Saturday, December 23, 2006

Outing BNP members

Yesterday the Guardian as part of details regarding the BNP's electoral strategy obtained as a result of one of its reporters Ian Cobain, having infiltrated the party, named two London members and gave the occupation of a third as being a servant in Buckingham Palace. Read one of the reports from this link. This was presumably an attempt to shame the people named, but if the balance of the report were to be taken at face value and the party is to be believed when it states it has abandoned its racist past, then perhaps the individuals concerned have fully considered their reasons for joining this generally considered far right (but economically extreme left) party. At the very least the Guardian, in my opinion, should offer the two named individuals ample space in their columns to justify and explain the reasons for their personal (and presumed private) decision as to which political party they had freely decided to join. Membership of Cameron's conservative party would be about the most shameful political allegation that I could imagine having revealed about myself at present. Happily it would be totally untrue!

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Meantime - our subjugation continues

The blog has become distracted by the depths that UK politics has plumbed of late and ignored events in the EU. Anne Palmer brings us back to earth as she tends to do, providing among much else, this link.

Monday, December 18, 2006

The dregs who govern

From The Guardian this evening a Coroner's report on the death of a soldier almost four years ago!, linked here: Recording a narrative verdict, which simply records the circumstances surrounding a death, Mr Walker said: "To send soldiers into a combat zone without the appropriate basic equipment is, in my view, unforgivable and inexcusable and represents a breach of trust that the soldiers have in those who govern them. "Enhanced combat body armour was a basic piece of protective equipment. Sgt Roberts lost his life because he did not have that basic piece of equipment. "Sgt Roberts's death was as a result of delay and serious failures in the acquisition and support chain that resulted in a significant shortage within his fighting unit of enhanced combat body armour, none being available for him to wear."

The final failure of Two Party politics?

The Leader, linked here, in today's Daily Telegraph begins and ends as follows: "This is bigger than Tony Blair, bigger than his administration, bigger than Labour. The loans-for-peerages affair has redefined how we think about government. The administration of Britain has always depended on a degree of self-restraint from the ruling party. With no written constitution and no Supreme Court, there are few checks on the power of the executive." .......... "The danger now is that the official response to the crisis serves to make matters worse. Public funding for political parties, for example, would increase the power of party leaders over their MPs, and of the mainstream parties over everyone else. Politicians are quite arrogant enough without being able to compel money from the rest of us, instead of having to ask politely. And there is no point in removing powers over patronage from Downing Street only to give them to yet another quango. If this whole sordid business teaches us anything, it is that any concentration of power will tend, over time, to encourage nepotism and maladministration. One way to forestall future abuses is to make government officials more directly accountable to Parliament."

Perverting the course of justice

The Times has the shock news that Number 10 Downing Street is the focus of a possible prosecution for perverting the course of justice, the offence that eventually nailed both Johnathan Aitken and Jeffrey Archer. The article may be read in full from here. This quote is among the most telling points:

A prosecution source said: “There is more than a suspicion that evidence has not been handed over, people have colluded and the police are not being helped.

“It has been noted that when the Watergate scandal forced President Nixon to resign, it was the cover-up, not the burglary, that brought him down. What these people should remember is that they are not dealing with a parliamentary inquiry; this is a criminal investigation and anyone failing to co-operate is participating in a criminal offence

Friday, December 15, 2006

Tony Blair in Brussels

As Blair is in Brussels once again (to give away who knows what in the usual secret Heads of Government meeting) I offer another chance to see the only man effectively opposing Tony Blair on the EU, Nigel Farage MEP Leader of UKIP tackling the PM, on this occasion at the end of the disastrous British EU Presidency.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Proud to be British?

As the Prime Minister, fresh from police interview on sales of peerages within the previously prestigious portals of Number 10 Downing Street, flies to Brussels to cede yet more national sovereignty to the non-democratic rule of the EU and police enquiries continue into the serial murders of prostitutes in Suffolk, victims of the drugs culture of which the Leader of the Opposition cannot apparently deny he was once a part - am I alone in wondering from where and from whom will come a feasible and realistic exit strategy?

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

How Blair's Scottish Government gouges England

The article may be read in The Times from this link, most starling statistic is annual Government expenditure per head of population: England........£6,361 Wales...........£7,248 Scotland......£7,597 N. Ireland...£8,216 And the 'Scot's blooded leaders of the Opposition' see no need to change these arrangements?????

Airbus - a harsh lesson for EU federalism

The Airbus project has long been hailed by fanatical EU Federalists as the living proof of the future for their project. They should be compelled to read the full five page report in today's International Herald Tribune, linked here, particularly recalling this highly embarrassing quote on the A380 extracted from the article - the remainder of which gives shocking detail exposing what has clearly been a complete and utter expensive fiasco: "When it takes to the skies," Chirac said, "it will carry the colors of our Continent, and our technological ambitions, to even greater heights." Conclusion: The economic well-being of free men and women can best be assured within democratic sovereign nation states.

