Monday, April 30, 2007

English unable to march past their Parliament


Justice for England March

Whitehall Tuesday 1st May 2007

300th Anniversary of the British Union

Following a ruling by Speaker Michael Martin (Glasgow Springburn) the Metropolitan Police have informed representatives of English campaign groups (see below) that they will NOT be allowed to march passed the Palace of Westminster tomorrow (May 1st) to commemorate the 300th Anniversary of the birth of the British State – and the death of England’s identity, independence and the English Parliament. Starting at 11.00am the march will now take place from Whitehall Place via Downing Street, through Smith Square and on to the Tate Gallery.

However, a deputation will still stop at Downing Street for a photo call with ‘St George’ and a ‘Monkey’ wearing a Blair mask before delivering a 20,000 address petition to No. 11 Downing Street demanding the reinstatement of an English Parliament, AND lay a wreath at the statue of Oliver Cromwell, Palace of Westminster, where Robin Tilbrook, National Chairman of English Democrats will make a short statement.

The march will be led by a hearse pulled by two horses, carrying the symbolic coffin of England draped in the flag of St. George, flanked by representatives of English organisations carrying placards depicting the many examples of bias and anti English discrimination.

The march will end at the Tate Gallery, where it will congregate to hear a number of speeches by activists and leaders of English Community Groups.

The groups participating in the march will include:

English Democrats Party

Campaign for an English Parliament

English Constitutional Convention

English Society

Confederation of English Business

Centre for English Policy Studies

Anglo Trust

English Lobby

Cross of St. George Forum

Democracy Movement

Better of Out

Steadfast Trust

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Britain's elections

The Sun today attacks Blair's plans to bring the EU constitution provisions into force by stealth, link here. Simon Heffer in the Daily Telegraph spells out what many of us have known for years about Blair, Brown and New Labour, link here. BUT the good news is in the Guardian which notes in the latest opinion poll the British public have begun to notice and are putting the blame where it belongs on the two main political parties and the thoroughly non-democratic party rule they have fostered. The report is linked here and the following is a quote: Both Britain's big political parties are under heavy pressure ahead of next week's elections across England, Wales and Scotland, a Guardian/ICM poll published today shows.

One in three voters have turned their backs on Labour and the Conservatives and now back the Lib Dems or a smaller party such as the Greens or the SNP. Support for Labour is down one point on last month, at 30%. The Conservatives have dropped four points to 37%.

BUT those levels of support are still way, way too high. The only way to shake the non-democrats who exert power through their control of party power levers (Cameron's Conservatives are this week removing members' controls over MEP selection) is to hit them hard in the elections on 3rd May. Local issues and dedicated councillors might seem good enough reasons to vote for the status quo or a decent candidate running under a labour or conservative banner - they are not. If a candidate is in one of the two main parties he is by definition part of a disgraced and corrupted system - there can be no circumstances whatsoever where he thus deserves your vote. The party system will not be reformed as long as it brings power - only the electorate can now remove that power, this year the only opportunity seems to be on 3rd May. There are plenty of smaller parties and independents standing - please do not vote labour or conservative.

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Sunday, April 22, 2007

Now for the second round!

Sarkozy beat Royal by about 30 to 25 with Bayrou coming third at around 18. First opinion poll for the second round just broadcast on TF2 puts Sarkozy ahead by 54/46. Royal made a point of re-stating in her otherwise platitudinous and rambling victory speech, that any agreement upon new EU constitutional provisions would be subject to another French referendum. This is now clearly Sarkozy's weak point, especially if the point is pushed by Bayrou to his seven odd million supporters!! Democracy in Europe may not yet be quite dead!

