Friday, January 19, 2007

Anti-EU Meeting in London

I have received the following e-mail flyer regarding a meeting to be held in London on 30th January, further information and background is available from here.
Action Now
London 30th January 2007
Third meeting
Mobilisation of people on the ground:
Coordinated campaigns to fight the EU every day.
As the entire EU project is illegal in this country, it is being implemented by subversion throughout Britain; in our democracy, in the leaderships of the big parties, in the NHS, in local and national government, councils and schools. To halt this decline we all need to take effective and coordinated ACTION NOW.
But there is much more operating behind the scenes, and it is only when you understand these hidden mechanisms that the EU can be fought with success. By meeting to understand the truth about the EU subversion within the UK, coupled with open discussion and plans of action, you will be equipped to turn the tide.
We believe we have identified the most powerful anti-EU campaigns that we, the grass roots, can mount ourselves as individuals, groups of people, or political party branches.
We are distributing this email widely, to give coordinated direction so these campaigns have maximum effect. Please pass it on to anyone who will fight the EU dictatorship.
On Tuesday 30th January at 6.30pm we are running an evening of talks and workshops on how to make these campaigns work. If you wish to attend, please tell us so we know the numbers in advance,
Doors open 6pm
6.30.00 pm Welcome and Introduction.
6.05 pm The truth about the EU, and the subversive mechanisms destroying UK.
6.30 pm Questions and Answers.
7.15 pm Fighting back. Not the same old actions, they give the same old result. How can we successfully break out of the EU trap? The EU can be blocked in different ways. 7.30 pm How to implement the campaigns
1. Shocking people into action.
2. Targeting MP's - turkeys voting for Christmas - the right to close Westminster.
3. Abolition of councillors - not without a ballot of their own electorates.
4. Newspapers - do they want journalism without a free press?
5. Direct action against local subversion, Common Purpose and local corruption.
6. The armed forces and police
8.45pm Questions, Summing Up, Action Now Plan.
9.0pm Close. (Doors close 10pm.)
Cost: £5 per person collected by during the session.
Place: The Brockway Room, Conway Hall, 25 Red Lion Square London WC1R 4RL.
(Nearest tube: Holborn.)
Time: Tuesday 30th January, 6.30pm to 9pm.
Sponsored by the Westminster News


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