we'll see. What happened to the Tories and HM Opposition? What a bl**dy mess. If you don't come up with something better than this you'll be lucky to get your majority. UKIP and BNP (Libertarian Right and Authoritarian Left respectively) are out there as protest votes and you ignore the gathering anger at your peril - you and the whole political class. Get real Cameron. Our country is f***** as it stands and we need real solutions and politicians with guts and determination. Posted by John Trent on April 18, 2008 7:52 AM


Thursday, April 17, 2008

Telegraph Comments refused my contribution on Boris

Surprise, Surprise! See the stuff they posted here!


English Democrat's London Challenge

The following is the conclusion to this week's Spectator column by Fraser Nelson, linked here: New political currents are flowing in this direction. Londoners turning on the evening television news last Friday would have seen an impassioned broadcast by the English Democrat party’s mayoral candidate, Matt O’Connor. He denounced Ken Livingstone as the stooge of a ‘Scottish-run government’ which apparently ‘rules over our capital with an iron fist’. He referred to the Prime Minister as ‘Gordon, “I’m all right, Jock” Brown’. He asked: ‘Why is it that students in Gordon Brown’s constituency do not pay university fees, but students in London do?’ This last question is precisely the one Mr Salmond wants raised. He is pursuing what one of his advisers once described to me as ‘Operation Rile The Daily Mail.’ This means flaunting Scotland’s spending advantage, splashing out on drugs not available south of the border and generally trying the patience of Middle England. His strategy is not to provoke nationalism, but to offend a sense of English fairness. The intellectual case for English independence was made powerfully some years ago by Simon Heffer in his prescient book Nor Shall My Sword. The cause might not drive many people to march on the streets; and the Union of 1707 may never be formally torn up as a result of a popular uprising on either side of the border. The greater risk is that it unravels in slow motion — not as a result of Scottish fervour, but English indifference.


My response to the BBC

The reply I received from the BBC is posted below. My reply has been sent as follows: Dear Mr Moss, Thanks for your reply which fails to address the issues raised. I know how the BBC justifies its allocation of PPBs. The effect is to place a gearing on democracy. A State funded broadcaster which sees fit to to devote part of its output to threaten its paying public hardly seems fit to be given such powers. There can be only one basis for allocation of public broadcast time in an election in a properly functioning democracy and that would be on the basis of the total number of candidates running. Equal candidate numbers should provide equal air time. Perhaps you will answer these specific questions: The Tuesday night programme was billed as a public debate, how could the public attend? Did any of the Mayoral candidates request to at least be part of the audience? Was consideration given to inviting such other candidates by the Corporation which presumably employs you? As my complaint was received well before the programme complained of was either prepared or aired - was any meeting or discussion held to consider inviting other Mayoral candidates either to the panel or to the audience? Do you not feel your present employment somewhat demeaning? Martin Cole Later update; Predictably enough, I suppose, I received the following - Can I be bothered to continue? No, I cannot! This is an automated response from BBC Complaints. We are sorry, but our email system can only receive your email if it is submitted using our pre-formatted webform. We realise this is an inconvenience, but webforms allow us to manage the many emails we receive each day more efficiently and this makes best use of the Licence Fee. Please resend your reply or message using the webform at If we have previously given you a reference number, please include this. Thank you BBC Complaints

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EU lies over leaked memo

The report from Ireland is here. Barroso is expected to continue distorting reality when he is in Dublin today according to the report linked here.


