Friday, February 29, 2008

Secret Big Brother Committee - Too COSI by half

Read Bruno Waterfields latest blog, SCAAARIEEEE, it concludes as follows: Next week the House of Commons will take critical steps to ratify the Treaty and the COSI case is clear warning that MPs will not be fully in the picture as to what they have signed us all up to. Secret internal EU documents, circulated almost three years ago, admitted that “the exact nature of the committee cannot be discerned by reading” the relevant clause of the Treaty - and no new work to clarify the issue has been carried out since. Now EU officialdom is classifying texts that would help us make up our minds. What have they got to hide?

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Britain's shamed media and Establishment

Yesterday I slammed our MPs for preparing to sell out their country and participating in a massive fraud against their electors; contrary to clearly stated promises made by their own political parties at the time of the last election. Read here. Can any fair and open-minded person looking at the media's silence over Prince Harry's deployment to Afghanistan not question whether a similar conspiracy of silence is not in operation over the negotiation and passage through parliament of the EU constitutional treaty, which involves institutional lying on a wide scale and the clear conspiracy of two prime ministers and two foreign ministers to sneak this treaty through? I was born in 1944 and therefore spent my childhood in an era of hope and opportunity where anything should have been possible. It is my immediate peers who should now be reaching the peak of their powers as they pass their last active years ahead of the normal retirement age. My contemporaries should now be in positions of the highest authority, whether it be in Parliament, the Civil Service, Judges Chambers, Multinational Boardrooms, Media Offices, or indeed as eminent gris to the Armed Services - not just in the UK but all over the English- speaking world that still to this day so closely interacts. Are they really now going to continue to remain silent as democracy is thus destroyed? Next Wednesday the British House of Commons will vote on this Treaty that will destroy the democratic rule of 27 national parliaments across almost the entire European peninsula and many of its offshore islands. Britain with a silenced fourth estate and therefore under this authoritarian government on the edge of a petty tyranny; one which plans to now hand power for eternity to an even greater tyranny based somewhere upon the Continent. When Europe loses its freedoms the rest of the world is unlikely to escape unscathed. Are my contempories, as they prepare for their no doubt very comfortable retirements, really going to allow this outrage against the freedom and liberties of the European people, for which our fathers and grandfathers so bloodily fought, be secretively and treacherously destroyed in this outrageous manner? Is the two minutes or so devoted by the BBC on the Radio 4 programme this morning (the first critical mention of these proceedings) all we are to hear from Britain's state broadcaster on this outrage? It all seems to be so, and I hang my head in shame!

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Thursday, February 28, 2008

DANGER - the Anti-Constitution

The conclusion from an interesting post on EurSOC is quoted here:

The Lisbon treaty, however, could prove a step too far. There is no real precedent for what is being done, other than it would be safe to say that no country that has dismantled a constitutional democracy in favour of something else - even if ‘it seemed a good idea at the time’ - has ever escaped the unpleasant fate of draconian government or even war.

We should have learnt our lessons from the past. Those with the responsibility of building Europe and those in positions of power in national governments are taking an enormous risk on our behalf. Lets hope they have a Plan B as it is doubtful that there is a universal popular mandate for what the Lisbon Treaty represents.

Ultimately Europe cannot be built without its people. If constitutional change in this extreme form is forced upon them, then it will crumble: That is also a lesson from history. Bring Europeans along with you, discussing every step of the constitutional development, consulting (and not just with hand-picked NGOs, who rely on the EU for funding) and calling plebiscites when necessary, and the results will be very different.

Forcing through sneaky, ambiguous and confusing treaties that undermine the national democracies is not the way to make friends. A more open and more engaging approach would be appreciated by most, if not all Europeans. If this Europe has to be built, then let it be built on the fundamentals and standards that most Europeans expect: we are, are we not, free people?

Free! My foot.... the real questionnow is .....are we even anymore people? People, as in individuals with their own powers of reason? I think not!


Fire at the Bacton InterConnector

Any who recall my trying to get this topic on the Veritas election agenda or have closely read my blogs down the years will realise the significance I have attached to this news. On the other hand, maybe Britain still has not wised up and it really is an accident!

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Two question referendum amendment accepted

The Liberal/Democrat bluff on an EU referendum on withdrawal from the EU seems to have been called by Labour MP Ian Davidson who has had an amendment posing one question on withdrawal and one on the Lisbon Treaty's acceptability selected for debate. Unhappily, as I read his amendment, the question to be posed on the UK totally withdrawing puts the process under the constraints of the Lisbon Treaty, the only such portion being enacted. One of the biggest arguments against the Lisbon Treaty is that a country wishing to leave can only do so upon terms laid down by the remaining states. This is a clever trap and although the intent is good substantial re-drafting seems required. Nevertheless as laid down a probable result would most likely be the UK staying in with the Lisbon exit clause but nothing else - an apparently impossible scenario for the other member states! As the EU Parliament has already refused to respect the Irish referendum result they would presumably treat a UK NO the same way - so we are left hoping for a parliamentary non-ratification which seems ever more distant following the Polish parliament's approval today!

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'Rather powerless' EU Parliament President

History surely has something to teach us about powerful German's who claim they lack authority? Listen to the interview at 0718 this morning on the BBC Radio 4 Today programme when Dr Hans-Gert Poettering, President of the European Parliament, German Christian Democrat MEP and recently head of the EPP group to which David Cameron's Conservative Party STILL belongs, claims powerlessness, when asked at the LSE yesterday evening about releasing the report on MEP expenses fraud, for which a Labour MEP claims he has the full ability and responsibility, from the Listen Again facility(starts about 16 minutes into the clip), linked here. A brief extract: "I cannot take the decision just to please you................... ..........its not my decision, I might have influence but am rather powerless"

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For Labour/LibDem MPs 5th March is their date with destiny

Unsurprisingly there has been no minor political party in Britain yet prepared to step forward and accept this blog's challenge to make it their policy to withdraw parliamentary pensions from MPs voting against next week's referendum amendment who were elected on their party's exactly opposite policy. Labour MPs fearfully obeying their party's three line whip on this matter should perhaps wake themselves to a far greater danger. Down the years to come, as the reality of our lost democracy and poverty caused by oppressive foreign rule and control becomes daily clearer, their names will remain perpetually on the record, invitingly offering themselves as scapegoats to new governments charged with resolving the damage caused by these MPs' treachery. When I wrote my novel 'Millennium Blitzkrieg' a dozen or more years ago, predicting the oncoming disaster for the year 2014 few believed what I foretold was ever remotely possible. Now, if anything, the timetable seems to be coming forward and my direst forebodings seem comparatively mild. In another twelve years or so your typical Labour or Lib/Dem MP, contemplating this weekend the treachery being proposed by their party leaders will almost certainly regret the stain their names will carry after next week. Use the extra day afforded by this leap year to think again! When the totalitarian jackboot is clearly pushed down on Britain's neck for all the presently thoughtless voters to clearly see and suffer the consequences of their lost democracy and economic clout, then perhaps those responsible now staining the benches and polluting the air of the House of Commons with their presence, might well ponder that breaking a three line whip would have been as nothing compared with the outrage and potential economic consequences they might down the years then rightfully face. Elsewhere across Europe, democratically elected parliamentarians should ponder the same! After all, as I posted yesterday, it is only now in France that some real anger is evident and petitions being raised - AFTER THE REALITY OF THE PARLIAMENTARY RATIFICATION OF THE LISBON TREATY- only now that the true depth of the betrayal is being understood. The internet will ensure that the voting record will be retained and readily available for all time! MPs! Think well before you vote, ten years is nothing in politics, when do you hope for your pension after a lifetime of fiddling your expenses, will the suckers in the electorate still be prepared to pay when that time comes? What worth your non-receipted perks, extraordinary housing allowances and ill-gotten inflation linked pensions when you are all finally and fully rumbled? Dump Speaker Martin, allow a Referendum and regain some conscience, or else we all seem doomed!