A critical day in France for all Europeans

Forty-four million French voters will today have a major say on the question of future freedoms for their fellow Europeans now trapped within the non-democratic EU. If either Francois Bayrou or Jean-Marie Le Pen make it through to the second round of the Presidential vote the future for the German led and virtually fully agreed back-door implementation of the centralizing provisions of the EU's Constitutional Treaty will be placed in serious doubt. It is true that the socialist candidate, Ségolène Royal has also promised the French a further referendum on constitutional changes, but only after Francois Bayrou made this promise a pillar of his campaign. Can her party be trusted to deliver on that pledge given its history - has she the authority to see it through? Nicolas Sarkozy who in many other respects seems the better candidate on strictly French matters has made his own authoritarian views on EU matters very clear in his book 'Témoignage'. The justice ministers of the EU, by submitting to German pressure to make the potential thought crime of xenophobia a criminal offense, (see my post earlier this week beneath this), have clearly signaled the end of further referendums and popular consent for the EU's future development. Francois Bayrou by winding up his campaign near the battlefields of Verdun, which are painfully commemorated in nearly every village, town and city square of the nation, seems realistically aware of the dangers of present developments. He also seems the best placed realist to actually win in the second round although the French electors seem to have doubts on his ability to effectively govern France. How nice to be French on this lovely April weekend and actually have a vote that still matters. Making the wrong choice today, however, could land the French in the same plight as most of the rest of us in the EU - effectively disenfranchised!

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Friday, April 20, 2007

The oppression of 300 million once free people

When power exists where popularity and consent have disappeared, tyranny looms. To maintain power without popularity or consent a useful tool for tyrants is fear. So this week we have seen the justice ministers of the governing parties of the EU member states, read here, agree to make an undefinable thought process a criminal act punishable by three years in jail across the EU. There can be no other reason for the proposal to criminalize xenophobia which in English is defined as follows: hatred or fear of foreigners or strangers or of their politics or culture I do fear the politics of those who drive the EU project forward as I believe it is destroying Europe's centuries old democratic freedoms and rights. I do through this blog try to convince others of the dangers as I perceive them. I could therefore be liable to three years imprisonment under this proposed legislation. Fear is in the mind, so we are all potentially at risk of prosecution under these proposals, with the State the sole arbiter of who might be fearful - all soon will be.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Britain's drugs, AIDS and other social disasters

Seldom can a single radio interview highlight many of the basic problems facing British society. Listen to that with Dame Ruth Runciman presently head of the Drugs Policy Commission, but formerly in a similar post covering Aids, and the sheer arrogance of incompetence will hit you straight between the eyes. First, however, consider this press release, linked here:

Dame Denise Platt appointed new Chair of National AIDS Trust

28 November 2006

The National AIDS Trust is pleased to announce the appointment of social care expert Dame Denise Platt as its new Chair. Dame Denise takes up her role as Chair at an important time for the National AIDS Trust in the lead up to World AIDS Day 1 December. She will be succeeding Dame Ruth Runciman, who has served as Chair of the National AIDS Trust for the past six years and will continue to support the organisation as an ambassador.

Dame Denise brings a wealth of experience to her role as Chair of the National AIDS Trust, on account of her distinguished career in the social services and health sectors. She was also an early advocate for a comprehensive response to the HIV epidemic, and as Director of Social Services for the London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham, oversaw the first HIV policy to be introduced by a local council.

Dame Denise is the Chair of the Commission for Social Care Inspection, a non-departmental Government body responsible for inspecting and assessing the performance of all social care services in England. She is also a member of the National Executive Council of the fpa.

Commenting on her appointment Dame Denise Platt said:

'It is a great personal pleasure to take over as Chair of the National AIDS Trust at this time. I look forward to playing my part in helping the organisation to fulfil its mission to prevent the spread of HIV. I would like to pay tribute to the contribution made by Ruth Runciman both as a founder trustee and as Chair, in making the National AIDS Trust the success it is. She is a hard act to follow.’

Dame Ruth Runciman said:

“I am extremely proud of the achievements of the National AIDS Trust in the last six years, particularly in challenging stigma and discrimination and campaigning for the human rights of people living with HIV.

I am very pleased to hand over the Chair of the National AIDS Trust to Dame Denise Platt. Denise’s distinguished career and extensive experience in Social Care and health makes her the ideal person to lead the National AIDS Trust in its efforts to get HIV higher up the political agenda and make it a health and social care priority for the UK.”