BBC Complaint response

I have received the following response from the BBC regarding my complaint, linked here: Dear Mr Cole Thanks for your e-mail. I understand that you are unhappy with the fact that BBC One programme 'London Decides: The Mayoral Debate' only included three candidates when there are ten fully registered candidates taking part in the mayoral election. I also note that you feel allocation of party political broadcasts is arbitrary. To address the issue of the inclusion of three particular candidates in this broadcast, I can tell you that our responsibility to provide comprehensive, authoritative and impartial coverage of news and current affairs in the United Kingdom comes particularly under the spotlight during the election campaigns. In the interests of fairness, the BBC makes a distinction between those parties or candidates with previous electoral success or significant current support, and other candidates. Political parties which have had the most significant previous support receive the widest coverage; however, other less major but established parties - such as the UK Independence Party and the Green Party - are also guaranteed coverage. Candidates who would be considered minor and have had no proven previous electoral support do not receive parity of coverage with more established smaller parties. With reference to your comments on party political broadcasts, we have an obligation to make airtime available for these broadcasts during local and general election campaigns. However, the broadcasts are produced by the parties themselves at their own expense. Neither the BBC, nor the independent broadcasters, are responsible for their content and their transmission does not imply our support for the views contained in them. The BBC is always under close scrutiny from every direction, but never more so than during elections. We are confident that the BBC's very strict guidelines are being adhered to during our coverage of the London Mayoral race. I can add that there is also in-depth coverage of each of the candidates on the BBC London website: However I would like to assure you that we have registered your comments on our audience log. This is the internal report of audience feedback which we compile daily for all programme makers and commissioning executives within the BBC, and also their senior management. It ensures that your points, and all other comments we receive, are circulated and considered across the BBC. Feedback of this nature helps us when making decisions about future BBC services and your comments will play a part in this process. Thanks once again for taking the time to contact us with your views. Regards Sean Moss BBC Complaints Some of my readers may find this satisfactory, but for me it totally fails to address the problem of how electors are supposed to make informed second choices, the nub of the matter in the London Mayoral election procedure. I must stand by my posting made earlier today.


Irish summary of the British Government's perfidy on Lisbon

This summary for the Irish describes the Labour and Liberal Democrat treachery very nicely, read it here.


London Mayoral elections

The BBC does know there are ten candidates for London Mayor as may be seen on their own web site, read here. So why did they only invite three to their Tuesday evening BBC 1 TV debate? More here. The BBC are also aware that first and second choice votes can be crucial, the first link above ends as follows: If none of the mayoral candidates gets more than 50% of votes at the first count, all but the top two candidates are knocked out and their second preference votes shared out. Their deposits are refunded if they get 5% of first-choice votes. Several candidates are also standing for a seat on the London Assembly, made up of 14 constituency members and 11 on the London-wide "top up" list - elected by proportional representation. So it would be perfectly feasible to cast a protest vote for one of the seven smaller party candidates but back that up with a second choice major party candidate if convinced that only politicians from the corrupt establishment are capable of governance. BUT most Londoners I speak too are unaware there are more than three candidates AND that must be as a result of the conspiracy of silence by the BBC and most of the remaining mainstream media! As I said this is outrageous!


The conspiracy further described

Bruno Waterfield's blog on the Telegraph site is becoming almost as good as the real thing! The following is the concluding paragraph of a letter he leaks, but the entire posting is worth reading in full and his so-called blog worth visiting on a regular basis. “It would therefore appear highly advisable that any document concerning the implementation of the Treaty of Lisbon which examines politically sensitive matters be examined only when it becomes sufficiently clear that the treaty will enter into force.” Doubt precious doubt!!!!!!

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Brown in real danger - 74 MPs to rebel

The Independent has the good news in a report linked here. The individual I tipped to replace Brown by the end of this year has yet to be mentioned in the press gossip of most likely contenders, but mini-Benn comes from a pedigree unlikely to accept the Lisbon Treaty without the promised referendum. Can Brown now hang on long enough to force through this disgraceful Treaty as his former boss instructed and they jointly connived over the resignation timetable. Each day that passes the EU takes on more fascist trappings. I will try to paste a picture of the ridiculous number of EU flags on display at the Press Briefing for the Iraqi PM yesterday to place here later! Click here for copyrighted image.

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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Chink of light from Czech Senate

The following, full report linked here, is just in:

The committee in the end agreed neither on the approval of the Lisbon treaty nor on its assessment by the Constitutional Court that another two committees proposed.