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How could Conservative MEPs vote not to respect the result of Ireland's referendum?


Only one MEP Tory member of the EPP is reported to have supported this Amendment 32 which required the European Parliament to respect the result of the Irish Referendum.

Why are the Tories still members of the EPP, led by Hans-Gert Poettering who on Radio 4 this morning claimed powerlessness to publish details of fraud in the EU parliament.

How dare David Cameron continue the farce of the sham procedures in parliament on the Lisbon Treaty?

How dare David Cameron claim he favours a referendum for the people of Britain on this disgraceful Treaty, that he will not 'let matters rest there', yet allows his own party members in Strasbourg to vote to disregard the democratically voiced will of the Irish people should they choose to consign this constitution to the rubbish bin of history where it properly belongs in any institution pretending democratic credentials????

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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

French protest the Lisbon betrayal

The following petition is appearing in letter boxes across France. Roughly translated it is asking for signatures to the following:

No to the Treaty of Lisbon

Public petition against the adoption of the Treaty of Lisbon.

The european constitutional project was rejected by referendum in 2005 by around 55 % of the French. Today, under cover of a simplified treaty, Mr Sarkozy has signed in the name of France a new text which represents 99% of the constitution. Then Mr Sarkozy refused to submit this Treaty called 'Lisbon' to a referendum and has chosen to have it adopted in parliament. This act is a denial of democracy and a breaking of honour against the people of France.

All together we must say NON to this treason.

(Space for signatories)

Respect the Non of the French


BBC Betrayals to continue over Mass Lobby

The strategy of the State's mouthpiece, the BBC, for ignoring the Mass Lobby of Parliament today is becoming clear this morning. Their main coverage from early bulletins will be devoted to so-called E Day to save electricity, so far there has been no mention that I can find of the attempt by ordinary people to gain some say in their democratic future. UPDATE 1 At 0926 GMT the BBC posted this item on its internet website covering the Mass Lobby reporting on which was so noticeably absent from its earlier morning broadcast bulletins. I will be watching developments throughout the day, as I trust will many others. UPDATE 2 The BBC News 24 TV programme gave a five minute interview to Derek Scott the head of the "I want a referendum campaign" at 11:20 this morning.

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EU Parliament to ignore Irish referendum result. Africa trade disgrace

Comment on this disgraceful vote on Amendment 32 last week in Strasbourg is made on the Irish Liberty Forum is linked here. The disgrace of the new EU trade agreements with Africa is now even recognised within the evil empire, read here.

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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

A Clash of Cultures or Blind Hatred?

A "must view" video clip from Al Jazeera TV is linked from here.


Monday, February 25, 2008

Serbia to defy EU

The International Herald Tribune carries the latest news on the growing Balkan crisis, linked here. As I warned on this blog on Saturday 16th February, read again here, with the following words when the EU first proclaimed Kosovan independence: The world now enters a new and extremely dangerous era. One must wonder if the EU is really prepared for that upon which it has now embarked. I, of course, have many doubts its track record in every other endeavour having been one of almost complete failure. Now following the sacking of the US embassy in Belgrade, it is EU flags being burnt and their staff running scared from this creature of their own creation. See image from CBC Canada report linked here.


Dawn of totalitarianism's return

EU so-called parliamentarians attempt to silence publicity of opposition to Lisbon Treaty

If you experience difficulties in viewing this video from my blog try the link here or visit YouTube where a search for "Chicken Run in the EU Parliament" should work. More on this very grave matter can be found on The Huntsman blog, linked here.

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Labour Lies in Europe Minister's Constituency

As of course is now a purely routine matter for Foreign Office ministers Jim Murphy's constituency party has been accused of lying over the "I want a referendum" sounding on a referendum on the EU Reform Treaty, read here.

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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Threats from Berlin

Mysteriously enough this sabre rattling from Berlin by a M.N. Habbar, is as far as I can tell only published in the Khaleej Times, linked here. It provides a reasonably precise and concise history of Britain's time in the EU but makes some pretty strange observations towards its conclusion including this:

"No surprise then that the Brussels establishment see British voters as exceptionally ignorant and the British government as cowardly in making an effective case for Europe. Indeed, it has been hinted that Eurosceptics were acting in bad faith because if the referendum were lost, the EU would be hoist with more years of institutional wrangling. "Have the British contemplated a “worst case scenario” – an exit from the EU Club? Not a few would actually welcome it, especially those who view Britain as an exasperating obstacle to European unity. In case Britain is tempted, it should be a relief to know that the Lisbon treaty, for the first time, provides for just such a contingency. Valery Giscard d’Estaing, a former French president, and head of the drafting committee, has let it be known that any country that fails to ratify the Lisbon treaty should seek a special status or leave. More to the point, he has identified Britain as a likely candidate."

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Check how your representative is voting to end democracy

Track how your MP is voting on each stage of the debates in Parliament by using this website Or click here. Let it be known, any which way, that you will only vote for an MP that puts their own Country before the Union or, to put it another way, is true to the solemn Oath of Allegiance each MP makes to their Queen (Crown) and their own Country before they can take up their seat in Parliament (even though they have been allegedly democratically elected) and that THEY actually want to instigate the laws we are supposed to obey rather than allowing foreigners to do it for them. Abstaining is absolutely unforgivable. See how you MEP votes on this site. Or click here Abstaining is unforgivable here too. If you feel the same as many of us do, please forward to ALL on your list or as many people as you are able. Write letters to the MP and/or your local paper.


Foreign Office Lies over Negotiating the EU Reform Treaty

Read my archive blogs over the late summer and into the autumn for last year and again and again you will encounter Foreign Office Ministers denying there had been any negotiations of the EU Treaty before the June summit, even sometimes scoffing at the known existence of the "sherpas". (An example is linked here). Now read this report on the Treaty from Europolitics in pdf format from this link especially pages 38 and 39 titled: "Tales from inside a blue submarine ....." by Nicolas Gros-Verhyde The article concludes as follows: =================================================== The summit on the 18 and 19 October was therefore dominated by the final adjustments (an extra advocate-general for the other member states) and the Italian question (an extra MEP). Agreement was reached at 2:30 in the morning. “Never before has an ICG managed to finalise a text in five months”. The experts can breathe again. Their work is finished … for the time being. (Note: this article has been compiled based on a series of interviews with lawyers and diplomats from different member states and EU institutions between June and October 2007) ====================================== This provides proof positive that ministers have been consistently lying to Parliament and its select committees for months. Five months before mid-October brings us to mid-May when the Foreign Office repeatedly flatly denied ANY negotiations were underway as has been re-asserted by the present Secretary of State at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, David Miliband, MP. Look again at the entire document and immediately perceive the huge transfer of power, all obtained by a massive cospiracy designed to deprive Europe's citizens of their democracies and parliamentary representation. To achieve what? As Marta Andeasen pointed out on Radio 4 this morning (linked from the posting below) it all has to be, especially the convenient blackening of MEPs, so that the structural account mismanagement amounting apparently to one hundred and twenty billion euros a year can conveniently continue.