Now listen to the interview from the Today programme website starting at 0753 0n this morning's show and to cut waffle start listening after 03 minutes 40 seconds, use this link Wait especially for the bit about being PRETENTIOUS!!!!!!! to express a personal opinion on the problem right at the conclusion of the interview. UnBeeebloodybelievable!!!! Women like this are a waste of the world's diminishing resources.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Disappearing Bees

Yesterday's Independent on Sunday reported mobile phones may be disturbing/destroying honey bees. California was the first to report their disappearance. Mobile phones have been around for years without bee problems. Wireless internet connections are comparatively new and probably most dense in California. We live in the country with a wireless internet connection and yesterday had to close windows to prevent determined bees entering the house. Our mobile phones were off. If news coverage is provided, It should be simple to determine whether wireless internet is a problem - meantime we are leaving ours off just like our mobile phones.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Another Tory failing

The Independent on Sunday has some disturbing reports on Iran linked here and here. The first is headlined and begins as follows: ==============================

Iran trains 'thousands' of Iraqi insurgents

By Phil Sands in Baghdad

Published: 15 April 2007

Thousands of Iraqi Shias are being trained in advanced guerrilla warfare tactics at a secret camp near the Iranian capital, according to militants who say they have spent time there.


The second linked article contains this telling paragraph that mitigates the first headline but makes the conclusions no less complicated or consequences and decisions less difficult: Although the vast majority of American casualties have been inflicted by Sunni insurgents, the US military views the Mahdi Army as the most dangerous faction in Iraq's sectarian war. It has frequently battled against British and US forces in Iraq, most recently in Diwaniyah, and has also been blamed for carrying out death squad killings of Sunnis and political assassinations. In recent months hundreds of its members have been arrested.These moves have prompted many Sadrists to believe they are on the brink of an all-out confrontation with the US Army. Peter Harling, an Iraq analyst at the International Crisis Group who is considered a leading authority on al-Sadr, said he had his own information that Mahdi Army fighters were now being trained in Iran. This "in no way implied" the operation was sponsored by the Iranian authorities, he added, although he suggested they were aware of it and chose to turn a blind eye. In the Sunday Telegraph conversely we have the apparently mainly mercenary Shadow Foreign Secretary, William Hague writing about Iran, linked here the first three paragraphs of which he devotes to concerns about two pathetic articles by junior naval ratings in the tabloid press, then gets round to a more substantial point - the circumstances surrounding the capture of the aforesaid ratings before moving along to what should be major concerns about the Iranian nuclear programme, solutions to which he offers the following:

"This pressure should include a wider assets freeze on Iranians associated with the country's nuclear programme, an explicit travel ban on these individuals, and a formal ban on the export of arms to Iran, in place of the current restrictions, which merely call for states to exercise "vigilance" in selling weapons to Teheran.

And our Government should be putting the case for all EU countries to adopt measures similar to those put in place by the US - denying Iranian access to the international banking system, ending European export credits to Iran, and stopping investment in her oil and gas fields. Such a combination of UN and EU measures would be a serious blow to Iran. If nuclear proliferation is to be averted, the intensification of pressure - multilateral, legitimate and peaceful in nature - is both urgent and necessary."

AND YET not one word on the fact that British forces are engaged in a bloody shooting war in Iraq apparently with fighters being trained in Iran as reported by the IoS as follows:

Abu Rafed estimated a total of almost 4,000 Iraqi Shias, including "many important Mahdi Army leaders", had received training there last month alone, living at the camp for weeks at a time. He said the number of Iraqi Shias arriving there had increased significantly since the start of the "surge" in February.

Abu Amer said: "The training was done by Iranian Revolutionary Guards. I saw Iraqi fighters from Missan, Basra, Diwaniyah and Nasiriyah [areas of southern Iraq]. They were mainly Mahdi Army, but not all of them." More Iraqi Shias had sought military instruction, he added, after the 2006 bombing of the Samarra shrine, the event widely blamed for triggering widespread sectarian war between Iraq's Sunnis and Shias. Whether child law expert Des Browne (read here) remains as Defense Secretary seems irrelevant, as it appears there is nobody of sufficient stature to be an effective Defense Minister on either front bench, let alone Foreign Secretary. And Miliband for PM as pressed here by past Defense Minister Portillo ????? -Heaven help us!!!!!