The Senate will take these recommendations into consideration during the debate on the treaty next week.

The Lisbon treaty that replaced the European constitution which France and the Netherlands rejected in referendums will take affect only if all EU member states ratify it.

Senate constitutional-legal committee head Jaroslav Kubera (ODS) proposed that the EU reform treaty be rejected since it is nothing but a "disguised" European constitution and it reckons with "eternal socialism" in Europe.

"We entered another European Union, this Union has started behaving like a state. We must send a signal to Brussels, showing that we are still capable," Kubera said.

"If it is true that we must say yes, then it is better to leave the Union, since this is an absolute absence of democracy," he added.

Legal experts have expressed different opinions about the EU treaty being in harmony with the Czech constitution, Kubera pointed out, adding that the member states' constitutions have been modified over EU integration since the 1950s.

Another three party colleagues supported Kubera's stance.


Can Britain afford a 'pyschopath' Prime Minister

The headline of this post is this morning the BIG question for Britain's Labour Party? Gordon Brown is presently on a visit to the USA and coups against autocratic or unstable rulers while they are away from home are often the best opportunity for cowed supporters to finally act. My question is prompted by an article in the pages of this morning's Daily Telegraph, linked here, by regular columnist Simon Heffer. He writes: "I do not think Mr Brown is dishonest. I think he is blinkered by sociopathy,". My dictionary defines sociopath as "another name for a pyschopath", which itself is defined as "a person afflicted with a personality disorder characterized by a tendency to commit antisocial and sometimes violent acts and a failure to feel guilt for such acts". I cannot recall an incumbent Prime Minister having been accused of such a condition in a national daily broadsheet within my lifetime. What is the Labour Party now going to do - sue or substitute? Surely the matter cannot be allowed to rest as it stands?

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Flat Broke

There was an extraordinary TV programme in Britain on Monday evening which surprisingly received no further media coverage as far as I could discover throughout yesterday. It was titled, as is this posting, 'Flat Broke' and mainly recounted the plight of an apparently single mother with a very young baby who lived in the South of England but had (unseen) invested in flats to rent last year, two in Bury and two in Manchester all priced about halfway between 100,000 and 200,000 pounds. It followed an auction of one such flat, apparently with a sitting tenant paying monthly rent just below five hundred pounds, two bedroomed, two bathroomed which failed to attract any bids at ninety thousand, then eighty thousand and finally seventy thousand pounds and was hence withdrawn from the bidding. At least Hamish Macrae in The Independent this morning is one commentator prepared to address this meltdown, read here. Read the article then ask yourself this: Should the taxpayer spend more billions to bail out financial institutions of the kind who lent so much to this foolish woman, or should they be allowed to follow her into bankruptcy?


Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Gordon Brown the Index Fiddler

This blog has always maintained Gordon Brown is an economic incompetent. As Britain shakes on the edge of an economic precipice, with the pound today hitting record lows against the euro, retail sales and property prices collapsing, the huge nature of the confidence trick played against the British public and the individual most clearly responsible can be seen by returning to this posting of mine on 'Ironies' from 13th August, 2003, linked here, from which I quote: .... the new Governor of the Bank of England, yesterday criticised the Government's decision to impose a new inflation target in a move that threatens to open a split between the Bank and Treasury. He said it was "strange" to have an inflation target that did not include house prices and warned it could be seen as "moving the goalposts". The deliberate non-indexing of hugely speculative house price increases, buy to let, etc., is all part of a gigantic confidence trick played against the British public by Tony Blair, Gordon Brown AND ALL their cabinet ministers! Of course if you had been reading my blogs you would already be aware of these facts!