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The Sick, Sick, Sick Strasbourg Parliament

Listen to this, I will try to print some quotes below later today.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Spanish socialist Solana switches stance on Sovereign Soil

BRDO, Slovenia, Feb 22 (Reuters) - Turkey's land offensive into northern Iraq to hunt down Kurdish PKK guerrillas is not the best way for Ankara to deal with its concerns about attacks, EU foreign policy chief Javier Solana said on Friday. "We understand the concerns of Turkey ... but we think this action is not the best response. The territorial integrity of Iraq is for us very important," Solana told a news conference after a meeting of EU defence ministers in Slovenia. (Reporting by Mark John; Editing by Dale Hudson) Link

Sleaze pros

Britain's biggest selling tabloid, The Sun, sums things up well in its leader today, linked from here: Sleaze pros

EURO MPs are pulling off scams that make our own greedy MPs look like amateurs.

A shocking report into Brussels MPs’ expenses has been hidden in a bunker for fear it will destroy the EU Parliament’s authority.

Stories emerge of MPs helping themselves to £125,000 by pretending it is for office help.

They already boost their £62,000 salaries with lavish travel and attendance expenses.

Brussels is awash with corruption.

MPs cheerfully rob the public purse. Officials produce accounts so dodgy that not even the EU Commission’s own auditors will sign them off.

And at the heart of the EU is a discredited farming policy that positively encourages fraud on a massive scale. Picking up the bill are British taxpayers.

Gordon Brown has betrayed us by refusing a referendum on further EU integration.

So will he tell us why Britain should be run by this bunch of crooks?


Commons to vote on Referendum 5th March

The Constitutional Treaty now appearing variously as the EU Reform Treaty or the Lisbon Treaty will be considered as eligible for a Referendum by Members of Parliament on 5th March. Britain's Prime Minister was summoned to Brussels yesterday to explain his government's handling of the Northern Rock crisis and nationalisation. He disgracefully used that opportunity to continue his own personal campaign of LIES again repeating that the Constitutional concept of the Treaty had been abandoned when the sentence in which that statement appears clearly continues to require that the conclusions of the Constitutional IGC were to be included in the New Treaty. Such EU conspiratorial LIARS are now becoming self-delusional, this week we also saw the following quote from the President of the EU Parliament Hans-Gert Poettering following the approval by MEPs of the Reform Treaty report as: “Reflecting the will of European citizens” How could this elitist head of the sickeningly corrupt EU Parliament with his huge personal staff of toadies and fleet of Mercedes (read Telegraph report from here) possibly have the first idea of the "Will" of the people of Europe? The answer of course is that he well knows his statement is a lie as were he to believe his own words he and his colleagues would not be spending every minute of every day working to avoid any referendum in any country other than Ireland, which result they will assuredly ignore if it goes against them as per their previous track record. Lies and corruption, even the presumed justification for the EU position on Kosovo cannot be backed up by clear indisputable facts on the reasons for the Nato intervention and subsequent actions, read here and here.

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Heritage Foundation of the US highlights all the dangers

The full and frankly frightening report from America may be read from here. The following extract highlights one of the main dangers but it is the recent events in the EU underpinning the independence of Kosovo that mean the new powers may be used in totally unforeseen ways. As the USA is complicit in the breakaway of Kosovo this element has been presumably ignored: Moreover, Article IV-444 of the Constitution Treaty has been inserted into the Reform Treaty to allow the EU to reform the treaties by QMV without convening an intergovernmental conference. This constitutes a massive erosion of nation-state power.[20] The intentions of EU elites could not be clearer: The juggernaut of EU integration will con­tinue until the creation of a United States of Europe

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Thursday, February 21, 2008

From Roger Helmer's Newsletter

Breath-taking effrontery

You will recall the Referendum Demonstration in the Strasbourg parliament in December. There have been developments.

In an extraordinary act reminiscent of the air-brushed Politburo photos of Soviet times, the parliamentary authorities have doctored the official video coverage of the event. It was delayed some time. When issued, we found that the cameras had (as far as they could) avoided our banners and placards, while the original sound-track including the Referendum chanting had been replaced with a virginal recording of the EU Anthem. Our demo had been air-brushed out of sight. Fortunately it is available on an amateur video on

Later, Hans-Gert Poettering (HGP), President of the parliament, had the breath­taking effrontery to say that we had been "denying free speech" by interrupting a speech by the President of the Council (the Portuguese Prime Minister). Bear in mind that the European institutions have effectively denied free speech to the whole electorates of France and Holland. They have ridden rough-shod over referendum results. They claim to be "a Union of values based on democracy", yet they are trampling on the democratic rights of citizens, and imposing a new political settlement in the teeth of public opposition in a number of states, not least our own. Yet they accuse us of denying free speech!

All I did was to speak up for the right of 4.2 million East Midlands citizens, and 60 million UK citizens, to have the referendum they were promised by this Labour government -- and by 98% of sitting MPs in the House of Commons. According to opinion polls, some 75% of my constituents want a referendum -- I was speaking up for them. And I acted in the way I did simply because the institutions are hell-bent on ignoring the will of the people. Their contempt for democracy and public opinion is extraordinary.

In fact HGP has initiated disciplinary procedures against fourteen of the 50+ MEPs involved in the demonstration -- including myself. Having interviewed me and read the charge sheet, he can apply, under parliament rules, a reprimand, or a fine, or suspension for up to ten days. It would be worth paying a fine just for the press release. I can see the headline now: "£1000: the price of free speech in Strasbourg".

Obtain the entire newsletter by e-mailing roger.helmer(at)

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Big morning for corruption

The Daily Telegraph, linked here, and BBC Radio 4 on the Today programme are after MEP with Chris Davies MEP on the latter calling for imprisonment for certain unnamed MEPs, listen from here about mid way through the clip but start earlier for the BBC coverage of the missing mortgages put by the BBC at 50 billion pounds. The Guardian, link here, reports that 40 billion of the Northern Rocks best assets will be left in a Jersey based private trust appropriately enough called Granite which is what Brown and Darling should by rights be soon breaking on Dartmoor.