Friday, April 13, 2007

Treasures from the threads - No 4 Ex-serviceman's complaint

The following appears on the comment section of an article by the inept Shadow Defence Secretary, Liam Fox, in today's Daily Telegraph, linked here: I left HM Forces for a host of reasons; please allow me to ellaborate. I have been blown up, mortared, rocketed, shot at and have undertaken extremely hazardous work for my country and the wider good of humanity, as I perceived my duty, and I had no complaints in carrying it out. I have helped build schools and water projects, I have facilitated reconstruction to very poor regions, I have administered first aid to the sick and poor, I have played football with their children on a pitch indirectly funded by my own tax!! For this I have been paid less than a policeman or fireman, and have even stood in for the latter when they demanded twice my salary. I have paid the same rate of tax as others in my income bracket despite not even being in Britain for most of my time. I have made many great lifetime friends, and buried some too. I have been refused entry to pubs and clubs as being recognisable as a squaddy by my haircut and clothes. In balance however, I considered the negative aspects of service to be negligible when compared with the pride I felt in serving my country. Some things however go too far! I have watched my unit and others criticised, demoralised and even compromised by branches of my own media. Yet I was not allowed to be political. I have watched my fellows in other regiments disbanded and merged so that this government can more easily manipulate us into a European Defence Force. Yet I was not allowed to be political. I have listened to gutless career-minded 'superiors' trot out the party line on successive defence cuts in endless internal PR excercises. Again, I was not allowed to be political. One ship I was in had boards of inquiries over relatively minor incidents (ostensibly so that the CO could allot blame, and they wouldn't affect his promotion prospects). Now I am given to understand there won't be a BOI into how exactly the RN lost 15 pax and a boat while carrying out a routine mission. I am not remotely suprised, nor should I be. I left because as a soldier I was expected to be apolitical. The situation is now so bad that I could no longer divorce myself from an overwhelming sense of betrayal from my superiors. I am not even sure that I believe in democracy anymore, everything about the word seems synonymous with weakness, moral cowardice and illusion. Labour probably is the Forces worst enemy but where have the oppostion been for years?? Personally I would hang the whole House cheerfully should Her Majesty give the order. The trouble is that the senior ranks of the British military are full of career officers, which flaw allows them to be easily cowed. In my opinion, once the majority of officers are promoted above the rank of Lieutenant Commander or Major, their career enters a precarious game of snakes and ladders which prevails upon them to stop being matelots and soldiers and start becoming politicians. The trouble is that they are not allowed to be political so that the real politicians eat them for breakfast! They have divided and conquered the Armed forces by forcing the Army, RN and RAF to compete with each other for their respective slices of an ever decreasing budget. They bully our senior brass around and use them for spin or as scapegoats. Ready to step into their shoes are those on the next level down on the ladder, dodging the snakes and avoiding being political. And so on and so on. Monkey see, monkey do. For God's sake can't we have coup or something. This country needs a purge. If the military can't be political in the current order, then who the hell has the right to be? Terrorists and nutters, that's who. Or self-important lawyers like Cherie Blair and lobby groups for lazy people who should be drafted to some stinking hell hole until they EARN the right to tell soldiers what to do. Our loyal oath is after all not to these lying wasters in Westminster. God save the Queen! Posted by Andrew on April 13, 2007 2:23 PM

The shaming of the Royal Navy and Britain

The two hundredth anniversary of the second Battle of Copenhagen will occur this summer. The more famous first victory had taken place in 1801, details here, and there under the command of Admiral Nelson my great, great, great grandfather John Wilson served as a Lieutenant on the HMS Glatton under Captain William Bligh, later of HMS Bounty renown. The Scottish John Wilson, reportedly received his first command as a result of this engagement and later became Post Captain of the Salisbury, flagship of Rear Admiral Fahie whose third daughter he married. What would these two naval warriors have made of today's Royal Navy that seems unable to properly organize the boarding of an Arab dhow while under the control of a government that presides over nothing but incompetence? It is sometimes difficult to imagine that such decay and decline has not been deliberately contrived, an impression that the quote below from a letter received from a distant relative who tried to visit the graveyard where Captain Wilson was buried can do little to dispel. "Last summer (2005) while holidaying in Cornwall (we) visited the parish church of Stoke Damerel where the Wilson family grew up (near Plymouth). ... The church was the the official church for the naval dockyard ....We could not find any Wilson memorials in the church and entered the large churchyard to see if we could find any graves. Alas! The churchyard had turned into an unkempt jungle during the 39 - 45 war (it is amazing the church survived the blitz) AND THE CORPORATION TOOK OVER ITS MAINTENANCE. Their solution to the mess was to uproot all the gravestones and use them as paving stones or to reinforce the boundary wall, level and grass the area and mow it. It is now virtually a park with I think 3 very large graves left in situ. It is almost impossible to read the inscriptions on many of the stones. Many are covered in ivy too." What future for any country that treats the graves of its heroes of past generations in such a manner?