Lest we forget Lisbon

A letter in today's The Scotsman, linked here:

Stop deceiving British people over EU treaty

The banks-induced turmoil in the money markets has expunged any further media reference to the Lisbon treaty, which the House of Commons treacherously approved recently.
This is the treaty that surrenders the last vestiges of British national sovereignty to the European Union. This is the treaty that the government mendaciously asserts is markedly different from the European Constitutional Treaty, upon which the British people were promised a referendum. It is instructional, therefore, to mark well the comments on the Lisbon treaty by the chief architect of the former constitutional treaty, Valery Giscard d'Estaing. He has affirmed that he has compared the text of the Lisbon treaty with the constitutional treaty and, to his surprise and great pleasure, the nine essential points of the constitutional treaty are repeated word for word in the Lisbon treaty. Not a comma has been changed. Surely it is time for our government to stop deceiving the people, publish the basic text of the Lisbon treaty and, by referendum, allow the people of this former democracy to decide whether they will be governed by their elected representatives or by foreign, unelected and undismissible bureaucrats. MM HENDERSON Endrick Gardens Balfron, Stirlingshire


EU to close Europe's oil refining and petrochemical industries

Killing off Britain's fisheries, starving the world with its new biofuels rules incompetently enforced as usual from today in Britain and now forcing Europe's refining industry to foreign lands, read the warning from Shell' Chief Executive in this morning's The Times, from here - is there no idiocy of which these corrupt Eurocrats, Commissioners and MEPs are not capable? Filling their expense statements and calculating their tax free pensions seems their sole interest, a pattern our own Westminster administrators seem now to have completely aped! It is almost impossible to now know who, if anyone is responsible for most law and regulation, thus none can be held accountable. Voting for no party that has held or shared in power for the past 30 years seems the only sensible option.


Monday, April 14, 2008

Euronews TV and Carla Del Ponte

I am quick to criticise the mainstream media when it ignores major issues, so feel bound to give praise when it does not. The EuroNews TV news network on its bulletins this afternoon is providing a basically balanced report on the new book from Carla Del Ponte, former war crimes prosecutor, (which has been the subject of several posts on this blog) regarding a trade in human organs from Serbs captured by Kosovans. Well done, the British independent TV media remains totally shamed!


German pressure on neutral Ireland to deny Europe Democracy

The headline to this posting sounds like something that might have been published in some of the gravest hours of Europe's past during the dark days of German oppression in World War II. Unhappily it relates to a headline from this very day in 2008 - and just a taste of one of many in both the South and also the North of Ireland:

Merkel in Dublin to push for 'yes' vote in Lisbon poll

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The Grubby EU post-Lisbon already takes shape

Bruno Waterfield's Telegraph blog reports the decadence and thus the need for secrecy, read from here. A taster: So important and advanced is this discussion that José Manuel Barroso, the European Commission President felt the need to ask for a dinner (informal, not attributable and secret) with ambassadors, this took place on Tuesday. He, and others in the Commission, are concerned that the new EU President is going to be far more than a figurehead or a backroom boy. There will be winners and losers. The Commission is worried.


BBC Outrage against Democracy

At 1035 pm tomorrow evening the BBC 1 London TV station will broadcast a programme hosted by Andrew Neil where an audience of Londoners will put their questions to three of the London Mayoral candidates - Boris Johnson, Ken Livingstone and Brian Paddick in a special debate. There are ten properly registered candidates for the post of London Mayor and it is absolutely unacceptable that the other seven candidates should be excluded from any such publicly funded forum. See the full candidate list from the Electoral Commission site linked here. The BBC have for years suppressed free democratic debate in the country through their abitrary allocation of Party Political Broadcasts as I learnt first hand when representing Veritas in seeking a fair hearing in the run-up to the last General Election campaign - notably, following which election, the funding of the BBC for many years ahead was scheduled for review. All the tired old arguments used by the BBC to keep their particular paymasters in power cannot be trotted out for an election of a London Mayor. Each candidate should be allowed to stand on their merits, why else would first or second choice selections be permitted? There is no history of votes stretching back centuries allowing their normally spurious arguments to be put forth! Andrew Neil should be thoroughly ashamed of himself for agreeing to host such a Goebbels style propagandafest for the continuing anti-democratic three-party allocation of publicly funded offices. Contact Mr Neil and/or the BBC direct to protest at this latest outrage, which follows months of silence by the BBC on the democracy destroying Lisbon Treaty on which two parties' candidates represented in this debate have clearly reneged on election manifesto promises. Update at Midday. This posting has been forwarded in its entirety to the BBC Complaints Department. Others may quote it in their own complaints if they wish.

