Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Dying democracy

The continuing slide of Britain towards tyrannical rule was amply illustrated today by thirty minutes broadcast of the supposedly authoritative Today programme on Radio Four around eight am. Before the News the disgraced and corrupt ex-French President Valery Giscard d'Estaing tried to justify (with typical use of the multi-paged standard EU lie-book) the continuation of the Constitutional ratification process for the ever more non-democratic EU. After the News we had to endure the mockery of an interview and dialogue with the supposedly thinking leader of Britain's main opposition party - David Cameron. Listening to it all as I stupidly did the following words came to mind - Tosser, Liar, Slimeball, Ignoramus, Big Head, Waffler .......... was this the intent? Pondering that I wondered - Would Giscard's Constitution give British citizens greater protection than the idiot now leading the Tory Party? Why is Cameron not protesting the erosions of ENGLAND's historic freedoms, assaulted on all sides as they are by Blair's (Falconer's) authoritarian regime? How could this vapid sham have won any party leadership contest assuming an informed membership? Why? What is wrong with us all?


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