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Matthew Parris on the Baker Iraq report

The Times has the article which may be read in full from here, the conclusion is as follows: "The term realpolitik has become a cliché in media treatment of the ISG report this week but the irony is this: Baker’s conclusions are anything but realistic: they represent unrealism of the most fanciful kind. His route map is to La-la Land. He knows it. His report is the sugar. The pill is Defeat. Forgive me but I am finding the sheer cynicism of all this difficult to stomach. Is “we lost” so very hard to say? Now that he has limbered up with a range of moving apologies for things done by dead people who are not him, perhaps, on one of his increasingly fleeting visits to this country, Tony Blair might try his hand at the big one."

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Dangerous German experimentation in England

Earlier this week I posted an item, linked here, on genetic testing on potatoes in England by the German giant chemical company BASF being approved by the EU without parliamentary veto being possible. Today the report by Professor Gordon Duff on the disastrous human testing of new drugs in North London some six months ago, which in the case of the ITV.Com coverage, linked here, once again appears to try to obscure the fact that this experimentation was carried out by a German company. The Guardian, here, at least acknowledges the German origins of the near lethal tests. It is easy to understand why German firms would be seeking to do such risky experiments away from their home territory, but why are such tests allowed in Britain, why is the law not being changed to prevent such future foreign human and plant testing and why do the media seem to be conspiring with the British Government to conceal the full facts regarding the origin of the shameful and incompetent human experimentation????

Germany to upset the Blair/Brown/Cameron EU conspiracy of silence

The Daily Telegraph, linked here, has a report on German plans for the revival of the Constitution in all but that name.

Monday, December 04, 2006

spike jones - Cocktails For Two
Schweppes Xmas Ad ring a bell? You might be old enough to remember this. If so ENJOY

BASF - planting GM spuds in Britain thanks to the EU

The company that has been authorised to plant GM spuds in the UK by the EU, read here, is none other than BASF. For their history read this link from Wikipedia from which this is an excerpt: "As a result of this monopoly, BASF was able to start operations at a new site in Leuna in 1916, where explosives were produced during the First World War. On September 21, 1921, an explosion occurred in Oppau, killing 565 people. This was the biggest catastrophe in German industry (see Oppau explosion). Under the leadership of Carl Bosch, BASF founded IG Farben together with Hoechst, Bayer and three other companies, thus losing its independence. BASF was the nominal survivor, as all shares were exchanged for BASF shares prior to the merger. Rubber, fuels and coatings were added to the product range. In 1935, IG Farben and AEG presented the magnetophone – the first tape recorder – at the Radio Exhibition in Berlin. Following the appointment of Adolf Hitler as Chancellor in 1933, IG Farben cooperated with the Nazi regime, profiting from guaranteed volumes and prices and from the slave labour provided by the government's concentration camps." No surprise that this latest experiment is to be carried out well away from Germany then! As part of Blair's new expensive campaign to conceal who really runs Britain, the decision by the EU was misreported in the UK media. Read the EU referendum blog for details.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Missing Integrity

If the person in charge of a nation has integrity then it follows his or her decisions will be taken free from external influence. Thus we once witnessed the mass expulsion of Russian diplomats by Maggie Thatcher. Today the Sunday press apparently reveals more Russian spy activity in the UK than in the worst days of the cold war, while other reports abound of 'spy' poisoning by state produced radioactive isotopes apparently traceable back to Russia on BA planes. Yet after several days this death is reported by police only as suspicious and diplomatic relations remain untouched. Is this another penalty of our Prime Minister's doubtful record? What have the plethora of Russian agents in London uncovered about the inner workings of New Labour that seems to have made our Government incapable of the mildest of diplomatic responses to what appears to be cold blooded murder?

Britain's remaining regular anti-EU columnist censored.

Christopher Booker who has a weekly column in the Sunday Telegraph and fearlessly reports on the growing absurdities of the EU had his column cut today. The missing section may be read on the blog EU Referendum, linked here but the most telling paragraph for me was this: "The tragedy is that, confronted by the most corrupt, hypocritical, inefficient, illiberal, discredited government in history, what millions of voters are looking for is an alternative which might put an end to the sleazy, self-regarding sham of the Blair era by displaying some "masculine" firmness: in cutting back on the bloated public sector and the out-of-control bureaucracy which is destroying our health service, education and police; which might encourage enterprise; which might restore democracy to local government; bring back some balance into our public finances; sort out the shambles into which our Armed Forces are sliding; uphold Britain's national interest, as we suffocate under the malfunctioning system of government represented by the European Union. "