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Common community corporate taxes increase hopes for an Irish NO

Press coverage from Dublin is linked here. The following quote is key: In extraordinarily undiplomatic remarks to the Irish Times last week, French Finance Minister Christine Lagarde indicated that she would be pressing ahead with plans to agree a common method of computing EU taxes. Apparently dismissing Irish concerns about the issue, she added she hadn’t met any Irish people afraid of anything. Well, Lagarde may well be underestimating the deep fears of the Irish business community in relation to the Kovacs proposals.

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English Democrat's Matt O'Connor lying in 3rd Place

Matt O'Connor the London Mayoral Candidate is lying in third place this morning with 17 days to go to the actual poll. The 1st/2nd Choice voting system finally gives a chance for UK electors to show their complete disgust and contempt for the existing and established three main parties, and with seventeen days to go there is plenty of scope for momentum to build between one or more of the independent candidates. The English Democrats PPB screened last Friday evening made some powerful points and Matt may well be the first choice of many voters. The UKIP nationwide PPB goes out tonight. Remember the message to Labour/Conservatives and the Lib?dems will be all the stronger if it is rammed home across the long suffering country. The poll reported in MSN News is linked here and stated: "A separate online poll of more than 5,000 MSN users showed Conservative candidate Boris Johnson leading the field with 58% of the vote, while the incumbent Ken Livingstone trailed a distant second with 14%. In third place was Matt O’Connor of the English Democrats on 11%, with fourth place in the popularity stakes going to Lib Dem candidate Brian Paddick with 5%."


Sunday, April 13, 2008

Labour Government in Meltdown?

The following is from today's Sunday Times, linked here: IF the morale of a political party can be measured in the number of inquiries made to the trustees of the parliamentary pension scheme, then Labour is at rock bottom. “I know of many MPs in marginal seats who have quietly been in touch to find out how much their retirement income would be if they stepped down at the next election,” one backbencher said. “Others are thinking about retraining to go back into the careers they left when they came into the Commons, such as teaching and social work.” MPs who retire on grounds of sickness are given special dispensation to claim their full pension before they reach the age of 65. Several have made inquiries about whether it would be possible for them to quit the Commons on grounds of ill health — before voters eject them via the ballot box. Exactly!! This is the problem of the past ten years, nicely encapsulated in a sentence: “Others are thinking about retraining to go back into the careers they left when they came into the Commons, such as teaching and social work.” Are teachers and social workers what is needed to run the Country? Especially if they even need retraining to return to those tasks! HAS NOT THREE TERMS IN THE COMMONS NOT GIVEN THEM ANY EXPERIENCE OTHER THAN COUNTING THEIR TAX-PAYER FUNDED PENSIONS? DO NOT VOTE FOR CANDIDATES OF THE THREE MAIN CORRUPT AND INCOMPETENT PARTIES ON FIRST MAY. IF YOU DO YOU WILL CONTINUE TO DESERVE WHAT YOU PRESENTLY SEEM DOOMED TO CONTINUE TO GET!

Register to vote and end 'Buggin's Turn' Politics.

Registration campaign *

Registration deadline looms

for 1 May elections

There are local elections across Wales and parts of England, as well as the Greater London Authority election on 1 May. Don't forget you have to register before you can vote in these elections. The deadline to register to vote is 16 April.