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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The vote on Democracy's Destruction in Strasbourg

I quote from the EU Parliament's own web pages linked here: Treaty of Lisbon Treaty of Lisbon (A6-0013/2008) Rapporteurs: Richard Corbett (PES, UK), Íñigo Méndez de Vigo (EPP-ED, ES) Report adopted by 525 votes in favour to 115 against with 29 abstentions with amendments ================================================================= Soon the names of the 525 elitists who voted today to destroy the voice of freedom, democracy and individual rights across the entire EU area will also be published. They must reap the dividends of their thoughtlessness or deviousness! At least in the European Parliament the individual MEP traitors may eventually be held accountable, even though the national political parties that compile their electoral lists with the sole objective of maximising their own personal gains seem presently untouchable. The stupid or greedy 525 MEPs who voted in favour of this conspiracy against the people of Europe may not realise what is happening here, but there are enough of us outside who can clearly see through this treacherous and self-serving scheme, that such claimed innocence becomes unimportant........ How can those deeply involved at the centre of this deadly spiders web of intrigue even attempt to sleep at night one must wonder? View the video below and watch the triumphalism as one such celebrates the clear breaking of international law in claiming the EU's first totally subjugated territory, still a sovereign part of a Foreign Independent State according to the UN.

Spanish socialist Solana celebrates colonisation of a section of Serbia's sovereign soil represented by a new version of the EU's own soiled symbols

At Last! Daniel Hannan MEP ejected from the EPP EU Group!

The contribution to the European Parliament's so-called debates, which earned the outspoken eurosceptic MEP the ejection from the federalist EPP, of which every British Conservative should be ashamed to acknowledge their Party still belongs (in spite of the promises of Cameron their hopeless leader), may be viewed on the video from YouTube, linked in the posting below to be found about seven minutes into the clip.

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EU Parliament to today vote through unpublished Lisbon Treaty

Watch the video below to see the sham proceedings typical of the so-called parliament that will today pass the EU Reform Treaty also known as the Lisbon Treaty formerly the Constitutional Treaty that they have not dared print in an official consolidated version for the generality of MEPs, the national Parliaments of the member states and certainly not for the citizens of the EU.

Killing an already neutered parliament

A Presidential Power Grab and lasting stain on Europe.

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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Castro departs - hypocritical EU and Miliband call for democracy

Cannot Britain's Foreign Secretary and the powers that be within the European Union recognise the ridiculous figures they make of both themselves and their institutions when they speak of democracy while forcing through the EU Reform Treaty on four hundred million once free Europeans, without any readiness to listen to their preferences except in Eire? The following quote is from The Times of London, linked here: David Miliband, the British Foreign Secretary, said: "The Cuban people will now be looking to the future, a future which we hope will offer them political progress founded on democracy and human rights, and continued progress based on social justice and individual need." The European Commission offered to enter into a "political dialogue" with Cuba to encourage a transition to democracy The whole of Europe is becoming aware of what these apprentice despots are about, thanks to YouTube some of it can now be viewed by almost the entire wired planet (except possibly many in Cuba) from the link on my posting immediately below!

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EU Parliament - Presidential Power Grab

Watch the video on YouTube linked here.

Treasures from the Threads - Number Seven

On a Rachel Sylvester column titled, 'Alistair Darling won't walk the plank alone', comes this: 'Northern Rock Nationalisation and Barclays bank surprise increased dividend' - discuss: Has no one else noticed the connection between the Government buying Northern Rock with £110 billion of taxpayers' money and Barclays bank today doleing out upped dividends? Was it not Barclays, back end of last year, which was rumoured to be all but bankrupt? Where did it suddenly, in the space of a couple of months, get all that cash? Their balance sheet has suddenly swollen by a minimum of £10 billion. Is it not the case that Northern Rock has been used by the UK governmnent to channel taxpayers' money to the big banks? Does this not the raise the question, just who does the UK government work for? And for whose benefit are people taxed? Northern Rock raised approximately 60% of all its money from loans from banks, the rest from savers accounts with them. It went bust because it could no longer pay back the rising interest on these bank loans. All of a sudden the UK Government steps in with £25 billion of tax money. Who do you think that money went to, straight away? Why did Barclays, Citibank and others suddenly go from flat-out insolvent basket-cases to flush 'loadsamoney' entities in the same time frame as the Northern Rock debacle? Work it out peeps. You've been had - big time, to the tune of £25 billion, and that's just for starters! And please, don't blame Laurel and Hardy(Brown&Darling). These clowns are just doing as they're told by the moneychangers. They were told: "We're broke, give us taxpayers money to bail us out, but don't finger us. Find some vehicle(NRock) to hide the public money bailout of us major, private banks. And any heat from this, you take the rap - after all that's why we pay you clowns so much for sod all - to be our frontmen." You've been had peeps - the bankers who run your sorryass country have just had their massive losses socialized, i.e. paid off by you. But they kept all the good-time profits private right? Off-shore, away from the UK taxman, in the Caymans and so on. And this is just the beginning. The Rock still owes approximately 60% of £110 billion = £66 billion minus the £25 billion already paid, so around min. £40 billion plus interest at say 7% to the big private banks. This will be coughed up forthwith from the UK taxpayers again. Look out for more amazing, 'surprise' dividend hikes from the other big banks, all courtesy of the UK taxpayer! What a wonderful world it is - the average little-guy PAYE taxpayer, bailing out and subsidizing non-domicile, non UK taxpaying zillionaires. Oh, but wait, the UK taxpayer gets a bargain after all. For circa £70 billion doled out to the über-rich the taxpayer gets £110 billion worth of NRock mortgages. Bargain, right?At a conservative estimate of 10% drop in house prices year on year over the next 3-5 years, this £110 billion notional book-value, will after careful calculation of mine be worth precisely, wait for it, SQUAT. Nada, zilch, go whistle for it! BOY HAVE YOU BEEN HAD - to the tune of £110,000,000,000! Posted by pj kelly on February 19, 2008 12:26 PM

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EU at 50

For pure propaganda I recommend this EU blog linked here, on which I have posted the following comment: What a load of pure propagandist rubbish. The EU is on course to eradicate meaningful democracy (where electorates have the periodic right to replace their rulers) with a bureaucratic and collectivist totalitarianism. As for the Kosovo fiasco, may I refer you to what John Laughland has to say on that in 'Comment is free' in today's pages on the following link: Perhaps you would like to add a link from this site to my blog "Ironies Too" which follows the EU travesty on a regular basis. Let us see if it appears!


European Parliament connives in refusing Treaty Draft

The following report is from the opening of this week's plenary session, linked here: Request for postponement of vote on Lisbon Treaty rejected For the IND/DEM group, Jens-Peter Bonde (DK) proposed that the vote on the Lisbon Treaty, scheduled to follow Wednesday's debate, be postponed to a later session since a full consolidated version of the treaties was not available for MEPs to consult. The House voted by 220 votes to 24, with 11 abstentions, against this request, after hearing from rapporteur Richard Corbett (PES, UK) that the vote was not on theconsolidated treaties but on the Lisbon Treaty. The affront to democracy being perpetrated in every parliament of the twenty-seven member states is now brazenly evident and trumpeted in the body supposedly to become the main protector of democracy. Look at the voting numbers refusing to provide an official version of the terms destroying national parliamentary democracy 220 votes to 24


This Sham EU!