Thursday, April 12, 2007

English Democrats get Gulf News coverage

Scrapping the Barnett formula, what should be one of the biggest ideas around in the present English local election campaigns but instead gets zero coverage or mainstream media attention as the Scots obsessed three main parties all oppose ending this injustice, is at least reported in the Gulf News, linked here with quotes from Robin Tilbrook Chairman of the English Democrats. The following are my selected extracts: The English Democrats are fielding more than 100 candidates in England as part of the UK local elections on May 3. "Some people make out the Barnett Formula has linkage to needs. It expressly doesn't. We have always thought it was wrong," Tilbrook told Gulf News in a telephone interview. "The Scots get more money spent on their problems by about one third than is spent in England with the same problems. "We are looking for an end to the Barnett Formula and a return to a strict needs-based system." Tilbrook added that it was unfair that Scotland had its own Parliament, and Wales and Northern Ireland had their own Assemblies, while they retained representation in the House of Commons in Westminster. "We would like to see a discussion amongst interested parties, including lobby groups, to try to reach a consensus for England," he said.

More war dead

As the UK sees four coffins returned from Basra, the Canadians suffer more casualties in Afghanistan bringing their week's losses to eight. The following is from today's Toronto Star, linked here:

They're coming fast and furious now, these attacks on Canadian patrols and convoys. A trio of them yesterday – suicide bombing in the afternoon, suspected IED explosions in the evening, two hours and only some 800 metres apart.

All of it, on what has been a dreadful week for Canada – eight killed in four days, suggesting an orchestrated and methodical broadside by the insurgency – precisely as threatened with promises of a "spring offensive'' by the Taliban military leadership.

"I think not,'' countered Col. Mike Cessford, deputy commander of Task Force Afghanistan, when asked early this morning whether the speculated spring offensive had in fact been launched.

"We have had multiple IED (improvised explosive device) strikes before,'' he said.

"This is a tragedy. We've taken casualties that we haven't before. But, if you listen to what the Taliban are saying, they're talking hundreds and multiple attacks. These are two separate instances, widely dispersed. It is a spike in casualties, obviously. But again, certainly I am not convinced that we are seeing a spring offensive.''

Monday, April 09, 2007

Hearts of balsa?

The farce that is now turning to tragedy as Britain's once proud navy is humiliated and humbled, hardly needs extra comment from this blog which has been warning of Britain's direction and its inevitable consequences over many topics and several years. It does at least, however, now seem as if the public is beginning to notice - but only the May elections will really tell. A good result for Cameron's Tories will quickly make plain no real change is yet desired! Two related points I will highlight on the Iranian capture of Britain's mariners that to me have lacked sufficient comment elsewhere, are the following: First - the telling question about the type of country that would send a mother of a three year old to war put by the President of Iran? Second - further emphasizing the rot and insanity of the political correctness that has created such a farce and the Navy's capitulation to it, the photographs of the returning woman, so obese that she would have been declared unfit to serve at sea in any previous time. If she were not so large when her tour of duty on board commenced, what sort of discipline and command was in operation on board that could allow her to reach that size? Fearing for her life during her captivity as she is today shamefully allowed to so profitably describe, she surely cannot argue that she gained weight while captive and fearful of rape and her life? As her co-hostages seem of normal physique typical for servicemen, one must assume different rules apply to females on board RN ships, in which case what point the cause of equality of the sexes that supposedly is the sole reason for her being on board. When I was at sea women on board were considered unlucky - the events that led to this mother's capture cannot possibly however be put down to luck good or otherwise, incompetence of command and muddle in political realities exclude any element of chance in this sorry incident. UPDATE 10th April, 2007 Read more in a good article in today's Daily Telegraph, linked here.