Visit the Electoral Commission for more information or click here. If you think the country of the UK is in a bit of a mess, only you the voter can change things. If you are over eighteen, register to vote immediately, and cast your vote on 1st May for any candidate but a representative of the three main parties whose self-serving corruption of democracy has plunged our nation into these dire times. This is especially true in London where there are several independent candidates running, the candidates of the three main parties are to say the least seriously defective and the option to give a second (independent) preference gives a prime opportunity to break from the first past the post induced two party dictatorship. The state puppet BBC is trying to thwart this opportunity at every turn, not least next Tuesday evening on BBC 1 when only the three main party candidates are invited to a Mayoral Election special. Major losses to Labour and the ramming home to Cameron and his team of 'Hooray Henries' that governance is not their birthright, while impressing upon Nick Clegg that breaking clear electoral promises does not pay, might just prove the new beginning the nation so desperately needs. Labour, Conservatives , the Liberal Democrats, the BBC and ITV need to be shown that enough is enough. An Independent London Mayor and major council seat losses up and down the country could do just that!


Saturday, April 12, 2008

Low life government ministers

To appreciate the contemptible natures of the creatures now filling the Cabinet of Brown's government, listen from nine minutes into this clip from this morning's BBC Radio Four 'Today' programme interview with the Scot in charge of the Ministry of Defence: Shameless obfuscation from a conscienceless squaddie sacrificer.


Friday, April 11, 2008

The EU world hunger and biofuels

I promised earlier today to blog on this topic later today. No real need now as Andrew Bounds on his FT blog has done the job for me. Read it here. I will pose these questions though: If twenty-seven independent European countries make their own policies and some get it wrong - will that impact the world? "If twenty-seven European countries band together and appoint corrupt incompetents to run things and they consistently get everything wrong - could that impact the world" Don't know? Don't want to confront the truth? Then try this one,why did the EU Commission recently rename its Directorate for Fisheries to DG MARE, read here - because of course there are hardly any fish left in the waters under corrupt EU control, due to total and absolute incompetence compounded by treachery for making fish a common resource on the eve of 'Traitor Heath' signing up to Europe.

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English Democrats Election Broadcast for this evening

Naturally only the candidates for the three main parties receive any detailed coverage in London's so-called free and fair Mayoral election. This evening one of the minor party's contenders will be granted an election broadcast which is now available on YouTube.

Palace and Jet Plane for EU's 'Emperor'

No wonder the Prime Minister's of the EU's former country's are so keen to dump their democracies and peoples, read here.


Treasures from the Threads - Number eleven

The Times columnist Gerry Baker, linked here, pontificates on Democracy as if it were alive and well in Britain. This response from Athens nails him nicely: Living in Athens where the idea of democracy as we know it today was born I can only weep at its removal from the political world. Yes, China deserves what it's getting but not seeing since the protests are censured from the TV screens - but look much closer to home. A new EU treaty was brought into existence without the direct consent of the peoples of Europe, except for the Irish. Leaders who promised their electorate a vote on the issue reneged and some were blatantly honest in their skulduggery in admitting that if they asked their electorate the treaty would have been defeated. The EU is now a vast bureaucracy attended by an ineffective and inefficient body politic. America for all her faults and mistakes - Iraq being its most egregious - is still the safeguard of democracy as the ancient Athenians conceived it. Gordon Brown is now recognised worldwide as a clown not only because he can't negotiate a table but because he sold his democratic inheritance for a bauble of power. Dr David Green, Athens, Greece


British press finally report Del Ponte's Allegations

The Daily Telegraph, linked here, finally gives coverage to the allegations of human organ harvesting in Carla Del Ponte's book launched last weekend, which this blog has been reporting for some time, read here, here and here. The shocking allegations in the book quoted by the Telegraph further emphasise the disastrous foreign policy error by Javier Solana on behalf of the EU in recognising breakaway Kosovo, as I blogged here, here, here, here, here and here. Some of the report is quoted here:

According to the sources, senior figures in the Kosovo Liberation Army were aware of the scheme, in which hundreds of young Serbs were allegedly taken by truck from Kosovo to northern Albania where their organs were removed. Miss Del Ponte provides grim details of the alleged organ harvesting, and of how some prisoners were sewn up after having kidneys removed.

