Thursday, March 30, 2006

JAIL for Honours Purveyors might save Britain

Any reading my posting of the 1st March immediately beneath this could well have discerned my despair at the present British political disaster. I have spent the intervening period travelling extensively in the USA where at least the general public do not seem to be sleepwalking towards tyranny. Their active political elite, however, appear similarly unaware of the almost total disgust they too now evoke. Tessa Jowell has so far survived but the political loans scandal perhaps seems set to topple her protector. Simon Jenkins conversion in The Guardian from his position two weeks ago when he described the row as trivial, to that in his column this week, linked here, seems a good bellwether. Blair who personally approves the appointments to the House of Lords should stand trial and his party be shamed. Top ranking Tories might be found sufficiently culpable over loans to similarly stand for trial. The Prescott/Hague fiasco at yesterday's PMQ - which consisted of a slanging match designed to determine who could out-slime the other highlights these revelations which should for ever make both Labour and the Conservatives such symbols of corruption that neither party could again be elected to rule. As chronicled on my Blog Ukip Uncovered, I have had various exchanges with the Electoral Commission over possible misdemeanours within UKIP over party contributions. Nothing, however could match the downright cynicism and arrogance of Tony Blair and New Labour in this matter. The Conservatives and the mainstream media must also stand condemned. THE ELECTORAL COMMISSION IS A CREATURE OF NEW LABOUR. Only the police will now do. The entire House of Commons and therefore all its Committees have turned blind eyes to these realities for far too long. If the British electorate now fail to twig the depths of degradation to which their ruling political classes have sunk, then indeed there is no hope for the country!


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