Yesterday's EU Foreign Ministers meeting on Kosovon independence highlights the dangerous fiasco which the EU has already become. David Miliband provided a first class illustration of muddled thinking on Radio 4's Today programme at five to eight this morning. Similar stubborn, closed and disjointed thought processes were there displayed as in the interview on the same programme with Wolfgang Ischinger last Friday, who it appears was one of the 'troika' charged with finding a solution to this centuries old sovereignty and ethnic dispute. I linked this latter interview earlier and will try to find time to provide a transcript later today as it is a fine example of why this present EU should most assuredly be doomed. One bright piece of news, today however, Czech President Vaclav Klaus has been re-elected for another five year term - at least one of the 27 former EU States will have a Head that is beneath the clouds and whose feet remain firmly on the ground, report from here. John Laughland writes as brilliantly as usual in today's, Comment is free,in the Guardian pages, linked here, of which these extracts provide a flavour: Parallels between Kosovo in 2008 and Bosnia in 1908 are relevant, but not only because, whatever legal trickery the west uses to override UN security council resolution 1244 - which kept Kosovo in Serbia - the proclamation of the new state will have incalculable long-term consequences: on secessionist movements from Belgium to the Black Sea via Bosnia, on relations with China and Russia, and on the international system as a whole. They are also relevant because the last thing the new state proclaimed in Pristina on Sunday will be is independent. Instead, what has now emerged south of the Ibar river is a postmodern state, an entity that may be sovereign in name but is a US-EU protectorate in practice..... The article concludes: This tragic situation is made possible only because there is a fatal disconnect in all interventionism between power and responsibility. The international community has micro-managed every aspect of the break-up of Yugoslavia since the EU brokered the Brioni agreement within days of the war in Slovenia in July 1991. Yet it has always blamed the locals for the results. Today, the new official government of Kosovo will be controlled by its international patrons, but they will similarly never accept accountability for its failings. They prefer instead to govern behind the scenes, in the dangerous - and no doubt deliberate - gap between appearance and reality.

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Monday, February 18, 2008

ANZ Bank Losses

Some quotes from a report from 'The Age' in Australia on ANZ Bank's shock results: "I would recommend all of you visit London and New York in the near future just to see the effect of what is really happening there," Mr Smith said. "This is a financial services bloodbath and I think the Australian banking system is in remarkably good shape in comparison." ANZ will put aside $US200 million ($A220 million) as a provision against agreements it entered into with New York-based bond insurer ACA Capital, which has become imperilled as billions of dollars in loans given to people in the US with poor credit have failed........ Mr Smith said accounting standards required the bank to account for the losses on the derivatives, though it was likely they would regain their value when conditions changed. An ANZ spokesman said the companies represented included Fortune 500 companies in the US and Western Europe. "For ANZ to experience an actual loss on this exposure, it would require a significant number of what is a large and well-diversified portfolio of corporate names to go belly-up around the world," Mr Smith said. "If that happens, we're looking at an Armageddon situation."

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EU Foreign Policy muddle

Reuters has a good insight into the Foreign Policy mess already developing within the EU even before ratification of the so-called Reform Treaty. This version appears in the Kuwait Times. In the interests of balance you may also read a positive offering from the Polish Foreign Minister, linked here. In the real world the driving imperative remains to find one or more parliaments willing to ditch this dreadful Treaty and give Europe a chance to restore democracy. This section from the Executive Intelligence Review, linked yesterday and again here, gives some hope such a Parliament might be in Austria, the ousting of the Cyprus president in the first round of elections yesterday show that politicselsewhere are also in a state of flux. All signatories of the Lisbon Treaty deserve urgent ousting! The promised quote:

The Loss of Sovereignty

I have found some highly interesting writings in Austria, where there is a giant debate going on, because of course this treaty is in a sense in still greater contradiction with the Austrian Constitution, because of its neutrality clause. There there is one piece written by Prof. Hans Klecatasky, who is one of the fathers of the Austrian Constitution, and former justice minister of Austria; on Dec. 19, [2007]—six days after the Treaty of Lisbon had been decided upon-he commented as follows: "The Republic of Austria, with its Federal Constitution, is turned into a subdivision of the legal body of the EU. The coordination of both constitutions is replaced definitively by subjugation, submission, and hence by the dissolution of the republic into a European Union. Member-states lose the substance of their existential statehood and turn into merely regional administrative bodies."

The same applies of course to Germany, which basically gave up its own statehood long ago through this treaty; while the words "Federal State" are simply avoided in this European Treaty, it is already de facto the case. This is just semantics, with which an attempt is made to say that Germany's Basic Law [Constitution] would not have to be changed, although in reality it is a complete change of the Basic law.

According to the Basic Law, all power is derived from the people; this no longer applies, but rather it is now with the EU, effective immediately, once the treaty is ratified and adopted. And even our former Federal President Roman Herzog wrote in Welt am Sontag a year ago on Jan. 14, that if this document is implemented, Germany would no longer be a parliamentary democracy, and he therefore favored rejecting the treaty.

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If EU can today midwife Kosova - what need the Lisbon Treaty?

The global super power the USA is pefectly entitled to support and enforce an independent Kosovo, and once the Republican front-runner for the November elections in that country (real elections let it be noted) backed that plan such a course probably became inevitable. Individual member states of the EU are similarly entitled to support such a course having considered their own future relations with Russia and the likely consequences for their own citizens involved in the mechanics. (It is noteworthy here that the onlyEuropean nation that I have so far heard is sending extra troops is Britain, whose battle weary soldiers are already reportedly overstretched from action in Basra and Afghanistan). But surely ahead of ratification of the EU Reform Treaty the EU does not yet really have the powers and authority to so involve itself? If indeed it does then I must question my own daily railings against the iniquitous Lisbon Treaty and its destruction of our Westminster and other Parliaments for that must almost certainly have already effectively come to pass. Has Parliament debated this troop deployment, the foreign relations implications and the EU's whole strategy in the Balkans? It seems certain that Britain's Prime Minister had other problems on his mind over this past weekend, the nationalisation of the failed bank Northern Rock certainly having come about as a result of his own incompetence in formulating a non-functioning regulatory system which throughout his term as Chancellor allowed this bank to operate a clearly flawed and highly dubious business plan, just as his own management of the British economy can now be seen for the con it truly was, as this blog so frequently reported.

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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Opposition to Lisbon Treaty surfaces in Germany

The following is from an article in Executive Intelligence Review, linked here:

Treaty of Lisbon: Treaty for Dictatorship

I would like to discuss a great danger, which has been hardly been taken up by the press at all: the new European Treaty, or the Treaty of Lisbon. This is something that, in a certain way, was already rejected in May 2005, when the [European] Constitution was voted down in referendums in France and the Netherlands, with a completely clear "No," because they already clearly understood the effects of the euro on living standards, unemployment, and the rate of price increases.

But what is now occurring—and I must really ask you to take this seriously, because this represents an unbelievable danger—is that on Dec. 13, [2007] at the EU Summit in Lisbon, this same treaty, in the form of a Constitutional Treaty, thus no longer as a constitution, but rather only as a treaty, was decided upon in a disguised form by the European governments. And indeed, this text has up to now not been printed in German—what an absurdity!—and it is completely unreadable and completely unclear. It exists, as stated, up to now only in the form of the old Constitution, which has been rejected, as well as in the Amending Law, where for example it reads: "In Article 15, section 5, subdivision 7, the following word is replaced by this and that." Then further "in paragraph 35, section 5, subdivision such and such, this and that is replaced by that and the other."