"The victims, deprived of a kidney, were then locked up again, inside the barracks, until the moment they were killed for other vital organs. In this way, the other prisoners were aware of the fate that awaited them, and according to the source, pleaded, terrified, to be killed immediately," Miss Del Ponte writes.

The claims in The Hunt: Me and War Criminals have renewed tensions between Serbia and its former province of Kosovo, which declared independence two months ago. In it, the Swiss ex-prosecutor reveals how her efforts to bring alleged war criminals to justice were stymied by lack of co-operation from all sides - Serb, Albanian and even Nato. But it is her report of the organ traffic that has caused most shock, even in a region long hardened to horror.

Vladan Batic, Serbia's former justice minister, said: "If her allegations are true, then this is the most monstrous crime since the times of Mengele, and it must be made a priority, not only of the domestic judiciary but also of the Hague Tribunal." The book reports a visit by Hague tribunal investigators to a house south of the Albanian town of Burrel where they found traces of blood across a wide area, as well as medical equipment. "The investigators found pieces of gauze, a used syringe and two plastic IV bags encrusted with mud and empty bottles of medicine, some of which was of a muscle relaxant often used in surgical operations," she writes. However, she concludes that the finds do not amount to sufficient proof for a war crimes tribunal. In Belgrade, the Serbian capital, an association of families of Serbs still listed as missing since the Kosovo war, said it would sue Miss Del Ponte, alleging that she had failed to act over the alleged organ-farming scandal. Serbia's war crimes office announced it had opened its own investigation. Remember in reading the above, this is not idle journalistic speculation, but the words of the UN's chief prosecutor of war crimes in the Balkans.

More on the role of the EU in driving the world to depravity and injustice when I blog on the growing food shortages due to the biofuels programme as pushed by the increasingly decadent EU.

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Slovakia ratifies and Polish President signs up to Lisbon Treaty

The democracy crushing steamroller grinds on across the EU as Slovakia becomes the ninth of the 27 member states to sign away their parliamentary democracy for the financial gains of their governing political parties - there can be no other explanation. One report is here.


Thursday, April 10, 2008

Czech Senate to send Lisbon Treaty to Constitutional Court

It is impossible to believe this EU Reform Treaty does not have drastic constitutional implications for all the nations of the EU so this report today is both very good news and extra welcome as the first piece of responsibilty from an EU member states' parliamentary chambers for a long while. Read the report from here.


Olympic Torch relay problems, Kosovo, Anschluss

Funny how things sometimes seem to come together as if by an irresistible magnetism. All the items in my headline for this posting have been separately mentioned on my blog in the past few days. Coincidence perhaps? The Olympic Torch relay was devised by Adolf Hitler for the Berlin Olympics in 1936, read here. The first torch relay passed through the Balkans to demonstrate growing German power and influence. Why does the modern world permit its continuation? Perhaps the blue boiler suited bully boys escorting the torch on its present relay will bring the reality home and cause the death of this and various other gut wrenching excesses of the modern olympic movement. The 2012 London Olympics, which now are clearly unaffordable in a crisis ridden Britain, would be a suitable cancellation moment, rather than a pointless avoidance of the Beijing opening ceremony. The Kosovo independence handling by Javier Solana has been a clear fiasco also of massive proportions and horrifying historical connections as we are reminded in the article linked above in describing the Olympic rings as follows: Originally, they were designed in 1913 by Pierre de Coubertin, founder of the IOC and father of the modern Olympic movement, for a 1914 World Olympic Congress in Paris. They were supposed to symbolize the first five Olympics, but the congress disbanded when Archduke Ferdinand of Austria was assassinated in Sarajevo, triggering World War I. It was not the writer of this blog who likened yesterday's passage of the Lisbon Treaty through the Austrian Parliament to the Anschluss, when Hitler effectively took over Austria, but an Austrian politician Herr Strache of the FPÖ. Once again, however, we are forced to return our thoughts to the years leading to the two world wars of the 20th century. Ironies is the title of this blog and it will continue to highlight them as they occur!

