Saturday, January 14, 2006

Gordon Brown twigs English Democrats' threat

Following on from our post of yesterday immediately beneath this comes this report in the Independent typical of many others. Readers of this blog will be too well informed and savvy to need to have pointed out the political imperative for Blair's presumed annointed to thus wrap himself in the onetime flag of the empire. Britain is of value at present because only as that entity can withdrawal from the EU be achieved - that goal, given the state of British politics, now looks increasingly remote with a pan-European anti-EU party appearing the best option to bring about a democratically inspired collapse of the present corrupt EU institutions and structures The Lib/Dems' leadership campaign is now warming up nicely with Simon Hughes replacing the always no-hoper Sir 'Ming' as the bookies favourite. Time remains for more contenders to step forward with one such an ex-MEP seeming to be presently presenting the best arguments to the non-tradtionalist party membership. Gordon Brown, Vapid Cameron and Simon Hughes being the prospective three main party leaders in the next general election (all probably then professing euroscepticism while accepting yet further sovereignty sacrifices) must surely provide a perfect launchpad for a new political force in the Westminster Parliament from England's constituencies...... Why else is Brown proposing a British Day?


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