That means: for the 400 regulations enunciated here, a journalist, citizen, or parliamentarian would practically have to sit down and place, on the one side, the European Constitutional Treaty, and on the other side these formulations, and then map them against each other, in order to understand this. And it is entirely, of course, in legal terminology, which most people do not understand. That is, in my view, the actual intention of the authors, who want this treaty forced through without debate and without commotion; and if it were indeed rammed through, it would have catastrophic consequences for Europe.

Already the Maastricht Treaty and the Amsterdam Treaty and the Stability pact have practically created a corset for the European states, which—as can be seen with the euro—actually means not only that the national governments no longer have sovereignty over their own currencies, that there is no "lender of last resort" in Europe—which is not so problematic, if everything is running normally, but if a real banking crisis occurs, as we have now, then the Bundesbank and the BaFin are ostensibly the "lenders of last resort," but they have no sovereignty over the euro, and [European Central Bank head] Mr. Trichet said quite clearly, at a press conference: "That is not in our interest. We are not in charge of national bailout packages." Here is a real loophole in the law, which now already exists. What is now about to occur with the Treaty of Lisbon, is a massive obstruction of democracy, constitutional legality, and sovereignty. For what would occur with this treaty, if it were ratified, is that constitutional sovereignty would devolve to the European Council; the European Parliament would no longer have to agree to anything, but would only listen—to say nothing of the national parliaments.

This is thus, in reality, a constitution for dictatorship, which no longer maintains the pretense of a democratic process, and where a bureaucracy, which does not have to be elected democratically, makes the decisions.

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Kosovo declares independence

The following is from the Daily Telegraph, linked here:

"Serbia will never recognise the independence of Kosovo. Serbia has reacted and will react with all peaceful, diplomatic and legal means to annul this act committed by Kosovo's institutions," he said in a statement. "I appeal to all our citizens in Serbia and in Kosovo to be led by reason."

Russia also opposes Kosovan independence, saying the new state's split from Serbia would force it to reconsider its own position on territorial disputes.

Britain, already under pressure in Afghanistan and Iraq, is sending up to 1,000 extra troops to Kosovo to ensure that peace remains, a task made more diplomatically fraught because of strong opposition to the independence bid from Russia.

Northern Rock nationalised

According to John Redwood MP, quoted in today's press, this will increase British taxpayer commitments to 100 billion from 50 billion. Darling is still mid-way through his announcement from Downing Street - what a fiasco!!!! And why on a Sunday evening???

Again Ambassador Wolfgang Ischinger

A quote from some EU Kosovo background, linked here: Ambassador Wolfgang Ischinger—a German diplomat— as EU representative in the European Union/ Russia/ United States team, the “Troika”, charged with facilitating a further period of engagement between Belgrade and Pristina on the future of Kosovo. The Troika process was concluded by the Contact Group reporting to the UN Secretary General, by 10 December 2007 stating that the negotiating process facilitated by the Troika between the parties on Kosovo's future Status had been exhausted. It was only last Friday morning that I blogged on this individual and his apparent influence upon the UK Government, read here! Now it would appear we are to send our last available (Telegraph's words) 1000 army troops to Kosovo to stand-by in a situation partly of this particular German's own failed mission. Ischinger himself claimed intimate knowledge of the Afghanistan situation in his Radio 4 interview stating that he was Germany's Ambassador to the USA at the time of the deployment. Is Solana co-ordinating the EU Foreign and Security Policy or what? Why is it always British Armed Forces that are placed in the firing line?

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Kosovo reply from Mr Ralf Grahn

Mr Grahn's hugely informative blog is linked here. His extremely prompt reply to my blog query of this morning is as follows: Dear Mr Cole, Thank you for your kind words concerning my blog, which tries to present the new treaties of the European Union Article by Article and offer some (hopefully helpful) comments on the provisions. I am afraid that I have followed the question of independence for Kosovo only as normal consumer of news. If you want an expert opinion on the tangled questions of independence or secession, you would be better advised to look for someone with a firm grasp of (public) international law. If I have understood the international situation correctly, there seems to be a stalemate at the United Nations Security Council, with protracted negotiations leading nowhere. The USA and a majority of NATO/EU members have apparently reached the conclusion to cut the Gordian knot in support of Kosovo's quest for independence. As far as I understand, there are opposing views and contradictory arguments on the legality of the independence move. It is hard to believe that all or some member states of the EU would take action they themselves deemed or admitted to be contrary to international law. Leaving that question to be answered by others, I will only make the observation that the European Council defines the principles and general guidelines for the common foreign and security policy (CFSP), and that the Council adopts joint actions, such as international operations, according to Articles 13 and 14 of the Treaty on European Union. In other words, the instruments for international operations exist. CFSP operations by the European Union are firmly based on intergovernmental cooperation, and I presume that you would have to look at the responsibilities of the individual participating governments as much as at the role of the EU collectively. My preliminary answer to the questions of redress you mentioned is that they would be settled in accordance with the implementing decisions for the joint action in question (mainly assumed by the participating states). Sincerely yours, Ralf Grahn

EU in Kosovo

The EU attempts to justify its activities in Kosovo with a number of Press Releases linked from here. I can so far find no reference to the legal basis for such adventurism. Only the Treaty of Nice is presently valid for the EU's activities. Would the World Trade Organisation be entitled to enter say Leicester or Bradford should a large section of the population eg Pakistani decide to opt for independence due to disappointment over the election situation in their own home country one is tempted to speculate. I quote two particular paragraphs of the Preamble to the Nice Treaty, the governing LAW for the EU: RECALLING the historic importance of the ending of the division of the European continent and the need to create firm bases for the construction of the future Europe, CONFIRMING their attachment to the principles of liberty, democracy and respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms and of the ruleof law, Involvement in Kosovo can only have a detrimental affect on both areas as far as I can tell. Reportedly the EU member states are not even agreed among themselves on the Kosovo issue so how can the EU separately take a position? The EU Commission is out of control as apparently is the Council!

EU moves beyond the Law

The Treaty of Nice presently governs the legal activities of the European Union. As reported in my posting below, the EU has reportedly reached agreement to send a contingent of between 1800 and 2000 police and lawyers to aid in the secession of Kosov (a/o) from Serbia. Details are sparse, probably deliberately so! But where in the Treaty of Nice can such an action be justified? I am sending a copy of this posting to an expert on EU law who has published much material on the EU Reform Treaty as if the body being now created will ever be bound by inconvenient legalities. When and if I receive a reply I will post it on this blog.

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Saturday, February 16, 2008

EU to police independent Kosovo

The Washington Post carries a reasonable report on this hugely significant event. The world now enters a new and extremely dangerous era. One must wonder if the EU is really prepared for that upon which it has now embarked. I, of course, have many doubts its track record in every other endeavour having been one of almost complete failure.

Mass Lobby of Parliament

I Want a Referendum logo

Dear Supporter,

Hundreds of you have registered for the mass lobby of Parliament on Wednesday 27 February. But we need thousands of people to make it a real success.

If you can make it to London on Wednesday 27 February, anytime between 11am and 6pm, to tell your MP that you think there should be a referendum on the revised EU Constitution, then please do sign up now, by sending a quick email to

Within a few days of the mass lobby, MPs will be voting on whether or not there should be a national referendum on the Lisbon Treaty. Don't miss this last chance to persuade them to vote yes!