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Britain's financial disaster could finish Brown and win EU Reform referendum

The ten year disaster that has been Gordon Brown's management of Britain's economy as chronicled on this blog since 2003 is finally gaining worldwide recognition. Read the Telegraph article on the IMF report here, the Guardian headlines its report 'Worst crisis since Great Depression' here and even Anatole Kaletsky in the Times here forecasts a 30 per cent crash in house prices which will certainly finish off the wierd creature presently occupying 10 Downing Street and any successor could not possibly start to cope with the crisis repeating the disgusting lie that the EU Reform Treaty and the Constitutional Treaty are not almost totally identical. Every cloud therefore has a silver lining. The econmy collapses but our democracy gets a second chance! A maintenance of present levels of interest rates by The Bank of England or a rise today would be the first sign some sanity is returning. A drop in rates will have no effect on mortgages and lead to further falls for sterling.

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Media censorship law's passage in Slovakia could block Lisbon Treaty

The best report on this is in the IHT which is linked from here. The crux is summarised in this passage: in protest at the legislation, Slovak opposition lawmakers walked out of Parliament three times when votes on the new EU treaty were scheduled. The government coalition is five votes short of the 90 necessary for the EU treaty to be ratified in the parliament. The treaty, a stripped-down version of the European Constitution that collapsed when France and the Netherlands rejected it, is meant to streamline the way the European Union operates It was not clear Wednesday when the parliament could vote on the treaty.


Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Austrian Assembly approves Treaty

A depressing moment, link to the report is here, one politician compared this moment to the Anschluss.

Ireland fights EU Reform Treaty with a well worded song

Evil men INDEED


Former Polish Parliament Speaker suggests ratification delay

The former Speaker sensibly points out that if the Polish President delays signing the Lisbon Treaty until after the Irish Referendum a NO vote would allow renegotiation. Read Here. An Irish No looked much liklier yesterday as French Economy Minister Christine Lagarde said yesterday regarding harmonising Corporate Taxes across the EU during their Presidency which starts in July "It has been going on for a long time but this is one issue that we are determined to push". Reaction in Ireland is reported here, "Ireland in tailspin over EU Tax pledge".


Insider dealing at the Airbus parent.

The report in today's IHT, linked here, on a leaked document from Autorité des Marchés Financiers, or AMF, against 17 individuals who it says reaped a combined €20 million, or $31.4 million, in profits while having access to insider information should be read in full for it also contains criticism of the two largest corporate shareholders who each sold off some 7.5 per cent of their shareholdings. The whole rotten EU construction is supported by European controlled big businesses who must be held as accountable as Microsoft if there is the be the slightest chance of the EU continuing to be tolerated in the disastrous event of the Lisbon Treaty being fully ratified. The Airbus is one of the corrupt EU flagship projects, if it is seen to be publicly subsidised for the occasional improper benefit of the French Corporate giants Lagardère and the German carmaker Daimler then there will be even less reason for individuals to suffer the growing regulation and economic degradation caused by the activities of the bureaucratic monstrosity that is the EU. Surely the elected representatives of the people in one of Europe's parliaments is sufficiently attuned to reality to kill off this Lisbon Treaty or are they all well and truly BOUGHT? Every day, as recorded on this blog, the evidence builds that the EU is Europe's and possibly the world's worst enemy. In good times a resigned shrug might be understandable, but today with a looming world food crisis, energy price spiral, credit crunch and house price collapse each EU member state needs one person properly in charge and accountable, poor Britain only has Gordon Brown so they seem worse placed than most! Instead the EU looks set for months of power struggles as the three Presidents battle for their positions in the pecking order, only by kicking out the Lisbon Treaty can such a farce be avoided. More of this appeared on Euractiv yesterday, linked here, titled "The Lisbon Treaty: Playing Presidential poker?"

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