Remember: you don't have to be an expert - you just need to be willing to ask your MP a few questions. The main focus of the day will be a queue outside the Houses of Parliament, where we will be waving banners and balloons and generally creating a pro-referendum atmosphere that MPs and the Government will find impossible to ignore.

I Want a Referendum has published a short guide to the lobby, including suggested questions for your MP. Click here to read it:

Getting to the lobby

Several of our supporters are organising coaches and lifts from various locations around the country. Please check the transport notice board for details of people who may be organising transport near you:

In addition, we have organised for 4 double-decker coaches to come to London from around the country. There are 400 places available in total. Donations towards the £6,500 cost of the coaches would be very gratefully received during a collection on arrival in London.

Pick-up points and departure times:

Coach 1

Manchester - 07:00 - Chorlton Street Opposite the Main Coach Station

Birmingham - 09.00 - Hilton Park Services Jct 10 M6 Southbound JCT 10

Warwick - 10.00 - Warwick Services M40 Southbound

Oxford - 11.00 - Oxford Services M40 Southbound

Coach 2

Leeds - 06:50 - Leeds City Train Station

Sheffield - 08:00 - Woodall Services Southbound M1

Nottingham - 09:45 - Trowell Services Southbound M1

Leicester - 10:15 - Leicester Forest East Southbound M1

Coach 3

Bournemouth - 08:30 - Bournemouth Train Station

Southampton - 09:30 - Southampton Train Station

Basingstoke - 10:30 - Basingstoke Train Station

Coach 4

Plymouth - 06:30 - Plymouth Train Station

Exeter - 07:30 - Exeter Services JCT 30 M5

Bristol - 08:45 - Gordano Services JCT 19 M5 Northbound

Swindon - 10:15 - Membury Services JCT 14 M4

Reading - 10:45 - Reading East Services JCT 11/12 M4

Please note these times are dependent on good weather and driving conditions. They are formulated with a view to arrive in London by approximately 1pm. The coaches will leave London again at 6pm from the same place you will be dropped off.

If you would like to use the coach please call the Coach Hire Booking company on 0845 0944 620, Monday to Friday, between 9am and 5pm to book a seat. Seats will be allocated on a first come, first served basis. When you call, please state that you are calling to book a place on the 'I Want a Referendum' coaches, specifying where you intend to board the coach. Please do not call unless you definitely intend to travel on the coach. And on the day, please make sure that you are at your pick-up point on time as the coaches will not be able to wait for you.

Many thanks for your continued support. We cannot win without it. We hope you can make the lobby, and don't forget to tell your friends, family and neighbours about it.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Is the Government deliberately destroying the British Army?

Channel 4 News this evening carried a disturbing feature on British casualties in Iraq and Afghanistan. The Armed Forces Minister seemed totally unprepared for an attack by an Oxford Coroner, the father of a dead officer claiming responsibility as that of the fomer parsimonious Chancellor and presently lamentable PM, while a barrage of cost figures and statistics left this viewer uncomfortably aware that his growing suspicions that the present British Government was conniving at the deliberate dessication of the country's armed forces were becoming ever more credible. Neither Des nor Gordon were around as the real 'Brown' stuff began to hit the fan. The news item will become available in due course from the website, linked here. Don't miss it!

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Lib/Dem Justice spokesman to vote for Referendum

David Heath MP has confirmed he will defy the party's shameful line on a vote on a referendum on the EU Lisbon Treaty, read here.

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Conspiracy theories and local referendum

An interesting link out today which arrived via a Google Alert, "The EU's contro; structure, inside and outside Britain", linked here.


EU planning more defence integration

The report via European Voice is linked here. It is titled "Sarkozy plots defence force with big EU states." Hearing the German Ambassador this morning we presume the 10,000 British troops will be the ones called upon to do any dying (read my post with a link to the interview below). No wonder Brown is trying to keep this hushed up until after Britain is totally bound and helpless after ratification of the EU Reform Treaty.

Is Nick Clegg capable of joined-up thinking?

Read this message on why he will not vote for a referendum on the EU Reform Treaty but wishes for a referendum on our continuing membership of the EU and you must speedily realise the answer to the headline question is absolutely and positively NO! The Liberal/Democrats led by this man can offer the country NOTHING.

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Hear the German Ambassador

Hear the official representative of the country the most powerful within the EU, supposedly a partner in an arrangement for which we are in the process of destroying our parlaiment and democracy and trashing our national sovereignty, endeavour to justify his nation's troops idly watching from the north of Afghanistan as so many of our troops make the ultimate sacrifice. This man, Wolfgang Ishinger, pretends that the criticisms from the US Defence Secretary and others are not directed at Germany, this man pretends Germany is a worthwhile partner in joint endeavours, this man is the ambassador from a country complicit in the destruction of our independence by means of the Lisbon Treaty. This man seems to have Britain's politicians in his control! Listen Again to the BBC Radio 4 Today programme around 0840 GMT from here.

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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Jim Murphy, MP Minister for Europe

A first class and well researched exposure of another worthless parasite, presently at home within the Foreign Office, is provided by The Huntsman, linked here.

Follow the money

Who gets what from the EU? Try this link to Here you can search to find such non-surprising items as "BUSINESS LINK DEVON AND CORNWALL LTD totalling GBP £3 048 002 (€4 437 732) over all years" in the large category Duchy of Cornwall. An interesting blogging exchange regarding the visit of the Prince of Wales to Brussels this week may be found between the Labour Party supporting blog of Jon Worth, linked here (to whom many thanks for the link to and Bruno Waterfield in the Daily Telegraph, from here.

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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

More on Miliband - Liar and traitor!

The speech of Democracy (absolute hypocrisy in his mouth) has now been published on the Foreign Office website linked here. I quote just some of the main contradictions: "Democracy is plural not singular. There are many aspects to democracy and some countries are more democratic than others. It also makes sense to talk of the culture of democracy which is both a condition and a consequence of a democratic state. But that doesn't mean that nothing can be said. The root of the word is clear: government by the people. We can specify the indispensable conditions of a democracy - that the people choose the government, that they are free from arbitrary control and that the government respects the right of the people to dispense with it." There will be no choice of those who determine the vast majority of our legislation after the ratification of the EU's Lisbon Treaty, we are to be given no choice as to whether our centuries old democracy and Parliament is to be thus trampled and destroyed. There is no possibility that we will be free from arbitrary control. The Charter of Fundamental Rights has been imposed by a shadowy group of anonymous power politicians who can withdraw it in parts or for certain geographical areas at similar whim. (See my links yesterday to the new committee on so-called 'Justice' on a posting below). Finally how can we possibly believe that this Government respects any rights of the electorate whatsoever when it so shamelessly breaks its solemn commitment to offer a referendum on this very Treaty that is secretively (unpublished) designed to deprive the people any further say on the development of the corrupt and non-democratic European Union. This Foreign Secretary must be completely without conscience or shame to have made such a speech! NEW labour, of which David Miliband has been very much a part, has done more to destroy democracy in one of the worlds longest standing free nations and across the entire European Continent through their non-resistance to the juggernaut EU than many despots down the years. Karl Popper had the best definition of democracy: where governments may be removed without the shedding of blood all alternatives are tyrannies! Post the EU Reform Treaty ratification, on which only the Irish of 27 nation states will be given a vote, how will we Europeans rid ourselves of this EU monstrosity? Britain's Foreign Secretary has no answer to that, which is why he breaks his solemn manifesto promise.

Circumvention of parliamentary democracy

The following is a quote from Labour MP, Jon Trickett, in today's Yorkshire Post, linked here. "we can see the direction of travel of the EU – it is increasingly becoming an instrument to circumvent parliamentary democracy, advancing an agenda which many people do not support." Also criticised is the Government formed by his own party: "Initially, the Government promised 20 days of debate to the Lisbon Treaty. Since that promise was made, this has dropped to roughly 12 days. For each of these days the Government has assigned a specific topic of debate. Each topic catering to a slightly rose-tinted view of the EU. But a balanced picture of Europe requires both negative as well as positive aspects to be debated. None of the issues chosen for debate allow us to easily discuss the other side of the coin – the more negative aspects of the European Union."


Not quite all Lib/Dem MPs are promise breaking vermin!

A report in the Daily Telegraph this morning, linked here, indicates that as many as 16 of 63 Lib/Dem sitting MPs may be prepared to honour their manifesto promise of offering the voters a say on the EU Reform Treaty. Wow that is a pathetic 25 per cent, that is the minimum figure by which their total vote deserves to fall in coming elections. When will one of the minor parties step forward and commit to withdrawing the pension rights for this parliamentary session for any MP voting against a referendum in contradiction of a party commitment to such a poll?????

Report on North Wales referendum on Lisbon Treaty

This from North Wales reports on just one of the polls being arranged in the UK, linked here: North Wales mini-poll on EU constitution Feb 13 2008 by Tom Bodden, Daily Post MORE than 40,000 voters in North Wales will be offered the chance to have their say in a mini-referendum on the European Union. A campaign group yesterday launched its bid to persuade the UK Government to stage a full referendum on the Lisbon Treaty which proposes major reforms of the EU. The Welsh I Want A Referendum campaign will stage the unofficial postal ballot in the marginal seat of Aberconwy. The campaign claimed that the Lisbon Treaty is the EU Constitution, which was dropped after objections, by another name. Labour had promised a referendum on a constitution but insists that the treaty issue can be dealt with by a vote in Parliament. Voters will be sent ballot forms with two questions: “1: Should the UK hold a national referendum on the EU's Lisbon Treaty: Yes or No? 2: Should the United Kingdom adopt the EU's Lisbon Treaty: Yes or No?”

Irish referendum delay

RTE news reports that while the Referendum Bill is ready, negotiations with opposition parties make a polling date before late May or June seem unlikely, read here. This allows much extra time for the opposition across the rest of the EU who are being denied a say on this abominable democracy theft to further expand the deep flaws and conspiratorial nature of the disgraceful process by which it is planned to foist this tyranny upon the former countries of the Continent. One fact being pointed out in Ireland but receiving little publicity elsewhere is that the following reported in Derry Today, linked here, from the Senator for Donegal, Pearse Doherty: "This debate should be used by the government parties to name the date for the next referendum to amend the constitution - the referendum on the Lisbon Treaty. Incidentally if the referendum on the Lisbon Treaty is passed - as it is self amending - it is likely the last time we will vote on an EU Treaty."

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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

What has become of the Church of England?




No religion can ever justify such a hideous crime ... Pass it on ......let the world know what is happening in the name of this backward religion...

Miliband the destroyer of Britain's democracy - HYPOCRITE

It is widely reported that Britain's Foreign Secretary will say in a speech tonight: "We should back demands among citizens for more freedom and power over their lives -- whether that is reforming established democracies or supporting transitions to democracy. We should be on the side of the civilian surge..." This from the craven and lying individual who signed the EU Reform/Lisbon Treaty in Britain's name! Have we ever seen such HYPOCRISY on such a scale?

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More unnecessary energy consumption

A quote from Hansard "From early 2011 all new types of passenger car and light van will have to be fitted with dedicated daytime running lamps in accordance with the relevant European directive. By summer 2012 all new vehicle types will have to be so fitted." What a bloody waste!


Secret terms of coming EU repression

The Brussels Journal reports on a new committee deliberately far outside any democratic control, linked here. The new Reform Treaty resurrects proposals from the old EU Constitution, rejected by French and Dutch voters two years ago, for a “Standing Committee on Internal Security”, already known as COSI in euro-jargon. The final blueprint for COSI’s extensive powers will be agreed during the second half of this year […] The Treaty text, Article 61D on page 77 […] baldly states that: “A standing committee shall be set up within the Council in order to ensure that operational cooperation on internal security is promoted and strengthened within the Union.” Secret internal EU documents, circulated almost three years ago, admitted that “the exact nature of the committee cannot be discerned by reading” the relevant clause of the Treaty - and no new work to clarify the issue has been carried out since.

A German tummy upset creates EU's latest fiasco

Two american astronauts have connected a "European" module to the international space station. This embarassment for the EU occurred after the German trained for the task fell ill after the shuttle launch! Aaaahhhhhrrrr there, there poor thing! This highly amusing incident, however, highlights a more disturbing fact. It is the "International" space station so the desire to have a specifically "european" piece bolted on shows a very wierd mindset indeed. Are not Europeans still part of humanity? NOT the leaders of the EU of course. They consider themselves space miles above we normal mortals. Hence their destruction of representative democracy across the Continent with the Lisbon Treaty and their continued grinding of the poorer countries of the world further into the dirt with their agricultural subsidies and oppressive individual trading agreements.

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There will be NO Justice

"The individuals will be stakeholders from Member States providing their views and experience but not representing Member States." Read this, link here, from our new unfettered masters and shudder: ================================== Targeted Consultation The Commission has adopted a Communication - 'Creation of a Forum for Discussing EU Justice Polices and Practice' - setting out its plans for the Justice Forum. The short Communication sets out the rationale, format, composition and working methods (including output) of the Forum. It is available on the Vice-President's website (details included below). The rationale for the Justice Forum is to involve practitioners who deal with the implementation, enforcement and consequences of JLS policies to be involved in a continuing dialogue with JLS. The Forum will comprise of practitioners, including judges at various levels, civil and criminal lawyers, prosecutors and other practitioners working in the justice systems of the Member States. Importantly, other relevant parties, such as academics and representatives of NGOs working in this field will also be involved. The individuals will be stakeholders from Member States providing their views and experience but not representing Member States. Added-Value The added-value of targeted and multi-disciplinary consultation involving practitioners, will have, in particular, the following impact: more focused and effective legislation; the permanence and regularity of meetings will ensure a ready made experts group to clarify the true needs of practitioners and problems they face in using EU justice instruments; * better researched Impact Assessments in the specific justice areas with its direct links with the judiciary and other actors in the justice systems of the Member States; * contribute to the standard evaluation model process set up by the Commission's June 2006 Communication on Evaluation of EU policies on Freedom, Security and Justice; * provide concrete expertise needed for the stakeholder consultation and for the in-depth evaluation phase; * bring together existing European networks specialising in justice matters and facilitate more co-ordinated discussion and knowledge sharing; and * suggest areas where studies should be carried out and to supervise and manage such studies. ========================================